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What is bare-metal cloud and how does it work?

What is bare-metal cloud and how does it work?

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  • 1. A Growing Demand for Public Affordable, multi-tenant cloud with limited flexibility HIGH-PERFORMANCE Cloud Solutions Private Expensive, single-tenant cloud with more security and control = DEDICATED PHYSICAL SERVERS + CLOUD-LIKE FLEXIBILITY + Get both the instant scalability of cloud with the performance of a physical server. Benefits with self-provisioning portals + APIs High performance Security Control Metered Billing Instant provisioning only pay for what you use Flexible billing USE CASES Media Transcoding Render Farms Sites with user-generated content need media transcoding to an origin-store Content Delivery Network Commercial 3D animation and CAD software users support a “render farm” mode, where a desktop station turns into a node in a rendering cluster Traditional monthly dedicated servers may sit idle during slow traffic periods or be over-extended during peak traffic Bare-Metal Cloud = Flexibility of cloud + dedicated processing of a physical server Scalable Content Site New sites maintain a standard traffic pattern of visits, but during high news activity site visitation can quickly increase The file processing would occur after hours, rendering while the station was not in use Server deployments can handle average traffic volume but site suffers when visits increase beyond the standard usage pattern Bare-Metal Cloud = Master node for processing on-demand + interaction with other nodes for flexibility in provisioning instances Bare-Metal Cloud = Increased scalability by provisioning additional services to accommodate only when needed Not a competitor, a COMPLEMENT to cloud services Bare Metal vs. Traditional CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Bare-Metal Cloud Hey, IT Managers! YOU CAN GET COST EFFICIENCY Traditional Cloud Investing in cloud technology will alleviate management burdens, re-focusing energies toward strategic initiatives! LEARN MORE ABOUT WHY WATCH THE VIDEO BARE-METAL CLOUD ROCKS ! Share this infographic: ©2013 Internap Network Services Corporation. All rights reserved. Internap® is a registered trademark of Internap. All other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.