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International Dance Retreat is a one of a kind, 4-day long artistic festival that aims at promoting cultural dialog and exchange between people from around the world. It features the best International Choreographers and Musicians in the industry today.

Some Names Include:

Esteban Olives - Paris, France
Wim Boussery - Gent, Belgium

Dolores Parisi - Bergamo, Italy

Aparna Nagesh - Chennai, India

Swapnil Dagliya - Pune, India

* More artists to be announced soon

In the year 2013, The International Dance Retreat will be held in Auroville in Pondicherry from the 8th of August to the 11th of August.

At the International Dance Retreat we aim to present people with an opportunity to study dance from various International Artists in a non-comptetive environment. You can relax at the pool, get a massage or spa treatment, visit the french colonies, dance, listen to live music, watch movies and do so much more.

More artists and exciting classes and curriculum to be announced soon. Please refer to the sample schedule for more information.

Your IDR weekend includes:


-Non-stop classes all day long

-Live Music Performances

-Movie Screenings

-Pool Party & Brunch

-Group Discounts (Groups of 5 or more)

-Accommodation - Standard & Premium

All the ticketing packages include the following: Free

-Mixed Group Classes in various styles that include Tango, Bollywood, Voguing and other popular styles

-Sunday Brunch and Pool Party( Starting with a guided yoga/movement session in the pool)

-Dance Movie Night - Showcasing the best dance movies from around the world

-Live Music Night by artists from Coke Studio and NH7 Weekender

-Dj Party Night with the best of World Music ranging from Salsa, Tango to Bollywood,Hip-Hop and so much more.


You can visit the following website for best options for your stay:

We recommend the following options and request you to book your stay with them well in advance.

Premium Options: Gaia's Garden, Mango Hill, Sharnga Guest House

Standard Options: Certitude, Gratitude Guest House

* 8th August is a Pay as you like day for Aurovilians at the International Dance Retreat.

* All classes on the 9th & 10th of August will be available to Aurovilians at a nominal rate of Rs.200 per class*

* Parents can opt only for accommodations and bring in their child to train at the retreat*

