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Interlace is a fast growing, CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001 IT solutions provider with interests in Energy, BFSI, Education, Retail and Government. This is the corporate profile of Interlace that shows all the products, services and solutions of Interlace

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Interlace Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Connect Collaborate Innovate IT SOLUTION
  2. 2. Our CompanyInterlace is a fast growing Information technology solutions provider established in theyear 2007. Interlace traces back its roots to its parent company, CREW, a leader in theEnergy sector and the consistent thrust on quality emanates from that fact. We areCMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company with the focus on industry specificproducts and services.We have diversified portfolio of products and services in BFSI, Education, E-Governance,Energy, and Retail. We also undertake infrastructure services and customizedInformation Technology solutions based on the requirements of the clients. Interlace hasits dedicated development center at SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri, Chennai and has spread itswings to Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh and Srilanka. We have a dedicated office inDubai and we are looking to expand in growing markets around the world.The name and the LogoThe name transpires the fact that we collaborate with ourclients and join hands in order to make IT solutions. TheGarden Sprout Green color symbolizes the emergence of a newplayer in the market with a drive to grow faster in an organicway. The grey represents the reliability and work ethic that Connect Collaborate Innovate IT SOLUTIONdrives Interlace.Passion to TranscendInterlace always strives to transcend beyond boundaries toempower the clients and enable them to provide with timelyservice to their customers. We have the right domain expertsand consultants who can provide to end – end solutions at theright cost to the clients. We always offer cost effective andeminent solutions that focus on client needs. The strength isderived from the expertise in multiple technologiesexperienced consultants with varied work experience at alllevels. Interlace is always committed to safety and thereliability.
  3. 3. BFSI Education Energy Retail Enterprise Fraud E’nlite Interact Point of Sales Management (School Management (Automatic MeterPRODUCTS System) Reading) Supply Chain Anti-Money Management Laundering E-Grid Total Revenue (Campus Management Management Core Banking System (Olympic by ERI) Energy ERPSOLUTIONS CRM, Business Intelligence, Learning Management System, E-Governance Enterprise Application Enterprise Implementation Managed Consulting Services Infrastructure Services Services and Support Services IT Consulting Development Solutions Custom Project Disaster Recovery Development & Data Center Services IT Support Web-based Solutions SERVICES Maintenance Services IT Strategy Planning Standalone Solutions Support and Maintenance Reengineering & Third Party Development & Service Maintenance Services Migration Services Implementation Services Integration Services Product Maintenance System Integration & Testing Service Services Professional Services Project Services
  4. 4. The Interlace difference We don’t sell. We partner Strong Roots Interlace believes in long term The strong foundation and the partnerships and don’t believe in company roots are from the Energy vendor – buyer relations. Our sector that symbolizes stability and existing clients have been consistently reliability of Interlace. partnering with us for their require- ments.We are talented. We innovate Quality is not an act.. it’s a habit. The deep-rootedIt may sound brash but the truth is Energy background drives us throughwe persistently strive to innovate to the strict quality principles wepresent the best to the client. The follow in our development andtalented workforce consists of right implementation.combination of youth and experi-ence from different world classcompanies which has a urge toinnovate and complete with entrepreneurial spirit. Cost effective Integrated Solutions Portfolio We are extremely cost effective and We offer closely integrated solutions provide the best possible solutions in order to meet the client require- at the optimized price points in ments and provide end - end order to help every level of services in all the domains. customer.
  5. 5. Connect Collaborate Innovate IT SOLUTION