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Today’s retail customers expect flexible interaction channels that allow them to shop wherever they are, whenever they want – supported by personalised offers, a sufficiently high availability and assortment of product, and rich product information that enhances their shopping experience.

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Intergen retail sector datasheet

  1. 1. INDUSTRY SNAPSHOT INTELLIGENCE AT WORK IN THE Retail Sector INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO DELIVER AN OMNI-CHANNEL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Today’s retail customers expect flexible interaction channels that allow them to shop wherever they are, whenever they want – supported by personalised offers, a sufficiently high availability and assortment of product, and rich product information that enhances their shopping experience. Aberdeen Research asserts such leading retailers are making the move to align their brand, product offerings and marketing messages with the goal of creating a uniform customer experience across all channels. Research from Aberdeen indicates 55% of retailers believe their customers expect a similar experience regardless of channel, and that the top five channels of engagement are online (87% of retailers believe this), brick and mortar (70), mobile (56%), call centre (56%) and social media (52%). THE RETAIL SECTOR CHALLENGE: HOW DO WE BALANCE? Rapidly-changing customer expectations Through the web and mobile technologies, customers have access to information wherever they are, whenever they want it, allowing them to compare prices and products before they buy. Retailers who are slow to respond to changing consumer preferences risk eroding their value proposition and, ultimately, the profitability of their business. By embracing technology, retailers have an opportunity to exceed their customers’ expectations across a myriad of channels. In order to drive growth while controlling costs, industry-leading retailers are connecting, transforming and optimising their retail operations to deepen their relationships with their customers while improving operational efficiency by optimising their retail systems. Delivering sustainable and profitable growth Retailers have increased competition and pricing pressures, needing to deliver competitive offerings while servicing an increasing number of channels. As consumers we are looking to be in control. We want to be offered convenience and choice. Multi-channel retail is about passing back decision-making to the consumers. How can you accommodate these needs as a retailer? INTERGEN DELIVERS A RANGE OF MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO HELP RETAILERS ATTRACT, INVOLVE, TRANSACT WITH AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS ACROSS AN OMNICHANNEL CUSTOMER JOURNEY. WE CALL IT INTELLIGENCE AT WORK. ATTRACT INVOLVE TRANSACT RETAIN
  2. 2. Helping retailers understand and address the complex and ever-changing requirements of today’s customer IT’S ABOUT SOLVING BUSINESS PROBLEMS It isn’t simply about the technology. It is about delivering cost effective solutions to solve business problems. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the flexible, omni-channel heart your organisation needs to solve the business challenges it faces today and tomorrow in trying to attract, involve, transact with and retain customers. ATTRACT Whether in-store, online or using mobile solutions, we can work with you to develop a complete, compelling and consistent experience across all of your core shopping channels. Research from Pew Research Center published in mid-2013 indicates that 72% of US adults are now active users of social media, making this channel a significant one for delivering targeted and personalised messages to an active audience; similar levels of adoption are reported in other countries. By utilising social media, and incorporating it into marketing strategies – including the use of CRM – retailers can target and attract customers at a low level. Complementing this is your website, and its e-commerce capabilities, through to mobile applications – whether for your customers and for your employees on the floor – through to innovative technologies that differentiate your in-store experiences, Intergen has a range of options available to help you attract and engage customers. BALANCING Rapidly-changing customer expectations Delivering sustainable and profitable growth Giving me the information I need, when I need it Supporting multiple sales channels INVOLVE In-store or online, the customer experience is all-important, allowing your customers to engage with your staff and your brand, to both understand your offerings and your organisation. As consumers, we crave human interaction in our customer journey and we increasingly rely on social media and online channels for selecting and confirming our product and buying decisions. As companies, we can either listen to these channels and incorporate them into our strategy, or run the risk of ignoring surveys that tells us that nearly 4 in 5 consumers believe that social media will be the next tier of customer service and that companies who fail to respond in this channel will risk repeat, positive involvement from consumers and prospects. SOLUTION SOLUTION Employ social media and online channels, including your website, to let your customers know what you do and what you sell, building relationships with them, and selling them your products and services. Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track and manage your customer details, segmenting them based on their buying needs and preferences, using email marketing or more traditional print methods. Create innovative experiences within your store locations, and online, to interact and involve your prospects and customers. Leverage Microsoft investments in custom kiosk and touchscreen applications, or other content management platforms, creating user experiences that not only sell your products but your company’s brand values and overall customer value proposition.
