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Flipped Classroom 2012
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Flipped Classroom 2012


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Brief instructional PowerPoint about Flipped Classrooms for dealers serving the educational market.

Brief instructional PowerPoint about Flipped Classrooms for dealers serving the educational market.

Published in: Education

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  • 1.
  • 2. What is it?• Students receive lecture at home, then apply what they have learned in the classroom.• Since the lecture is recorded, students have the ability to replay the lecture on their computers, Ipads, laptops, etc.• Teachers provide support to help students apply what they have learned. Also to help students seek out information needed to master the material.• Students must master the material before moving on.
  • 3. Pros of the Flipped Classroom• Students get an education in the classroom tailored to their individual learning needs.• “Gifted” students can advance at a faster pace in this mastery style system.• Those with similar learning challenges can be placed in groups, so the teacher can provide “just-in-time” learning.• Satisfies students innate desire to be autonomous, which can promote creativity.
  • 4. Cons of the Flipped Classroom• Creates concern students will not watch lecture at home- too much freedom.• Students become too independent, the potential for reduced instructor involvement.• Concern that some students are incapable of learning without teacher assistance.• Unable to process the material presented to them in a given lecture/presentation.
  • 5. Flipping Your Furniture-Collaboration is Key Increased focus on collaboration and flexibility. Furniture solutions that support personal devices (laptops,Ipads,etc.)
  • 6. Flipping Your Furniture-Collaboration is Key
  • 7. Our• It’s important to remember there is no one “School of the Future Concept”• We work with each school to help them decide what direction is the best fit, and how our furniture can help them achieve their vision.• Refer to our project profiles to see what has worked well for other schools. Our goal is to help you arrive at the model best suited for you.
  • 8. Video: Flipped-Mastery ClassroomPeer into Jonathan Bergmanns Classroom as he explains the flipped-mastery model. Presently Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams are writing a book on the flipped classroom.