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Earlier this year we saw the global launch of Dynamics CRM 2011, and according to key
analysts it’s already proving to be a world beater. In this session we’ll cover the key strengths
of CRM 2011, both on premise and online, as well as take a brief look into the future.
The session will also cover a deeper dive into the use of social media in the sales and
marketing arena. We’ll demonstrate how Dynamics CRM 2011 can help you create a central
view of social media activity as it relates to your business and how Dynamics CRM can help
extend your view of your customers and prospects.

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Intergen - Dynamics CRM Roadmap and Social Media

  1. 1. Dynamics CRM Update,Roadmap and Social MediaSteven FosterSeptember 2011
  2. 2. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapAgenda Introduction Dynamics CRM Update (10mins) Dynamics CRM Roadmap (10mins) Social Media and CRM (15mins) Lets see it in Action! (5mins) Questions
  3. 3. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSteven Foster: CRM Product Manager  My role is to drive the Microsoft CRM business, delivery and partner relationships  People call me passionate about CRM and even an evangelist!  I have been working in the field of CRM for over 12 years, implemented many CRM and xRM solutions and have experience across a broad range of CRM technologies, industries and countries.
  4. 4. Dynamics CRM Update
  5. 5. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap Is a flexible business application that helps organisations increasebusiness productivity and drive connections across people, processes and ecosystems Industry Solutions Custom Sales Productivity Customer Care Marketing – Grants 360 Applications Core CRM Extended CRM xRM Framework
  6. 6. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapThe focus of CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers The Power of Productivity through familiar, intelligent and connected experiences for people inside and outside an organisation Familiar – natural and personal Intelligent – insight and actionable Connected – collaborative and integrated
  7. 7. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapBusiness at a Glance Over 2,00,000 users in more Regional datacenters in the than 80 countries with 40+ Americas, EMEA, and APAC languages Multi-tenant architecture for Over 30,000 customers from cloud and on-premises small to enterprise deployment Over 1,200 software and Developer symmetry between services partners with Dynamics our cloud and on-premises assets CRM competency for integration and extensibility Over 100 service providers More value for less helps hosting Dynamics CRM customers make the most of their solutions investments
  8. 8. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapFORRESTER -Medium “Microsoft Dynamics CRM shines by offering flexibility for large and midsized organisations.” ~ Bill Band
  9. 9. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap Over 500 enhancementsLots of Features ... Business Process Management Personalization • Multiple application use/switching • Intelligent choice controls Customization and Extensibility • Forms designer • System views • Business org. modeling • Dynamic forms • Visualization Designer • Tree based designer • Navigation shortcuts • Customizable dashboards • Hyperlink support in prompts • Flexible filtering and search • “Any to Any” relationships • Static & dynamic response types for prompts • View selection persistence • Multi-factor authentication • Custom workflow activity • Personalized synch folders • Interactive override for Field Level Security • Import/export process definition • Personalized reading pane • Global Jscript libraries • AppFabric integration • HIPAA certifiable • Interactive workflow Customer Care • Custom activities Management and Administration Content Management • Customer care dashboard • Multi-nation setup • Track changes • Case modeling • Claims based set-up configuration • Version control • KB article customization • Server admin automation • Automatic folder creation • Workload management • Organization management automation • Secure file sharing • Flexible queues • Simple Internet-facing deployment • Quick preview • Business/contact center goals • MUI upgrades • Simultaneous editing • System-wide auditing • Org. update/upgrade • Single sign-in • Tenant by tenant upgrade migration • Text search with documents Sales • Server farm updates • Quota management • Deployment Web-Services • Team selling capabilities User Experience • Connections Integration • Native Outlook search experience • Custom currency • Azure Service Bus integration • Column filters • Sales dashboard • Firewall tunneling • email template support • Write-in products • Bulk data load • Outlook Social Connector • Negative price support • Record counts Solution Management • Re-occurring meetings Marketing • Solutions hosting • Meetings bi-directional synch • Marketing dashboard • Solution lifecycle management • Context menus • Dynamic Marketing Lists • Managed properties • Accessibility compliance • Bulk update • Community rankings • Voice recognition tools support • Rich CRM emails • Listings details and management • Outlook follow-up/reminders • Improved Data Import Wizard • Search and navigation • Outlook categories on CRM records • Data cleansing enhancements • Data mapping
