SQL Server 2008 Highlights


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This presentation was delivered at one of Intergen's Twilight sessions during 2008. It provides an overview of the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and is targeted at both business and IT users.

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SQL Server 2008 Highlights

  1. 1. SQL Server 2008 Your questions answered…
  2. 2. SQL Server 2008 Which boat are you in? Your developers and IT pros can‟t wait to start using all the new stuff Your developers and IT pros aren‟t interested in all the new stuff You think it‟s all too new – let‟s just wait for the first service pack to come out You don‟t know what to think amongst all the marketing hype
  3. 3. SQL Server 2008 New features in SQL Server 2008 Transparent Data Encryption Visual Studio Support Enterprise Reporting Engine External Key Management SQL Server Conflict Detection Internet Report Deployment Data Auditing FILESTREAM data type Block Computations Pluggable CPU Integrated Full Text Search Scale out Analysis Transparent Failover for Database Sparse Columns Export to Word and Excel Mirroring Large User Defined Types Author reports in Word and Excel Declarative Management Framework Date/Time Data Type Report Builder Enhancements Server Group Management LOCATION data type TABLIX Powershell SPATIAL data type Charts and Gauges controls Streamlined Installation Virtual Earth Integration Rich Formatted Data Enterprise System Management Partitioned Table Parallelism Personalized Perspectives Performance Data Collection Query Optimizations … and many more System Analysis Persistent Lookups Data Compression Change Data Capture Query Optimization Modes Backup Compression Resource Governor MERGE SQL Statement Entity Data Model Data Profiling LINQ Star Join Visual Entity Designer SQL Server Change Tracking Entity Aware Adapters Transparent Data Encryption Synchronized Programming Model
  4. 4. SQL Server 2008 Platform vision Enterprise Data Platform Services Reporting Integration Analysis Synch FILE Beyond Relational Query RDBMS XML OLAP Search Dynamic Development Mobile and Server Cloud Desktop Pervasive Insight
  5. 5. SQL Server 2008 What are we looking for? Trusted Security, Reliability and Performance Productive Developers IT Pros Breadth of solutions Integration Services Analysis Services Reporting Services Synch/Search
  6. 6. SQL Server 2008 Trusted Auditing Encryption Compression Performance Ensuring Business continuity
  7. 7. SQL Server 2008 Auditing Native DDL for Audit configuration and management Create an Audit object to automatically log actions to: File Windows Application Log Windows Security Log Ability to define granular Audit Actions of Users or Roles on DB objects
  8. 8. SQL Server 2008 Native Encryption Transparent Data Encryption Encrypts data at rest and within backups SQL Server 2008 No impact to existing apps Encryption/decryption performed DEK at database level Support for hardware based key management Encrypted data page Client Application
  9. 9. SQL Server 2008 Compression Within database Row compression Page compression Within backups
  10. 10. SQL Server 2008 Encryption, Compression and Auditing
  11. 11. SQL Server 2008 Filtered Indexes Improve query performance and lower storage and maintenance costs Of benefit for well known sets of data (<=50% of full table set) Also very useful as a filter for UNIQUE indexes!
  12. 12. SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor Manage workload and system resource consumption 3 new concepts Resource Pools Workload Groups Classifier Functions Directs each scheduler as to how to prioritize work within each virtual instance (pool)
  13. 13. SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor
  14. 14. SQL Server 2008 Ensuring Business Continuity Enhanced Mirroring Auto-Page Repair Log Stream Compression Hot-add CPU 64 bit Enterprise only sp_configure „affinity mask‟ and „affinity I/O mask‟
  15. 15. SQL Server 2008 General T-SQL Enhancements Productive – for Developers New Date and Time data types DATE, TIME, DATETIME2 DATETIMEOFFSET GROUPING SETS Specify multiple group by clauses Multi row INSERT += assignment Inline variable initialisation
  16. 16. SQL Server 2008 MERGE statement Productive – for Developers New operation for performing multiple DML operations across a full outer join So you can perform INSERTS, UPDATES and DELETES as appropriate Key scenarios Conditional insert / update Synchronization
  17. 17. SQL Server 2008 Table Value Parameters Productive – for Developers Allows TABLE types to be passed as a parameter to a stored procedure Use by Defining a User Defined Table type Declaring a parameter in sproc or function as that table type passing as READONLY Call by passing a table instance
