ISI Amazing Transformations in School Food Courts


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Simple to Sensational Re-Imaging - these schools have made updates to their food courts. We've got the before & after images to prove that updates are easier and more affordable than you may think. Food Courts to Fit Your Budget can revitalize your school in Simple to Sensational ways!

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ISI Amazing Transformations in School Food Courts

  1. 1. Interior Systems, Inc. Any reuse or reproduction of this material in any form without prior written permission by Interior Systems Inc. is strictly prohibited. Before & After TRANSFORMATIONS
  2. 2. Before & After DC Everest Senior High School, Weston, WI
  3. 3. Before & After Francis Scobee Middle School, San Antonio, TX
  4. 4. Macon Career Center, Macon, GA Before & After
  5. 5. Before & After William Penn High School, Harrisburg, PA
  6. 6. Before & After College Career Centers, La Joya, TX
  7. 7. Before & After Rich East High School Teachers Lounge, Park Forest, IL
  8. 8. Before & After Southside High School, San Antonio, TX
  9. 9. Before & After Rich East High School, Park Forest, IL
  10. 10. Before & After Jefferson High School, Jefferson, TX
  11. 11. Before & After Aldine High School, Houston, TX
  12. 12. Before & After Ross Middle School, El Paso, TX
  13. 13. Before & After Woodland High School, Woodland, CA
  14. 14. Before & After Austin High School, Austin, TX
  15. 15. Before & After Union Hill High School, Union Hill, NJ
  16. 16. Before & After Hoover Middle School, Merced, CA
  17. 17. Before & After El Diamante High School, Visalia, CA
  18. 18. Compton High School, Compton, CA Before & After
  19. 19. Before & After Head Start, Horizon City, TX
  20. 20. Before & After Macon Career Center, Macon, GA
  21. 21. Before & After Buena Park High School, Buena Park, CA
  22. 22. Simple to Sensational Transformations “ Studies show that environment has a powerful influence on behavior. A pleasant dining area allows students to pay attention to what they are eating, and to enjoy the sensory and social aspects of a healthy meal.” With Simple to Sensational Transformations, you can make improvements to your school’s environment AND stay within your budget. USDA, “Changing the Scene: Improving the School Nutrition Environment, A Guide to Local Action” To learn more, please visit our website, or find us on these social media sites: