Alok Bhardwaj - Managed Print Services - Interop Mumbai 2009


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Even as organizations strive for greater efficiencies by outsourcing non-core functions, ‘print management’ or ‘print’ is still one service that is still run in-house by most businesses. In today’s competitive business arena, the print environment demands the same strategic focus as other elements of the IT infrastructure. Attend this session to find out how Managed Print Services can deliver multiple benefits. This includes no capital expenditure, pay-per-use model, controlled printing costs and, also, a contribution to a greener environment through more efficient printing practices.

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Alok Bhardwaj - Managed Print Services - Interop Mumbai 2009

  1. 1. 4C Advantage to CIOs “Managed Print Services”
  2. 2. Some Real Biz Hypothesis… Organisations want to reduce costs in every area of their business for sustained competitiveness. Organisations want to use technology deployments & outsourcing to domain experts to rationalize their resources Organisations want to (have to) invest in green technology as a part of their corporate social responsibility
  3. 3. 91 CIOs say this… “Don’t know exactly how much is the Print cost. We know it is high & is increasing…” “In the evening , we see many unclaimed prints lying at printers. What a waste?…” “Multiple print devices have caused fragmented printing in the organisation…” “There is a need to control print activity. Have no idea who is printing what & how much…” “ Network Printers are a risk to security of information but we can’t live without it too…”
  4. 4. They also added… “Lot of hard copy documents are entering our organisation…” “We need sharing of many hard copies…” “Control on hard copy flow within organisation is required…” “Storage, archival, retrieval of hard copies is a challenge…” “We are looking at someone to take complete contract…& by the way for all locations…”
  5. 5. Few Felt… “ Can we move entire document management on Opex business model”
  6. 6. Lot of Wisdom… 90% “90% of all companies Hard “Hard visible costs are only do not track printing about 10% of the total costs.” costs. cost.” document cost. —Buyer’s Laboratory Buyer’ —Info Trends Companies “Companies can lower their printing Companies 1–3% “Companies spend 1 3% 30%.” costs by up to 30%. of their revenue per year on output fleet —IDC management.” management. —Gartner 6
  7. 7. Challenges for CIO… What is Required? What is Required? 1. Cost 2. Confidentiality Comprehensive Comprehensive 3. Convenience Approach Approach to to 4. Control Document Document Management Management Services Services
  8. 8. What is that?… Consultancy Scanning Hardware Solutions & Document Software Solutions Flow Maintenance Service Management Services Managed Analytics & Monitoring Print Services Doc Print Outsourcing
  9. 9. Kind of New Space… 2 Dimensions Facility & asset Print & Copier IT system & Network Supplier management vendor Vendors Vendors User General affairs Dept IT department FM MPS ITMS Space Catering Hardware Hardware Transport Solutions ERP Mail Service Maintenance Maintenance
  10. 10. Expertise Info Outsourcing Domains Domain Document Print BPO Outsourcing Domain Expertise ITMS- General MPS-domain domain Documents (Hard Copies) Data Processing (IT)
  11. 11. Announcing LAUNCH Canon Document Management & Consultancy Services
  12. 12. Phase I Phase II Managed Managed Print Workflow Services Services Launched 4th Aug’09 Plan for next year
  13. 13. Service Involves.. Canon taking over the Customer’s entire print infrastructure and offering appropriate print solutions, management controls and services to SERVICE. the Customer as a SERVICE Customer pays for the print solution according to use. Canon MPS is sold with consultancy as a start point. Single point control & accountability
  14. 14. 3 Aspects of MPS Managed Print Services ASSESSMENT OPTIMISATION Management
  15. 15. Alignment with needs Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Health Print Enhancement Check up Optimisation Beyond Print Time Scale in line with CIO needs
  17. 17. Level 1 Engagement DISCOVER& DISCOVER & DISCOVER& DISCOVER & DEPLOY & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & SUPPORT & EVALUATE & EVALUATE & ANALYSE DESIGN DESIGN ANALYSE ANALYSE ANALYSE TRANSITION TRANSITION MANAGE MANAGE REVIEW REVIEW Basic audit of current devices & floor plan Asset information collection, asset utilisation, device age & depreciation Current document flow, security status & existing document application deployments
  18. 18. Level 2 Engagement DISCOVER & DISCOVER & DEPLOY & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & SUPPORT & EVALUATE & EVALUATE & DESIGN DESIGN ANALYSE ANALYSE TRANSITION TRANSITION MANAGE MANAGE REVIEW REVIEW Process Optimisation design Devices, software & systems Optimisation Cost Optimisation Reduce waste & remove costs from inefficient printing practices Uncover & remove hidden costs in administration of devices & consumables management
