Dynamics Day 2013 AX 2012 Customer Experience: NZ Bloodstock


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Dynamics Day 2013 is focused on giving Microsoft Dynamics users the information they need to get the most out of their investments in the Dynamics range, or to help organisations who are considering any of these solutions insights into what’s possible and what’s on the roadmap in the future.

NZ Bloodstock relies on Dynamics AX and CRM to manage their yearling sales. NZ Bloodstock’s Babu Harikrishnan combines with Intergen’s Ivor Whibley and Steven Koppens to provide an overview of this critical business system – while also running a simulated auction in the session…

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Dynamics Day 2013 AX 2012 Customer Experience: NZ Bloodstock

  1. 1. Where winning begins New Zealand Bloodstock – Project Carbine – Benefits Realization Babu Harikrishnan, Ivor Whibley and Steven Koppens Date 16/10/2013
  2. 2. Your presenter/s Babu Harikrishnan Ivor Whibley Steven Koppens Business Analyst Consultant Solution Architect  Telco background  CRM specialist  AX Specialist  Multi disciplined  20+ years experience  Innovative thinker  CRM User Group Committee Member  Lots of grey hair  Ironman just for fun Horse owner  I do go on a bit  Grolsch  Steinlager Pure  Amstel Light  Where winning begins | 2
  3. 3. Our agenda Intro from NZB: Babu Harikrishnan System overview CRM and AX in the Bloodstock world Intergen auction (A little fun, because we can) The SDCA and AX, the heart of the system Finance in the bloodstock world The customer experience: Mission critical systems Questions
  4. 4. Who are New Zealand Bloodstock? NZB @KarakaChat  Established in 1927  NZB are unique leaders in Bloodstock in the thoroughbred world  One stop shop for buying or selling  Its’ where winning begins  Yearling Sales 1000’s of horses  On hammer drop seamless process in the background  Source of racetrack legends: Race winners worldwide Where winning begins | 4
  5. 5. Our Winners NAME YEAR OF SALE PRICE PRIZEMONEY ACHIEVEMENTS PHAR LAP 1928 160 Guineas £66,738 Won 37 of 51 race, greatest NZ horse of all time TULLOCH 1953 750 Guineas £100,000 Won 36 of 53 races, & a stake earning record of its time KIWI 1979 $1,000 $549,839 13-time winner, the only horse to win G1 Wellington Cup & Melbourne Cup double BONECRUSHER 1984 $3,250 $2.6m+ 9 Group 1 wins, 1st horse to win over $1m in prizemoney DARCI BRAHMA 2004 $1,100,000 $1.2m+ 5 Group 1 wins, NZ Champion 2Y) & 3YO, now a stallion MUFHASA 2006 $50,000 $2.7m+ 9 Group 1 wins, former NZ Horse of the Year $8.4 m+ 9 Group 1 wins, World Champion Middle Distance Horse in 2010, 50% share acquired for $30m+ SO YOU THINK Where winning begins 2008 $110,000 | 5
  6. 6. Lets see this system working…  Sophisticated industry needs sophisticated systems  We are going to show just some of the complexity  This was a big project working together with Intergen  I will share some benefit realisation after the demo Where winning begins | 6
  7. 7. System Overview Lots of moving parts, both CRM and AX  It’s an auction system  It’s a marketing system  It’s an event management system  It’s a logistics system  It’s a finance system  It’s a customer management system Primary benefit realisation is that these systems are easy to use Where winning begins | 7
  8. 8. A closer look at a Lot This is the horse that is for sale  Entry activities: Capture details in CRM  Linking and checking activities: Insurance, tests etc.  Receiving activities: Horse on site  Auction activities: Horse is sold, insurance, airfreight, tests etc.  Financial activities: Invoicing, multiple buyers  Consigning activities: Right horse on right transport Appropriate details in both CRM and AX to facilitate these activities Where winning begins | 10
  9. 9. Time for an Auction
  10. 10. Auction Rules You can all bid, please obey the rules  Bidding forms on the tables in envelopes  Your maximum bid is printed on the form  Top bidders may win a prize  Tip – don’t bid high at first Where winning begins | 12
  11. 11. Demo “Lot” from CRM to AX
  12. 12. Entering the sale to CRM Simple screen, fast entry  What was the price?  Who was the buyer?  Any extras selected?  Rapid entry and data capture  Details transferred to AX Where winning begins | 14
  13. 13. Demo SDCA
  14. 14. Sales Day Counter Application SDCA  Only one screen to use  Ability to add buyers and other products  Consignment and airfreight all bundled  All of the financial postings handled seamlessly  Integrated in the background  Standard AX financial accounting views and enquiries Where winning begins | 16
  15. 15. AX - CRM Integration Working away in the background  Finance is handled in AX, horse and customer in CRM  We have both Real-time and transactional integration operating  Business logic: where should it reside?  Objective of ease of use for customer was paramount Where winning begins | 17
  16. 16. AX Finance Flexibility was the key,  Multiple buyers and sellers of the same horse  Part payments (scheduled payment functionality)  Individual insurance rates for individual customers  Return trip bookings and finance  SDCA was the game changer Where winning begins | 18
  17. 17. Customer Experience
  18. 18. The Customer Experience  Mission critical systems  Working with real time analytics  Customer management at racehorse speed  An integrated approach CRM and AX  The SDCA from our perspective Where winning begins | 20
  19. 19. Data, testing, go-live and Intergen  Advanced find in CRM, looking for data  Interdependent parts of the whole made for tough testing  Data and go live  AX is single source of financial truth  Microsoft CRM user community, working on the committee  The Intergen team Where winning begins | 21
  20. 20. Any questions?
  21. 21. Thank you