  10. 10. Microsoft CRM 2011Roadmap
  11. 11. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapRoadmap May 2011 Highlights Microsoft is committed to the “power of choice” allowing flexibility with deployment Microsoft Dynamics CRM will continue to “harness and surface” the collaboration capabilities from Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Office. Improved provisioning and evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace solutions
  12. 12. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSummary of Dynamics CRM Online Q4 2011 Update Unified Office Enterprise Feature Social 365 Experience* Cloud Enhancements (Wave 1) Unified Identity New BI Capabilities Activity Provisioning Federation Feeds Enhanced Dialogs Unified Billing** In-Region Windows Phone 7 Disaster Enhanced Data Activity Feeds App Unified Recovery Cleansing Administration Industry Certifications
  13. 13. Dynamics CRM Update and RoadmapSocial Media – Micro Blogging Glimpse
  14. 14. Dynamics CRM Update and Roadmap
  15. 15. Social Media and CRM:A Practical Approach
  16. 16. Social Media and CRMAgenda What is Social Media and why does it matter? How does Social Media relate to your organisation? Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Social Media Summary, discussion, and questions
  17. 17. What is Social Media?The term social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turncommunication into interactive dialogue.
  18. 18. Social Media and CRM Image Courtesy of Espresso
  19. 19. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  20. 20. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  21. 21. Social Media and CRM Image Courtesy of Espresso
  22. 22. Social Media and CRMImage Courtesy of Espresso
  23. 23. Social Media and CRMBut: It’s Just People People talk, just as they breath, eat and sleep People also listen An extension of the dinner table conversation  Same rules  Same behaviour
  24. 24. Social Media and CRMSocial CRM Whether organizations like it or not, customers are going to utilize social technologies to participate in conversations, post thoughts and observations or complain about your products and services You can choose to listen and engage customers through these new channels or ignore them Conventional wisdom says that the former is the preferred option
  25. 25. Social Media and CRMPublic BlogsPrivate Casual Professional
  26. 26. Social Media and CRMWhat can you get out of Social Media? Customer intelligence Reputation monitoring + Effort Lead generation Customer service + Risk Public relations + Reward Campaign management
  27. 27. Reputation Monitoring Tips
  28. 28. Social Media and CRMOMG! A Mention! What do you do when your Social CRM Tool detects a mention?
  29. 29. Social Media and CRMTone Each network has its own tone Unwritten rules and expectations  E.g. Twitter: don’t auto-tweet other feeds  Don’t auto-DM new followers
  30. 30. Social Media and CRMDetecting Tone Lurk before wading in This means being engaged and online BEFORE an event Example: BP Gulf oil spill PR Result: @BPGlobalPR
  31. 31. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  32. 32. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  33. 33. Social Media and CRM@BpGlobalPR
  34. 34. Social Media and CRMViral Effect AKA “Network Effect” I tell 10 friends, who each tell 10 more. Inverse law: the harder you try, the less likely it will happen. Due to bullshit detection?
  35. 35. Social Media and CRMBeware of the Streisand Effect
  36. 36. Social Media and CRMReaction Don’t over react. What would you do if someone made an incorrect statement at a dinner party? What if they were angry? What about if someone was obviously an idiot?
  37. 37. Social Media and CRMREACTION
  38. 38. Social Media in Dynamics CRM
  39. 39. Social Media and CRMWhat can you get out of Social Media? Customer intelligence Reputation monitoring Lead generation + Effort Customer service + Risk Public relations + Reward Campaign management
  40. 40. Social Media and CRMManaging Social Interactions
  41. 41. Social Media and CRMWhat does it look like? Account level profiling Contact management awareness Campaign Event – Connecting to more than just your known contacts 3rd Party extensions – InsideView
  42. 42. Social Media and CRMTake Outs It doesnt have to be difficult Add a lot of value with some simple configuration Expand your network with a connected approach
  43. 43. Questions
  44. 44. Thank you