Essential health checks before jumping to the Cloud - 6 steps to Cloud heaven by Peter Job


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In this presentation, Peter Job, CEO of Intergence, will provide the audience invaluable tips and best practices as to what companies should be implementing and considering before migrating to the cloud. Implementing health checks such as this can prevent serious problems from occurring in the Cloud once migrate; problems that can often go undetected due to often a lack of control, understanding and visibility within the Cloud.

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  • Essential health checks before jumping to the Cloud - 6 steps to Cloud heaven by Peter Job

    1. 1. Essential health checks before jumping to the Cloud : Six steps to Cloud heaven Peter Job, CEO IntergenceInteract with us:
    2. 2. Corporate Overview • Established in 2003, based in Cambridge & Dubai • Serving clients in the UK, Middle East and Europe, particularly within financial services, TMT and Education markets • Our aim is to help clients achieve optimised, seamless and secure IT infrastructuresInteract with us:
    3. 3. Corporate Overview Consulting - Aligning to IT Business Strategy - Programme leadership - Optimisation of critical infrastructure and applications. Managed Services Resourcing - Managed Sourcing; - Augmentation of client staff Deliver specific work packages or - Provision of specialist skills projects - Managed Services; IT Optimisation Intergence, experts in IT OptimisationInteract with us:
    4. 4. Agenda • What are the real benefits of Cloud? • It’s all about the user! • Cloud migration essentials • The Six Steps to Cloud heaven • The Intergence Methodology • Case StudyInteract with us:
    5. 5. What are the real benefits of Cloud? Improve industry Improve productivity competitiveness Reduce costs Offer more options Productivity Quick reactions to market conditionsInteract with us:
    6. 6. It’s all about the User• The aggregation of marginal gains!• Forrester Total Economic impact study- Productivity gains were 2.5 times the value of the cost savings• We shortened the development time of our product Hyperglance by 40% by using Cloud development Apps• Know your users, Measure their experience and apply marginal gainsInteract with us:
    7. 7. The pieces which everybody forgets • The business case • The song remains the same- best practice • You can’t manage what you can’t measure • You can’t measure what you can’t see • Process of continuous improvementInteract with us:
    8. 8. Six steps to Cloud heaven Obtain Mature feedback Business Due Plan the Optimised Migration the and IT Case Diligence implement process actionsInteract with us:
    9. 9. The First three steps 1. Business buy in - Write the business case for Senior management buy in 2. Due diligence - Understand the processes and flow of applications 3. Plan the Migration - Test small pilots - Move logical segments into the CloudInteract with us:
    10. 10. Final three steps 4. Mature the process - Train internal Cloud operators - Have good fail-over procedures 5. Obtain user feedback - Act on the feedback! - Constant communication with your users 6. Optimisation - Use great analytics - Continually gain user feedback - Continuous business improvementInteract with us:
    11. 11. Have a sound methodology Business Service Service Service Conclusions requirement Design deployment Analysis gathering • Define service • Service • Gather data • Recommendations • Prioritise objectives deployment to resolve business within • Examine technical issues objectives • Customer customer performance analysis environment • Observations on • Identify known requirements • Interpret cultural, issues • Tuning of results commercial & • Locations of service(s) contractual hurdles • Discuss Intergence to “predict & solutions devices where prevent” appropriate philosophy Data modelling & Service evaluation IT infrastructure & Interpretation Mapping • Feed data into Intergence • Analyse application consultancy tool dependencies • Identify critical apps • Identify or assets across the weaknesses and Infrastructure vulnerabilitiesInteract with us:
    12. 12. Tracking performance as Cloud deployment expands • Good analytics • Process • Innovation- don’t be afraid to experiment • Partner SLA’s- the 3rd way • Continuous improvement • Scaling ability of your management tools • Provide a plumbing service not a spanner!Interact with us:
    13. 13. Case Study: A global information provider APAC Bangalore New Deli Beijing Osaka AMERS Hong Kong Seoul Chicago Jakarta Shanghai Los Angeles Kuala Mexico City Lumpur Singapore New York Tokyo Sydney Sao Paulo Taipei Toronto EMEA Athens Milan Frankfurt Moscow Istanbul Paris Lisbon Stockholm Madrid Tel Aviv Johannesburg WarsawInteract with us:
    14. 14. Case Study: A global information provider• The customer wanted to check the integrity of their applications and the quality of the service to the users• It’s a premium content service- high value• The brand is based on quality• Service is offered globally across the InternetInteract with us:
    15. 15. Case Study: Solution• Manage the user experience with World class analytics• We use the Cloud to monitor and manage the service in global locations• We interpret the data• Provide monthly reports on trends and issuesInteract with us:
    16. 16. Summary• Managing the Cloud is mainstream• You need to have good process and methodology• Engage with partners who have the experience• Don’t be afraid to innovate• The user will be the ultimate judge of the service!Interact with us:
    17. 17. Thank you for listening For more information, please contact: pjob@intergence.comInteract with us: