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Intergen - Dynamics CRM Roadmap and Social Media


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Earlier this year we saw the global launch of Dynamics CRM 2011, and according to key …

Earlier this year we saw the global launch of Dynamics CRM 2011, and according to key
analysts it’s already proving to be a world beater. In this session we’ll cover the key strengths
of CRM 2011, both on premise and online, as well as take a brief look into the future.
The session will also cover a deeper dive into the use of social media in the sales and
marketing arena. We’ll demonstrate how Dynamics CRM 2011 can help you create a central
view of social media activity as it relates to your business and how Dynamics CRM can help
extend your view of your customers and prospects.

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  • 1. Dynamics CRM Update,Roadmap and Social MediaSteven FosterSeptember 2011
  • 2. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapAgenda Introduction Dynamics CRM Update (10mins) Dynamics CRM Roadmap (10mins) Social Media and CRM (15mins) Lets see it in Action! (5mins) Questions
  • 3. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSteven Foster: CRM Product Manager  My role is to drive the Microsoft CRM business, delivery and partner relationships  People call me passionate about CRM and even an evangelist!  I have been working in the field of CRM for over 12 years, implemented many CRM and xRM solutions and have experience across a broad range of CRM technologies, industries and countries.
  • 4. Dynamics CRM Update
  • 5. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap Is a flexible business application that helps organisations increasebusiness productivity and drive connections across people, processes and ecosystems Industry Solutions Custom Sales Productivity Customer Care Marketing – Grants 360 Applications Core CRM Extended CRM xRM Framework
  • 6. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapThe focus of CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers The Power of Productivity through familiar, intelligent and connected experiences for people inside and outside an organisation Familiar – natural and personal Intelligent – insight and actionable Connected – collaborative and integrated
  • 7. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapBusiness at a Glance Over 2,00,000 users in more Regional datacenters in the than 80 countries with 40+ Americas, EMEA, and APAC languages Multi-tenant architecture for Over 30,000 customers from cloud and on-premises small to enterprise deployment Over 1,200 software and Developer symmetry between services partners with Dynamics our cloud and on-premises assets CRM competency for integration and extensibility Over 100 service providers More value for less helps hosting Dynamics CRM customers make the most of their solutions investments
  • 8. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapFORRESTER -Medium “Microsoft Dynamics CRM shines by offering flexibility for large and midsized organisations.” ~ Bill Band
  • 9. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap Over 500 enhancementsLots of Features ... Business Process Management Personalization • Multiple application use/switching • Intelligent choice controls Customization and Extensibility • Forms designer • System views • Business org. modeling • Dynamic forms • Visualization Designer • Tree based designer • Navigation shortcuts • Customizable dashboards • Hyperlink support in prompts • Flexible filtering and search • “Any to Any” relationships • Static & dynamic response types for prompts • View selection persistence • Multi-factor authentication • Custom workflow activity • Personalized synch folders • Interactive override for Field Level Security • Import/export process definition • Personalized reading pane • Global Jscript libraries • AppFabric integration • HIPAA certifiable • Interactive workflow Customer Care • Custom activities Management and Administration Content Management • Customer care dashboard • Multi-nation setup • Track changes • Case modeling • Claims based set-up configuration • Version control • KB article customization • Server admin automation • Automatic folder creation • Workload management • Organization management automation • Secure file sharing • Flexible queues • Simple Internet-facing deployment • Quick preview • Business/contact center goals • MUI upgrades • Simultaneous editing • System-wide auditing • Org. update/upgrade • Single sign-in • Tenant by tenant upgrade migration • Text search with documents Sales • Server farm updates • Quota management • Deployment Web-Services • Team selling capabilities User Experience • Connections Integration • Native Outlook search experience • Custom currency • Azure Service Bus integration • Column filters • Sales dashboard • Firewall tunneling • email template support • Write-in products • Bulk data load • Outlook Social Connector • Negative price support • Record counts Solution Management • Re-occurring meetings Marketing • Solutions hosting • Meetings bi-directional synch • Marketing dashboard • Solution lifecycle management • Context menus • Dynamic Marketing Lists • Managed properties • Accessibility compliance • Bulk update • Community rankings • Voice recognition tools support • Rich CRM emails • Listings details and management • Outlook follow-up/reminders • Improved Data Import Wizard • Search and navigation • Outlook categories on CRM records • Data cleansing enhancements • Data mapping
  • 10. Microsoft CRM 2011Roadmap
  • 11. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapRoadmap May 2011 Highlights Microsoft is committed to the “power of choice” allowing flexibility with deployment Microsoft Dynamics CRM will continue to “harness and surface” the collaboration capabilities from Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Office. Improved provisioning and evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace solutions
  • 12. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSummary of Dynamics CRM Online Q4 2011 Update Unified Office Enterprise Feature Social 365 Experience* Cloud Enhancements (Wave 1) Unified Identity New BI Capabilities Activity Provisioning Federation Feeds Enhanced Dialogs Unified Billing** In-Region Windows Phone 7 Disaster Enhanced Data Activity Feeds App Unified Recovery Cleansing Administration Industry Certifications
  • 13. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSocial Media – Micro Blogging Glimpse
  • 14. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap
  • 15. Social Media and CRM:A Practical Approach
  • 16. Social Media and CRMAgenda What is Social Media and why does it matter? How does Social Media relate to your organisation? Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Social Media Summary, discussion, and questions
  • 17. What is Social Media?The term social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue.
  • 18. Social Media and CRM Image Courtesy of Espresso
  • 19. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  • 20. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  • 21. Social Media and CRM Image Courtesy of Espresso
  • 22. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  • 23. Social Media and CRMBut: It’s Just People People talk, just as they breath, eat and sleep People also listen An extension of the dinner table conversation  Same rules  Same behaviour
  • 24. Social Media and CRMSocial CRM Whether organizations like it or not, customers are going to utilize social technologies to participate in conversations, post thoughts and observations or complain about your products and services You can choose to listen and engage customers through these new channels or ignore them Conventional wisdom says that the former is the preferred option
  • 25. Social Media and CRMPublic BlogsPrivate Casual Professional
  • 26. Social Media and CRMWhat can you get out of Social Media? Customer intelligence Reputation monitoring + Effort Lead generation Customer service + Risk Public relations + Reward Campaign management
  • 27. Reputation Monitoring Tips
  • 28. Social Media and CRMOMG! A Mention! What do you do when your Social CRM Tool detects a mention?
  • 29. Social Media and CRMTone Each network has its own tone Unwritten rules and expectations  E.g. Twitter: don’t auto-tweet other feeds  Don’t auto-DM new followers
  • 30. Social Media and CRMDetecting Tone Lurk before wading in This means being engaged and online BEFORE an event Example: BP Gulf oil spill PR Result: @BPGlobalPR
  • 31. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  • 32. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  • 33. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  • 34. Social Media and CRMViral Effect AKA “Network Effect” I tell 10 friends, who each tell 10 more. Inverse law: the harder you try, the less likely it will happen. Due to bullshit detection?
  • 35. Social Media and CRMBeware of the Streisand Effect
  • 36. Social Media and CRMReaction Don’t over react. What would you do if someone made an incorrect statement at a dinner party? What if they were angry? What about if someone was obviously an idiot?
  • 37. Social Media and CRMREACTION
  • 38. Social Media in Dynamics CRM
  • 39. Social Media and CRMWhat can you get out of Social Media? Customer intelligence Reputation monitoring Lead generation + Effort Customer service + Risk Public relations + Reward Campaign management
  • 40. Social Media and CRMManaging Social Interactions
  • 41. Social Media and CRMWhat does it look like? Account level profiling Contact management awareness Campaign Event – Connecting to more than just your known contacts 3rd Party extensions – InsideView
  • 42. Social Media and CRMTake Outs It doesnt have to be difficult Add a lot of value with some simple configuration Expand your network with a connected approach
  • 43. Questions
  • 44. Thank you