  3. 3. Ensuring a good customer experience Transacting with me anywhere Delivering the best value Giving choice and ensuring supply Rewarding loyalty and customer support Listen to my feedback Providing the agility to change as needs evolve TRANSACT Whether at the point of sale or at the back end, online or through a mobile application, you can ensure transactions are processed effectively, utilising the same underlying retail technology. Online, a personalised e-commerce solution can ensure the right products – and combinations of products – are promoted and sold to your customers, reducing the cost of sale and creating new opportunities. In-store kiosks and display screens can be deployed to communicate key messages to your target customers, with special offers and key products being promoted within your brick and mortar operation, with those same messages being communicated through other in-person channels. RETAIN Customer retention and engagement remains a priority for all retailers, and retention needs to be considered across channel. By utilising social media, and incorporating it into wider marketing and engagement strategies – including the use of CRM – retailers can evolve a more intimate relationship with key target markets. Consumers want to be heard, and mobile, social and digital channels are likely being used to share instant feedback about your brand, your products and your customer experience – whether you solicit them or not. By monitoring activity and driving better experiences through the application of business intelligence, retailers can gain valuable insights into what customers are thinking. Newer technologies can be implemented to enhance the instore experience even more, creating virtual dressing rooms, personalised messaging and a range of other ways to interact with your products, staff and brand. With the right tools, the right practises and the right approaches, you can better understand your customers’ needs and create compelling customer experiences based on tangible, quantitative feedback. SOLUTION SOLUTION Underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics AX, your financial management, merchandising, replenishment and supply chain integration are all aspects of your business that can not only work together but can be linked to other parts of your customer journey and overall value proposition. From your Point of Sale (POS) through to your back office, Dynamics AX for Retail provides a comprehensive retail management solution that meets the needs of most retailing organisations. By incorporating robust business intelligence tools, and applying analytical practises as well as integrated feedback and social media engagement tools, your organisation can create an amalgamated omnichannel experience. We have highly skilled and experienced team members that can help you harvest your customer insights from existing data, and help you create more or better information to drive customer satisfaction and engagement.
  4. 4. WHAT IS YOUR TYPICAL CUSTOMER JOURNEY? As a retailer, your customers can interact with you – and your properties – in numerous ways. Understanding how your organisation interacts with your customers is critical to ensuring your on-going success. Customers may research a purchase on your website, in your store or in a catalogue; or they may simply ask their friends for recommendations using social media and make a purchase online. There are thousands of combinations when it comes to mapping your customers’ journeys and how you attract, involve, transact with, and retain them. Regardless of the approach they use, more often than not the customer is in control of how, where and when they get the information they need about their purchasing decisions, and how they transact any purchase – ideally from you and not a competitor. By understanding the different journeys a customer may follow, and ensuring your systems can cater for those journeys, is critical to ensuring your business – in whatever form – remains relevant to the customer and their needs. INTERGEN IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF DELIVERING RETAIL SOLUTIONS We help address retail sector requirements across (but not limited to) the breadth of Microsoft solutions, including: • Financial and retail management solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX • Mobile software clients and applications • Customer engagement utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM • Application design and development using the .NET Framework • Improved in-store experiences using Dynamics AX for Retail and third party solutions • Device and software management and deployment using Microsoft System Center • Targeted websites and online experiences Intergen is a information technology services company that solves challenging business problems using the latest Microsoft solutions. We provide our customers with a range of solutions and services, including financial and relationship management, portals, content and collaboration solutions, custom software development, and consulting services. RE DMOND AU CK L AND WE L L INGTON S Y DNE Y CH RIS TCH U RCH PERTH ME LB O URNE DU NE DIN Australia / United States / New Zealand /