In the Know about Knowledge Management


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Making better use of knowledge is a goal of all organisations. This presentation, delivered at an Intergen Twilight event, looked at how to make sense of your organisation and look for realistic, rather than idealistic, approaches to the types of issues that today’s businesses face.

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In the Know about Knowledge Management

  1. 1. In the Know about Knowledge Management Sally Jansen van Vuuren & Alex Natelli
  2. 2. Knowledge Management Welcome Intergen, KM & Us Knowledge, KM & Organisations The Role of Strategy Our Services Wrap-Up Questions
  3. 3. Knowledge Management Intergen, KM & Us “Build enduring knowledge-partnerships with our clients through a continuous commitment to sharing and growing our knowledge & expertise and applying them to your business”
  4. 4. Knowledge Management How we see Knowledge Natural Artifacts Skills Heuristics Experience Talent IT/IM HR ?
  5. 5. Knowledge Management Where does KM fit? An approach to creating, storing , sharing and applying knowledge to improve organisational performance Recognises knowledge as an organisation’s most strategic asset. Views organisations through an holistic lens : people & behaviours, processes & practices, organisational culture and systems & technology. Exists in & between people - it’s everybody’s business.
  6. 6. Knowledge Management Knowledge & Organisations Data and Information Organising Resources Explicit knowledge Artifacts Low value Knowledge Solving Problems Tacit knowledge High value
  7. 7. Knowledge Management Business Issues I do this every month...there must How can we be a smarter way improve collaboration The DMS is hopeless Who’s the expert 3 key staff left on.... – it’s left a big knowledge gap
  8. 8. Knowledge Management The Ad hoc Approach Most of our energy is spent here. This is where we need to go to get real value.
  9. 9. Knowledge Management The Strategy Journey Leaders “Ideal” Vision Discovery Roadmap Where we want to be Where we are now How we get there Workforce “Real”
  10. 10. Knowledge Management Examples of how we work with you Interviews, Workshops, Focus Groups Anecdote Circles Surveys Appreciative Inquiry Social Network Analysis Scenario Building
  11. 11. Knowledge Management Knowledge Initiatives Information Architecture Formalise Knowledge Risks
  12. 12. Knowledge Management Our Services Knowledge Health-checks Coaching and Knowledge Support Audits Tailored Knowledge Projects & Strategy Workshops Development Knowledge Strategy Implementation
  13. 13. Knowledge Management Wrap-Up Knowledge is a strategic asset and it’s everyone’s business KM makes sense of organisations – it creates a culture, infrastructure and behaviours to support knowledge work Adopts a collaborative, not siloed, approach Balance realistic & idealistic needs It’s easy to talk about, but hard to do It’s not a one-off project or initiative – it’s a long-term approach to the way we do business
  14. 14. Knowledge Management Questions?