  18. 18. SQL Server 2008 Beyond Relational Productivity – for Developers Hierarchies and HierarchyId data type File system based data Sparse columns Allows columns to be marked as SPARSE indicating they may not have any data attached Integrated Full Text Search
  19. 19. SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data Productivity – for Developers Vector based, industry spatial standards Two new data types: GEOMETRY GEOGRAPHY Implemented as managed UDT‟s in separate assembly
  20. 20. SQL Server 2008 ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ Productive – for Developers Use ADO.NET Entities to rationalize our data and simplify development Object Relational Mapping Leverage LINQ for querying Reflects a shift towards domain driven architectures over traditional data silos At Intergen we use other ORMs instead…  But LINQ is great
  21. 21. SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Enhancements MERGE statement Table Value Parameters
  22. 22. SQL Server 2008 Configuration Servers Productive – for IT Pros Group servers together for configuration or management Multicast query – target all servers in the group at the same time! Collectively inspect or apply policy
  23. 23. SQL Server 2008 Policy Based Management Productive – for IT Pros New declarative policy system to manage instances Uses DDL triggers and SQLCLR to enforce policy Supports “true transactional” events Fully scriptable
  24. 24. SQL Server 2008 Powershell Productive – for IT Pros A new tool for scripting on Windows SQL Server integration Object Explorer: Right-click, Start PowerShell SQL Agent integration Can now create PowerShell job steps. External access Native Providers to access SMO data and Policy Provides direct SMO access Invoke-sqlcmd cmdlet
  25. 25. SQL Server 2008 Configuration Servers Policy Based Management Powershell
  26. 26. SQL Server 2008 Integration Services Breadth of solutions Data Profiling Change Data Capture C# and VB.NET scripting Lookup Transformation enhancements Performance improvements New Performance Counters
  27. 27. SQL Server 2008 Change Data Capture Breadth of solutions Information about what changed at the source OLTP Operation (Insert, Update, Delete) Update mask (which columns changed) Change Tables Changes captured from the log asynchronously Minimal impact on source system Log reader can be scheduled to run during idle time Data Warehouse Enabled per table Hidden change tables store captured changes One change table per source table that is tracked CDC APIs provide access to change data
  28. 28. SQL Server 2008 Data Profiling
  29. 29. SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Breadth of solutions Design it Right – help baked into design tools Best practices Performance tuning tricks Configuration warnings Performance Monitoring Scalable backups Scalable shared databases
  30. 30. SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Breadth of solutions Combined Report Designer/Builder New Chart/Graph/Guage visualisations Rendering to Word, Excel, PDF, RTF Report Designer improvements Integration with SharePoint
  31. 31. SQL Server 2008 Frame Effects Scale Breaks Drawing Styles Multiple Legends Calculated Series Multiple Striplines Chart Areas
  32. 32. SQL Server 2008 Gauge Samples Radial Gauge Linear Gauge
  33. 33. SQL Server 2008 Synch/Search Breadth of solutions Synch services – v1.0 Fulltext indexing built into the SQL engine
  34. 34. SQL Server 2008 Platform vision Enterprise Data Platform Services Reporting Integration Analysis Synch FILE Beyond Relational Query RDBMS XML OLAP Search Dynamic Development Mobile and Server Cloud Desktop Pervasive Insight
  35. 35. SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Editions and features Category Feature Name Enterprise Standard High Availability Database snapshots Yes No High Availability Online indexing Yes No High Availability Online restore Yes No High Availability Backup compression Yes No Scalability Partitioning Yes No Scalability Data Compression Yes No Scalability Resource Governor Yes No Security Fine grained auditing Yes No Security Transparent database encryption Yes No Integration Services Fuzzy logic/term extraction tasks Yes No Integration Services Data mining tasks Yes No Integration Services Dimension/Partition processing tasks Yes No Data Warehouse Scaling Change data capture Yes No Data Warehouse Scaling Star join query optimization Yes No Data Warehouse Scaling Partitioned cubes Yes No Data Warehouse Scaling Proactive caching Yes No Multi-Dimensional Analytics Writeback dimensions Yes No Multi-Dimensional Analytics Perspectives Yes No Reporting Data driven subscriptions Yes No Reporting Infinite click-through Yes No
  36. 36. SQL Server 2008 Quick wins/best bets Trusted platform Auditing, Database Encryption, Backup Compression, Resource Governor, Management Data Warehouse Developer Productivity Everything except ADO.NET Entity Framework IT Pro Productivity Configuration Servers, Policy-based management, Powershell Business Intelligence Falling into the pit of success