Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends 08.12.12
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Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends 08.12.12



Webcast presentation on trends in the industry and optimization of online gaming environment.

Webcast presentation on trends in the industry and optimization of online gaming environment.



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Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends 08.12.12 Online Gaming Infrastructure Trends 08.12.12 Presentation Transcript

  • Online GamingInfrastructure TrendsAugust 22, 2012
  • Today’s Agenda 01 Panel introductions 02 Background 03 Infrastructure trends 04 Gaming in the cloud 05 Mobile/tablet impacts2 #gamingINAP
  • Today’s speakers Monty Sharma Kelvin Mok Pete Mastin MassDigi Gravity Interactive Internap Managing Director IT Manager & Systems Vice President, IP & Admin Content Delivery Services Drew McBath Internap Senior Director, Product & Strategic Marketing Moderator3 #gamingINAP
  • Providing your applications the right infrastructure and best performance.3,700+ Customers 500+ Employees LTM Revenue: $252M NASDAQ: INAP4 #gamingINAP
  • Online gaming market overview ($’s in millions except as noted) Total est. market size in 2014: $34B $14,300 Casual/Social 3-Yr. CAGR Games 18% $11,000 MMO 3-Yr. CAGR Games 13% $9,000 Mobile 3-Yr. CAGR Games 16% 2011 2012e 2013e 2014e5 Source: Business Insights (The Video Gaming Industry Outlook 2011) #gamingINAP
  • Online gaming stack Gamer Interaction (Location, Gameplay) Monetization/Analytics (Micro transactions, Subscription, Demographics) Game Engine/Code (Unity, Unreal Engine, C++, Java, Flash) Databases/Texture Files/Game Logic (MySQL, NoSQL) Physical I/S (Colo, MH, DH) Virtual I/S (IaaS, Pvt. Cloud) Primary focus for Network (IP, TCP Acceleration, CDN, xconnect) today Additional Considerations Game types: Distribution: Platform: MMO, Casual, Social, Turn- Steam, iTunes, Google Console, PC/Desktop, Mo based, Real-time, etc. Play, Retail, Self bile, Tablet6 #gamingINAP
  • Poll question What is your role in the online gaming community?7 #gamingINAP
  • Panel discussion How do game lifecycles affect infrastructure choices?8 #gamingINAP
  • Different game architectures demanddiverse infrastructure platforms Dedicated Hosting Custom Hosting or Ephemeral, Colocation single server  one+ map/world MOFPS MMORTS MOFPS League of Legends Battlefield 3 Halo MMOTPS Global Agenda MMORPG MMOTPS Ragnarok Rose Online Online High persistence, serv Mobile Game Social Game er clusters one Social Game Backyard Monsters Angry Birds Buffalo Bingo world Casual Game Online Poker Public Cloud/IaaS Private Cloud9 #gamingINAP
  • Requirements can change overtime and differ by game function Dedicated Hosting Custom Hosting or Colocation Hybrid multi- tiered game app MMOTPS MMOTPS Match play Leader boards and database loads MOFPS 1st Release Game infrastructure MOFPS evolves over time 2nd Release MMOTPS Raids/ Social Game Social Game Tournaments Game launch Dedicated Infra Public Cloud/IaaS Private Cloud10 #gamingINAP
  • Network latency remains a big deal High FPS Halo Racing Gran Turismo Degree of Precision Required Sports Madden NFL Medium RPG Mass Effect RTS Multi-player Age of Empires Turn Based Strategy Civilization Life Low Simulation Sims > 100 ms > 500 ms >1,000 ms Shorter deadline to complete action Sources: *“Latency and Player Actions in Online Games,” Communications of the ACM, November 2006/Vol. 49, No. 11, Mark Claypool and Kajal Claypool “Latency Can Kill: Precision and Deadline in Online Games,” MMSysACM (2010), p. 215-222.11 #gamingINAP
  • Network events arise daily to specific geographies Case in point: Los Angeles to Pasadena, CA on 8/10/2012 Source: #gamingINAP
  • Panel discussion How is cloud affecting online games?13 #gamingINAP
  • Cloud gaming discussion points Online gaming and IaaS Elasticity/agility Performance considerations Cost/economics Simple turn up, turn down Hybrid options14 #gamingINAP
  • Panel discussion What changes do you see with the shift to mobile?15 #gamingINAP
  • Mobile gaming discussion points Tablet and smart phone gaming Latency considerations Distribution mediums Offloading info to servers Monetization & analytics16 #gamingINAP
  • Poll question What type of online game platform do you use most frequently?17 #gamingINAP
  • Internap combines platform flexibility with high performance A portfolio of services built to match your specific application18 #gamingINAP
  • Other resources eBook Industry Handbook Solution Sheet High level architecture diagram Gaming-Solution-Sheet.pdf RPM Tool Route Performance Monitoring Tool connectivity-services/route-performance-monitor- rpm/ Latency Paper Latency can kill: precision and deadline in online games: MMSys ACM (2010). deadline-mmsys/19 #gamingINAP
  • Q&A #gamingINAP20 #gamingINAP