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International Dance Retreat

  1. 1. International Dance Retreat
  2. 2. International Dance Retreat 2International Dance Workshops | Yoga | Live Music | MovieScreenings | Pool Parties | And much more1International Dance Retreat is anartistic festival that is the brainchild ofAparna Nagesh, Esteban Olives,Swapnil Dagliya & Wim Boussery.The Retreat aims at promoting dialogue& cultural exchange between theAurovilians & the people of the world.Along with providing people across theworld an excuse to get away from their9 to 5′s and experience Indian culturefirst hand.2In the year 2013, The InternationalDance Retreat will be held in Aurovillein Pondicherry from the 8th of August tothe 11th of August.At the International Dance Retreatwe aim to present people with anopportunity to study dance from variousInternational Artists in a non-competitiveenvironment. We aim to work towardscreating awareness about danceknowledge and celebrate movementarts.International Workshops
  3. 3. International Dance Retreat 3You can relax at the pool, get amassage or spa treatment, visit theFrench colonies, dance, listen to livemusic, watch the amazing dance forcamera movies, explore your spiritualside at the Matrimandir, go to the beachand so on and so forth. The possibilitiesare endless.The International Dance Retreat began as anidea that sparked between the founders whilethey were teaching some workshops at the Centrefor Research in Performing Arts (CRIPA) inAuroville, Pondicherry. The energy that the spaceexuded was so uplifting that they all decided toshare it with people from various culturalbackgrounds in India as well as people from allcorners of the world.“We all have travelled far and wide, seen theworld and experienced different cultures. Nothingbrings you more joy than exchanging stories ofthat one-cup of espresso that you shared in thecobbled streets of Italy; or sharing that feeling youexperienced when you were on top of the EmpireState Building, looking over the city of New York.Movement has always been that one mediumthrough which you are able to transcend anycultural or geographical boundaries and expressyourself. So what better way to share our storiesthan through dance? ”- Swapnil Dagliya, Founding Member,International Dance RetreatJoin us as we celebrate yourstories, your culture and yourexpression. Join us as wecelebrate ‘YOU’.CRIPACentre for Research in Performing Arts,Auroville - Pondicherry
  4. 4. International Dance Retreat 4Activities at the International Dance RetreatThe International Dance Retreat is a 4-day longevent featuring International Choreographers andinstructors in the industry today.Your IDR weekend includes:• Yoga• Non-stop classes all day long• Live Music Performances• Movie Screenings• Pool Party & Brunch• Teacher Talk and Informative seminars forTeachers• Discounts for those bringing in a group on 5or more• Housing - Standard & Premium• Accommodations for ParentsDancers and Teachers will walk away from ourconvention inspired and motivated to be betterdancers and with the ability to reach out to theirgoals. We aim to build a community where-indancers, teachers and parents can interact easily,celebrate movement and build genuinerelationships through personal interactions. Werealize that there are many options out there but wepromise that you will have the ‘ time of your life’with us.Costing and Accommodations:Packages:• All three streams (Contemporary Salsa Hip-Hop)• Any two of the above streams(Contemporary/Hip-Hop, Salsa/Hip-Hop,Contemporary/Salsa)• Any one of the above streamOptional:• Yoga (All 3 days)Accommodations:• Standard and Premium accommodationoptions will be available• IDR will help you get the best possible tarifffor the same through tie-ups and groupdiscounted rates.
  5. 5. International Dance Retreat 5Pondicherry & Auroville1Pondicherry/Puducherry betterknown as ‘The French Riviera of theEast’ (La Cote d’Azur de I’Est) is a UnionTerritory formed out of four enclaves ofFrench India. It was named after thelargest enclave of this four‘Pondicherry’. It is the most importanttourist destination in Tamil Nadu fornational as well as International Tourists.There is a Shri Aurobindo Ashramnearby and it also has lots ofmonuments, temples, parks andmosques to attract tourists.2Located, not so far away is theexperimental township thatis ‘Auroville’. Started on 28thFebruary 1968, Auroville is auniversal township in the making, offthe coast of Pondicherry for apopulation from around theworld. Auroville aims to realize humanunity in diversity. The Matrimandir – anoutstanding piece of architecture, is asymbol of the Divine’s answer to man’sinspiration for perfection. The entirearea surrounding the Matrimandir iscalled the ‘Peace Area’.“Pondicherry can be different things for different people. It could be atranquil serene place for people in search of spirituality, un-intrudingquiet for a romantic twosome or a trip down history for a student.”
  6. 6. International Dance Retreat 6International Dance Retreat - FacultyEsteban Olives - Modern/ Contemporary Jazz Choreographer based in Paris,France. He has worked and trained with world-renowned dance companies like theAlvin Ailey Dance Repertory Ensemble, Hubbart Street Chicago, Houston Ballet andmore. Influenced by Martha Graham and Lester Horton, the Esteban OlivesTechnique ranges from classical to jazz combining flexibility, strength, muscle forceand balance of the human body.Wim Boussery started dancing salsa and tango about 25 years ago, in a periodsalsa and tango was unknown in Europe and teachers were almost not to find inEurope. He learned it from the best Salsa (Cuban) and Argentinean teachers whovisit Europe often. He has been teaching for more then 15 years now and has oneof the biggest schools in Belgium He has a very atypical, “easy going way” ofteaching, with a lot of attention to technique, but he also lets you freely feel themusic and dance to it.Swapnil Dagliya’s dance education involves training and graduating fromBroadway Dance Center in New York City. He trained in Ballet, Jazz,Contemporary, Hip-Hop and various other styles. He has also attended workshopswith the Pulse Faculty (Choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance) and withthe critically acclaimed Pilobolus Dance Theatre/Company.Dolores Parisi, Artistic Director of B.Music Hip-Hop School in Bergamo, Italy andpart of the house of Ninja, has completed her training in the International StudentVisa Program in New York City and at the Performing Arts Academy MAS in Milan.She has choreographed various dance productions, been on television, danced inmusic videos and toured with various artists like American Idol’s Robbie Rosen,Marina Star and Jim Lineham.Aparna Nagesh has graduated from Broadway Dance Center in New York City.She is also a certified Reebok Fitness Instructor and has 14 years of training,teaching and performance experience. Currently she runs her own All Girls DanceEnsemble titled ‘High Kicks’ as well as Showstoppers Inc. – a talent managementand entertainment solutions brand. She also teaches movement therapy at theLotus Foundation for Autistic children and is a registered member of theInternational Dance Council, UNESCO.
  7. 7. Intenational Dance RetreatInternational Dance Retreat