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Chris Auld, Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, showed attendees how to develop connected, cross-platform mobile applications with Mono and Windows Azure.

With the abundance of mobile devices and operating systems in the market – including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone and upcoming Windows 8 – numerous opportunities are being created for organisations that want to create new applications or provide access to existing systems through a mobile device. Applications that work on a range of platforms is a goal for many organizations.

But where do you start? And what development options are available? How much more does it cost and which applications does it make economic sense for? How can one simplify the development and management of applications that work across multiple platforms?

Chris Auld, Intergen’s Chief Technology Officer, showed attendees how to develop connected, cross-platform mobile applications with Mono and Windows Azure. How to share code across Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, HTML5, and Windows 8, and better understand the realities of mobile development across these platforms.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development

  1. 1. Cross Platform MobilityWhy and How to Build Cross PlatformMobile ApplicationsChris Auld8 May 2012
  2. 2. WHY? MOBILE STRATEGY DISCUSSION HOW? MOBILE EXECUTION DISCUSSION  Why mobile matters?  Value in unique user experiences  Types of mobile apps  Cross platform options  By user class  HTML+PhoneGap  By technology approach  Mono  Why cross platform matters?  Native x N  Does cross platform matter?  Approaches to sharing code  Which platforms?  Mono vs PhoneGap  When?
  3. 3. Why
  4. 4. Why Mobile Matters Does anyone in the room *not* have a smart device? Anyone in your family 15yr-65yr *not* have one? What did you use 1st today, PC or Smart Device? How about last yesterday? Have you used an app today?
  5. 5. Morgan Stanley Research from 2009 Actual inflection point
  6. 6. Types of Mobile Apps BY USER CLASS BY APPLICATION APPROACH Enterprise Web Apps - Field force etc. - It works SME/BYOD - It’s optimized - Expense claims etc. - ICBINB Consumer ‘Real’ Apps - Mobile banking - Wrapped HTML - Native
  7. 7. Why Cross Platform Matters Does it matter? Does need for enterprise apps kill BYOD strategy? Application Approach Extra Cost Extra Dev Capex Org Size for Break Even Web App/Wrapped HTML 20% $50,000 250 X-Platform Toolkit (Mono) 30% $75,000 375 Full Native 70% $175,000 875 Assume: Enterprise app build of say $250k Assume: BYOD strategy to save $200/device via co-pay Assume: Three platforms ‘supported’ for BYOD
  8. 8. Why Cross Platform Matters For Consumer/Public focussed apps it really does matter.  iOS has massive penetration in high value user segments  Android is bring Smart devices to the masses  Microsoft is playing catch-up, but, is prepared to buy share Think back to the first slide… how do you use mobile?
  9. 9. Which Platforms? Market share? Visitor share?  Your site?  Some other ‘common’ site? You want to target, in priority order, the platforms used by people most likely to use their mobile devices to access your service
  10. 10. Which Platforms? IRD GST Site Want to support filing GST return from mobile device Business users Blackberry is still very popular with business users Should we prioritize Blackberry? iOS?
  11. 11. Which Platforms? How do app usage patterns differ? Both Android and iPhone users D/L approx 10 apps /month 19% of Android users buy at least one app /month 50% of iPhone users buy at least one app /month*Admob Mobile Metrics
  12. 12. How
  13. 13. Different platforms are…differentDeserve different treatment at the UI level
  14. 14. Cross Platform Mobile App DevHTML + PhoneGap Mono• Significant reuse • C# + .NET in • Platform specific  Re-use web assets VS.NET UX• Doesn’t look native • Can write highly  Lambdas, LINQ  Everything like iOS?  Delegates, Events optimized code• AppStore issues • Games • Rich• X-Browser issues communications • Graphics intensive• No offline on WP7 • Access to almost all apps• Animations poor • Write the app 3 platform APIs via• APIs unavailable times Mono Wrappers • Hardware access • Go native if needed • 3 different • Platform specific • UI still written ‘by- languages• It’s Javascript hand’ • 3 x code to maintain  Must use OSS • Write UI for each • Objective C is awful  Less productive platform +ve&-ve 100% Shared Code 0% Shared Code
  15. 15. Shared Code with Mono Shared files co-located; *.csproj for each platform Each solution has  Platform specific project  Shared project Similar MVVM pattern for all platforms  Shared Models  Shared Repository  May be able to share ViewModels Can use shared Interface + Platform Specific Implementation  WindowsPhonePreferencesProvider: IDevicePreferencesProvider Can use pre-processor directives  #if MONOTOUCH Can support Windows Mobile easily. No support for Blackberry
  16. 16. Shared Code with PhoneGap All files co-located A solution has  General purpose HTML + HTML templates  Shared CSS + JS + Images  Platform specific CSS + JS + Images Use MVVM or MVC pattern for all platforms  Backbone.js/Knockout.js  Share ‘everything’ Complexity increases as platform count increases  Each platform may require some specific shims  Windows Mobile not supported & Older Blackberry OS is very hard to support  Older phones may get a ‘bad’ experience
  17. 17. Choosing between PhoneGap or Mono PHONEGAP MONO  Existing advanced HTML+JS skills  Existing .NET C# dev skills  Must have MVVM/MVC  Useful to have MVVM/MVC knowledge knowledge  Existing web resources  Complex communications  A need/desire to support browser requirements based viewing  Need lots of platform hooks  Communications layer REST ready  Performance matters  More productivity up-front The smaller your organization and project the more developer productivity matters… Mono represents a high productivity choice even for pure one platform plays
  18. 18. Guidance By IntergenIntergen staff have been involved in developing several referenceapplications that are freely downloadable in source code form Project Silk (Don Smith AKL) Rich HTML+JS Web Apps. Project Liike (Don Smith AKL) Rich HTML+JS Mobile Web Apps. StockTrader v6 (Chris Auld/James Carpinter WLG + others) Massive scale Azure based app with cross platform rich client for iOS, Android, WP7, HTML5+JS, Windows Metro (Mono based)
  19. 19. Mobile Matters – Mobile FirstDo you *really* need x-platformPhone + Mono both useful options
  20. 20. Questions
  21. 21. Thank You