Microsoft Dynamics CRM: What's New 2011

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  • 1. CRM 2011 – What’s NewSteven FosterMay 2011
  • 2. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewSteven Foster: CRM Product Manager  My role is to drive the Microsoft CRM business, delivery and partner relationships  People call me passionate about CRM and even an evangelist!  I have been working in the field of CRM for over 12 years, implemented many CRM solutions and have experience across a broad range of CRM technologies, industries and countries.
  • 3. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewAgenda Introducing Dynamics CRM (5mins) Feature Demonstration Top 10 (ish) (30mins) Upgrading and On-boarding – what you need to know (15mins) Questions
  • 4. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats New Is a flexible business application that helps organisations increase business productivity and drive connections across people, processes and ecosystems Sales Customer Industry Custom Marketing Productivity Care Solutions Applications Core CRM Extended CRM xRM Framework
  • 5. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewFORRESTER -Medium “Microsoft Dynamics CRM shines by offering flexibility for large and midsized organisations.” ~ Bill Band
  • 6. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewThe Road Ahead… “Adopting a productivity focus that changes the way we work is the only path to lock in productivity gains and earnings. Achieving productivity gains requires changing the way people work so they work smarter, achieve more, deliver greater quality and realize the value of their efforts.”
  • 7. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewThe focus of CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers The Power of Productivity through familiar, intelligent and connected experiences for people inside and outside an organization Familiar – natural and personal Intelligent – insight and actionable Connected – collaborative and integrated
  • 8. CRM 2011 Feature Demonstration
  • 9. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats New Over 500 enhancementsLots of Features ... Personalization • Multiple application use/switching Customization and Extensibility • Forms designer Business Process Management • Intelligent choice controls • System views • Business org. modeling • Dynamic forms • Visualization Designer • Tree based designer • Navigation shortcuts • Customizable dashboards • Hyperlink support in prompts • Flexible filtering and search • “Any to Any” relationships • Static & dynamic response types for prompts • View selection persistence • Multi-factor authentication • Custom workflow activity • Personalized synch folders • Interactive override for Field Level Security • Import/export process definition • Personalized reading pane • Global Jscript libraries • AppFabric integration • HIPAA certifiable • Interactive workflow Customer Care • Custom activities Management and Administration Content Management • Customer care dashboard • Multi-nation setup • Track changes • Case modeling • Claims based set-up configuration • Version control • KB article customization • Server admin automation • Automatic folder creation • Workload management • Organization management automation • Secure file sharing • Flexible queues • Simple Internet-facing deployment • Quick preview • Business/contact center goals • MUI upgrades • Simultaneous editing • System-wide auditing • Org. update/upgrade • Single sign-in • Tenant by tenant upgrade migration • Text search with documents Sales • Server farm updates • Quota management • Deployment Web-Services User Experience • Team selling capabilities • Native Outlook search experience • Connections Integration • Column filters • Custom currency • Azure Service Bus integration • email template support • Sales dashboard • Firewall tunneling • Outlook Social Connector • Write-in products • Bulk data load • Record counts • Negative price support • Re-occurring meetings Solution Management • Meetings bi-directional synch Marketing • Solutions hosting • Context menus • Marketing dashboard • Solution lifecycle management • Accessibility compliance • Dynamic Marketing Lists • Managed properties • Voice recognition tools support • Bulk update • Community rankings • Outlook follow-up/reminders • Rich CRM emails • Listings details and management • Outlook categories on CRM records • Improved Data Import Wizard • Search and navigation • Data cleansing enhancements • Data mapping
  • 10. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewFeature List Top 10 (ish) demo Outlook Client  Navigating records and lists  Reading Panel  Role Based Forms  Multiple Views  Sub Grids  Conditional Formatting  Connections  Easy to see Tracked record information  Auditing and Security  Access to CRM Fields from Enhancements Outlook activity records  CRM Form enhancements Charts and Dashboards  Ribbon Extensions Dynamic Marketing lists  Goals  Mobile Express
  • 11. Upgrading and On-boarding
  • 12. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewUpgrading and On-boarding Existing Customers  Upgrade options exist and reasonably painless in experience to date  Next slides will review options New Customers  30 day trial for Microsoft Online  Intergen Rapid Results for CRM  Intergen Health check for CRM  Lets meet and discuss requirements
  • 13. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewSoftware Requirements Windows Server 2008 SP2 or R2 x64 SQL Server 2008 SP1 x64 Outlook Client v4 update release 7 and above for backward compatibility with CRM 2011 Windows 7, Vista or XP Microsoft Office 2003 (SP3 or later), 2007 or 2010 IE 7 or later CRM Rollup 7 or later for compatibility with CRM 2011
  • 14. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewUpgrade Scenarios Currently installed Version 3 and want to upgrade to CRM 2011 On Premise Version 4 to CRM 2011 on premise Microsoft Online Version 4 to CRM 2011 Online (US Only) On premise Version 4 to Microsoft Online 2011
  • 15. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewUpgrade Methods Online 4 to Online 2011 – Managed by Microsoft In Place Upgrade – Existing Environment meets minimum requirements. Upgrade applied directly to CRM v4. Connect to Existing Upgrade – Create new Windows Server 2008 for CRM 2011 and connect to same SQL Instance. Migration Upgrade – Create new environment for Windows Server and SQL Server and import V4 organisation via deployment manager.
  • 16. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewUpgrade Matrix UPGRADE TO MIGRATE TO MICROSOFT V4 IN PLACE CONNECT TO MIGRATION VERSION 4 VERSION 4 ONLINE TO EXISTING ONLINE CRM2011 ONLINE Currently installed Version 3 and what to X (must meet X (SQL server upgrade to CRM X minimum SW meets minimum X 2011 specs) specs) On Premise Version 4 to CRM X (must meet X (SQL server 2011 on premise minimum SW meets minimum X specs) specs) Microsoft Online Version 4 to CRM 2011 Online X On premise Version 4 to Microsoft Online X X 2011
  • 17. Questions
  • 18. Thank You
  • 19. CRM 2011 Twilight – Whats NewTrends for CRM in 20111. Social Customer Engagement2. Streamlining Marketing and Sales to drive revenue based outcomes and a move away from activity based outcomes3. Greater access to data and metrics at a personal user level4. Growth of mobile applications and the empowerment of customer facing employees5. Growth of SaaS understanding and impact on a business6. Extending CRM to realise greater ROI across the business7. Continues alignment of companies and web experience8. Greater choice demands consistency in approach9. Customer data management best practice continues to be an issue10. Repeatability of engagements