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Dynamics Day 2012: Extending your current AX implementation


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Dynamics AX is implemented? What next? ‘Extending your current AX implementation’ will explore a raft of interesting features from compliance and budget control, workflow, portals and Office …

Dynamics AX is implemented? What next? ‘Extending your current AX implementation’ will explore a raft of interesting features from compliance and budget control, workflow, portals and Office interoperability through to travel and expenses. This presentation covers what you can implement after go live to drive greater efficiency.

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  • 1. Extending YourCurrent AXImplementationTony Young and Douglas Daley
  • 2. Your presenter/s Tony Young Douglas Daley Dynamics AX Implementer Solution Specialist  ERP solution implementer  Intergen Sydney  Business Financials guy  Innovation, Strategy and Solutions  Lives in the coolest capital of the world  Reformed Dynamics AX CustomerExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 3. Why extend after go live? ■Why extend after go live? ■Leverage your investment by ■Increase ROI ■Where to look? ■Systemising manual workloads and processes ■Reducing manual steps ■Adding further transparency and rigourExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 4. How it might look? Travel and Policy Compliance and Budget control Expense Framework internal controls Application Office Workflow Enterprise portal Integration Integration FrameworkExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 5. What is the benefit in our story today? ■ The Aberdeen Group Study ■ 175 companies ■ 2 key metrics ■ Cost to process a single expense claim ■ Rate of compliance with travel policies ■ Findings? ■ Companies with best in class technology solutions has ■ Significantly lower expense processing costs (More than 80% lower) ■ Significantly high compliance with corporate travel policies (More than 40% greater compliance)Extending your Current AX Implementation
  • 6. Components in action todayExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 7. Meet the Team Doug The Traveler Doug is planning a trip to convergence next year Mike Doug’s Manager That’s if Mike approves his travel request Tony Financial Controller Tony needs to keep control of expenditureExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 8. Policies and Workflow
  • 9. AX Policies FrameworkImproves business processes by evaluation and enforcing business rules  Policy Types are a collection  Rule Types categorises the  Policy Rules defines how the of rules applicable for a rules and its specific policy will be evaluated and business function application features enacted upon  E.g. Domestic Travel Policy  E.g. Airline, Meals  E.g. Hotels from non- preferred vendors require justificationExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 10. Workflow Reporting Hierarchy Approval Expense Owner ApprovalExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 11. Application Integration Framework Sales Order Product Data Credit Card Transactions Invoice Application Integration FrameworkExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 12. Budget Control
  • 13. AX Budget ControlEnsure that expenditure is managed within the set budget limits and balances arecompared and tracked■ Comprehensive Transaction Types covered – Purchase requisitions and orders, journals, AP invoices, asset acquisitions, travel requisitions and expense reports■ Flexible Comparison and Checking Rules – Configurable comparison formula, transaction or line level checking■ Transaction Level Budget Checking – Immediate budget check feedback during transaction processing■ Comparison and reporting – Online Budget control statistics and Actual vs Budget viewsExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 14. Auditing Compliance
  • 15. AX Audit WorkbenchStreamline audits by defining repeatable and automated auditprocesses■ Flexible audit policies – define policies across entities, document types, time-periods■ Common audit rules – e.g. Random sampling, keyword searches, aggregate values■ Automation – scheduled audit policies to run automatically and on a recurring basis■ Manage audit results – detected audit violations are grouped and managed within the case management frameworkExtending your Current AX Implementation
  • 16. Wrapping up…Implement pieces that give enhancements suitable for your business to Optimise Automate Systemise Enhance business Automate processes and Systemise manual tasks and processes and financial functions using Application processes by enabling AX management and control Integration and Workflow horizontals (e.g. Travel & using frameworks (e.g. Frameworks Expenses, Auditing) Budget control, Policies)Extending your Current AX Implementation
  • 17. Do you want toknow more?Find us in theExperience Loungeat the end of thispresentation.
  • 18. Any questions?
  • 19. Thank