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Lining Track Records & Case Histories
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Lining Track Records & Case Histories


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Showcases a sample of our Lining and Secondary Containment projects. Lists the year, location, and products used which include Ceilcote, Devchem, Interline, and Polibrid.

Showcases a sample of our Lining and Secondary Containment projects. Lists the year, location, and products used which include Ceilcote, Devchem, Interline, and Polibrid.

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  • 1. Track Record 2003CNOOC/Shell Project YEAR OF APPLICATION 2003 COUNTRY OF PROJECT China TYPE OF PROJECT/ASSET Petrochemical Integration PRODUCT/SYSTEM USED Interline® 399 Interline® 850 Interline® 925 PROJECT OWNER CNOOC, Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC) ISO12944 ENVIRONMENT C5-I PROJECT SIZE: 441,167 gallons (1,670,000 litres)
  • 2. Track Record 2009 Coated tank floor and door using Enviroline® 405HT Location California. USA Owner Major oil company Tank Details Reline 110’ x 28’ hot crude tank, Maximum temperature 185ºF (85ºC) Product Used Enviroline® 405HT Applicator Redwood Painting PROJECT SIZE 450 gallons (1,700 litres)
  • 3. Background The fabricator erected bolted tanks with gaskets to contain ethylene glycol type liquids. One tank is stainless steel and the other is painted carbon steel. The stainless tank which is smaller was addressed first. The owner noticed soon after filling that there were leaks of the glycol to the containment sumps. Various common remedies were used to check bolted connections and gaskets, but nothing prevented or stopped the leaks so the fabricator called International Paint and asked for a recommendation. Proven performance Based on past experience, we had a proven solution with over 15 years exposure still in service. The system consists of application over primer using a mixture of S-1 powder and 380 vinyl ester primer. This mortar is formed over the bolt heads and nuts, which are close to 1.5” high, to encapsulate these areas. The next step is to bridge the mounded surface and the lap seam using a flexible urethane compound, EJ-10 applied by roller at about 30-40 mils thick. After this is cured, two layers of mat are saturated across the surface and extending onto each side of the seam. The layers of mat reinforce the top of the flexible material so that the next chemical resistant topcoat will not crack upon movement of the substrate due to filling or thermal cycling. Final topcoat is for chemical resistance to protect the flexible joint compound. In this case, Ceilcote 242 Flakeline vinyl ester coating was applied by roller in two coats at 12-15 mils each. Case StudyChemical-Columbian Tec Tank Year of Project 2010 Country South East. USA Products/system used Ceilcote 380 Primer, S-1 Powder, Ceilcote 242 Flakeline Owner Chemical Company Applicator Universal Coatings Fabricator South East Fabricator ISO12944 Environment C4-I Project Size $20,000 US
  • 4. Type of project or asset This pharmaceutical facility found that the existing coating in their open top waste process vessel for neutralization of plant waste was failing rapidly due to the chemical attack. Surfaces Preparation White metal blast with a 3-4 mil profile. Products/System used Ceilcote 662 Flakeline applied in three 15-20 mil coats over Ceilcote 680 Primer. The total system thickness averaged 50-60 mils DFT. The contractor spark tested all surfaces to insure a pinhole free lining and made repairs on pinholes that were found. Case Study Open Top Tank Focus Product: Ceilcote® 662 Flakeline Year of Project: 2006 Location: Augusta, Georgia. USA Project Owner: Major Chemical Manufacturer Project Size: 88’ diameter, 24’ high open top tank - 11,200 sq ft Note: This picture is a representation and not an actual picture of the facility
  • 5. Area Inspected 1 Potassium rock salt is dumped into the tank from a conveyor above the tank roof. This rock then falls to the floor, approximately 30’ below and is then put in solution with hot water at 5800 ft2 (539 m2 ) to dissolve the potassium rock salt. Area Inspected 2 In 2009 the owner noticed a small leak from the tank wall and drained vessel. One small hole was found in the shell below liquid level. No other corrosion or deterioration was found on the Ceilcote system in any of the other locations. Further investigation showed the hole as the location of a support angle that was welded to the wall that allowed a path of chlorides to attack the weld. The size of repaired area was less than 3 ft2 (.27 m2 ). Case History Potassium Hydroxide Steel Tank Focus Product: Ceilcote® 222HT Flakeline, Ceilcote 282AR Flakeline Year of Project: 2004 Year of Inspection: 2009 Location: South East US Type of project: Chlor-Alkali Plant Products/System used: Ceilcote 222HT Flakeline (2 coats) and Ceilcote 282AR Flakeline (topcoat) Project Owner: Major Chemical Manufacturing Facility Project Size: 5800 ft2 (539 m2 ) Applicator: PenGulf Note: This picture is a representation and not an actual picture of the facility