  19. 19. Level 3 Engagement DISCOVER & DISCOVER & DEPLOY & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & SUPPORT & EVALUATE & EVALUATE & DESIGN DESIGN ANALYSE ANALYSE TRANSITION TRANSITION MANAGE MANAGE REVIEW REVIEW Project Management Training & Change management Customer Intranet & communications Integrate non Canon devices too
  20. 20. Level 4 Engagement DISCOVER & DISCOVER & DEPLOY & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & SUPPORT & EVALUATE & EVALUATE & DESIGN DESIGN ANALYSE ANALYSE TRANSITION TRANSITION MANAGE MANAGE REVIEW REVIEW Onsite & remote device monitoring Resident support 24X7 on mission critical needs e-Maintenance Consumables management Fleet Management on multi vendor concept Billing details breakup as per request
  21. 21. Level 5 Engagement DISCOVER & DISCOVER & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & DEPLOY & SUPPORT & EVALUATE & EVALUATE & DESIGN DESIGN ANALYSE ANALYSE TRANSITION MANAGE TRANSITION MANAGE REVIEW REVIEW Device logs & tracking downtime Departmise, devicewise, cost centre,timewise etc. Visible cost savings Redesigning device loads with customer Intelligent Routing (rule based) New upgrades, ongoing machine replacements
  22. 22. What MPS does for you Reduce your costs Improve your document processes Enhance your employee productivity Create a greener working environment Print and document security
  23. 23. Our Foundation Hardware technologies Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing, Cameras etc… Software Solutions Portfolio Analytics, Controls, Security, Audits 250 Direct sales & Service legacy Key account management focus New business Division formed ‘Enterprise Solutions Div’ Higher Service Level learning curve Our record of Average 2 hrs response & 95% uptime
  24. 24. Canon Business Lounges Gurgaon Bangalore Mumbai
  25. 25. onth am lacs to 50 la cs s 10 Mindtree Load rin t Matrix Labs P Dr Reddy Labs Matric Labs JP Morgan Oracle
  26. 26. A Global good Practice
  27. 27. All of you as future users Of Managed Print Services
  28. 28. Thank You
  29. 29. 4C Advantage to CIOs “Managed Print Services”
  30. 30. Print Health Check Business color Inkjet High Business colour laser Run Cost Unhealthy Zone Canon MFPs Healthy Zone Purchasing Price Low High
  31. 31. Print Health Report
  32. 32. Network Printer accounting User 2 prints a 10 page job User1 prints a 5 page job uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  33. 33. Network Printer accounting All job information sent to the uniFLOW OM What prints, copies, Server faxes and scans have you done in Prices applied to the jobs last 30 minutes ? and then stored in the database for reporting uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server Database
  34. 34. Reporting Reports can be grouped by – Users, Devices, Departments, Cost Centres, … Savings reports can show return on investment – Rule based routing – Secure jobs not collected – “what if” scenarios Custom reports can be added
  35. 35. Reporting
  36. 36. Pe te N rJ at on al es ie So An ut na h An N dr icol ew e M W el lis es R Ba ob r er low tC Ja ar m di es ff Pe Be ters n M An ilt gi on e Sm Jo hn ith work in colour? Ph Su el zie ps printing most of their and 4th largest users Why are the 2nd, 3rd H P el en ete M rs ic ha Jo el hn s Je R os nn e y Where to focus ? C G ha Why has this user never printed a black/white document ? re rle en s M ol em
  37. 37. Confidentiality Print” User selects “File, Print” in the application as normal
  38. 38. Confidentiality Select the uniFLOW OM Universal Secure Printer instead of the normal printer driver
  39. 39. Confidentiality John” User “John” prints a double sided secure job called “MOM Doc” User Doc” Print job is held on the server uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  40. 40. Confidentiality John” User “John” walks to any Canon MFD in the office or any other building And identifies himself with… HID card “jsmith” John” User “John” walks to ****** MFD and finds it is not Username & password Magnetic card working 1234 PIN code Fingerprint uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  41. 41. Confidential Print Queue User can see their secure jobs waiting for them on the print server, regardless of where they were originally printed
  42. 42. Control User prints a 3 page job Rules set on the laser printer: Any job over 5 pages should be re-directed to the MFP uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  43. 43. Control User prints a 20 page job Message sent to user asking if they would re- rather re-direct the job to the cheaper Canon MFD uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  44. 44. Control Price of each printer in the group can be displayed Cheapest printer can be auto selected uniFLOW OM or Remote Print Server
  45. 45. Control Job routed to selected printer Saving made from routing stored in the database for later reporting uniFLOW OM or Database Remote Print Server
  46. 46. Thank You