  • 6. Track Record 2009Magellan Wilmington DE Tank Expansion YEAR OF PROJECT 2009 NAME OF PROJECT Magellan Wilmington DE Tank Expansion COUNTRY OF PROJECT USA PRODUCTS/SYSTEM USED: Area 1 Interplate 937, 670hs, 670hs, 990uhs Tank White 500000 ft2 Area 2 Tank Lining Interline 982, Interline 984 120000 ft2 New Marine Dock Piping and Tank Farm Piping and manifold Truck Loading Rack VCU 200000 ft2 IOZ, 670hs, 670hs, 990 UHS Tank White 200000 ft2 PROJECT OWNER Magellan Wilmington DE Tank Expansion APPLICATOR GC Zarnas (Allentown, PA) FABRICATOR JJ White (Philadelphia PA) ISO12944 ENVIRONMENT C-3 PROJECT SIZE 820000 ft2
  • 7. Quick Manhole Refurbishment Product: Enviroline 222 Location: USA Plant: Wastewater Works Fast Return to Service The man hole was refurbished and back in service in less than a week using Enviroline 222 Exposed reinforcement bars Priming the concrete Checking the cured coating Designed for Concrete Penetrating Primer Proven Performance A suitable abrasion and chemical resistant lining was required to refurbish the man hole The speed of application of Enviroline 222 saved the customer money in terms of downtime costs Inspection after one year in service showed the Enviroline 222 to be in good condition The quick return to service saved the customer money and the long-term performance will continue to the customer money Protective Coatings Case History Reference: 1003 All products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to our standard Conditions of Sale. Registered in England No. 63604 Registered Office 26th Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BG
  • 8. Enviroline Resists Where Other Linings Fail Product: Enviroline 225 Location: USA Plant: Military Wastewater Works Long-term In Service Performance This wastewater pre-treatment plant uses nitric, sulphuric, phosphoric and chromic acid to treat the dirty water Removing Failed Lining Patch repairs to Concrete Completed Application Designed for Concrete Chemical Resistance Proven Performance Enviroline 225 is resistant to the chemicals present and was recommended to replace existing lining which had failed Following concrete repairs Enviroline 225 was spray applied to the 500m² surface area of the tank. Inspections have been performed every 6 months since application and the lining is in excellent condition The customer was happy to find a lining resistant to the chemicals present which offered long-term performance Protective Coatings Case History Reference: 1005 All products supplied and technical advice or recommendations given are subject to our standard Conditions of Sale. Registered in England No. 63604 Registered Office 26th Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BG
  • 9. Type of project or asset This facility processes radioactive waste through a variety of incinerators and process equipment in order to clean up contaminated plant sites over 50 years in the making. Their consulting firm specified that the lining for the exhaust stack must handle 350°F continuous temperatures with possible spikes to 450°F. There is also a possibility that some of the chemicals could condense as it cools upon exiting the stack, so they wanted a chemical-resistant lining for this purpose. Products/System used A 4 coat system comprising a coat of Ceilcote 370HT (high temperature) Primer, followed by 2 coats of Ceilcote 282 Flakeline novolac vinyl ester basecoat and one Ceilcote 282 Flakeline Topcoat was used. Each 138’ high stack was coated prior to it being assembled on site. Total system thickness was 45-75 mils DFT. After cure, the owner witnessed spark testing and began assembly of the stack in the field. Case StudyStack Lining Focus Product: Ceilcote 282 Flakeline Year of Project: 2009 Location: South East US Project Owner: Radioactive Waste Process Facility Project Size: 138ft high stacks
  • 10. In 2007, the T.L. Amiss Water Treatment Plant kicked off a three phase rehabilitation effort aimed at the plant’s three large open air below-grade concrete treatment basins. The basin walls had never been coated and were seriously deteriorated, with large amounts of the aggregate rock showing through. The tough, ultra-fast cure, 100 percent solids lining was applied in just one application, requiring virtually no further maintenance. Case StudyConcrete Treatment Basins Year of Project: 2010 Country: Louisiana, USA Type of project or asset: Concrete Treatment Basins Products/System: Walls and Floors: Enviroline 50 @ 2-4mils Enviroline 230 NSF @ 35-45mils Project Owner: City of Shreveport, Department of Water and Sewerage Applicator: Professional Application Services Contractor: Cecile D Gassiott ISO Environment: Im 1 Project Size: 6,596m² / 71,000ft² Completed application Before application Deteriorated concrete wall “The material is easy-to-use and very fast-curing. Site managers were definitely impressed at how flawlessly the lining was installed and how quickly the basins can return to service upon completion”.
  • 11. YEAR OF PROJECT 2001 NAME OF PROJECT Kranji Water Reclamation Plant - MR Works COUNTRY OF PROJECT Singapore PRODUCTS/SYSTEM USED: Area 1 4 Nos. Concrete Sedimentation Tanks • Ceilcote® 252 Flakeline Area 2 4 Nos. Concrete Sludge Draw-Off Chambers • Ceilcote® 252 Flakeline PROJECT OWNER Singapore Public Utilities Board APPLICATOR Ceilcote - SGL Acotec Singapore Pte Ltd Main Contractor Oliner Technology Pte Ltd ISO12944 ENVIRONMENT 5M PROJECT SIZE 650m2 Track Record 2001Kranji Water Reclamation Plant - MR Works