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Intergen Twilight Seminar: Break down silos with SharePoint Collaboration and Search


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Improving collaboration and communication is a goal for virtually all organisations – there are always opportunities to improve the flow of communication between and across teams. …

Improving collaboration and communication is a goal for virtually all organisations – there are always opportunities to improve the flow of communication between and across teams.

As a leading collaboration solution, Microsoft SharePoint provides a number of features and functions that combine to improve collaboration and break down the silos that exist within many organisations.

When implementing SharePoint we find our customers often come back to two key objectives: achieving findability and ensuring integrity. How can we create, classify and store information so that it can be easily retrieved? And how do we ensure that the information we do find is correct, up to date and gives users confidence?

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. SharePointCollaborationand SearchIntergen TwilightRobert StewartSolution Specialist / 11 & 12 July 2012
  • 2. Your presenter Name Robert Stewart Title Solution Specialist  Intergen 5+ years  SharePoint  EPiServer  Web  Swim, Bike, RunSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 3. Our Agenda SharePoint what is it? Productivity SharePoint + Outlook SharePoint + Word + Excel + PowerPoint Advanced search applications Discussion and Wrap
  • 4. SharePoint Sites Composites Communities Insights Content SearchSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 5. Unified Platform Extranet Internet Enterprise Division Team Individual Business ApplicationsSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 6. Productivity Productivity is a measure of the efficiency => Work : Output output x+1 x 10 20 30 40 50 hours per weekSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 7. Half of the average employees time is spent on e-mail and other "necessary, yet unproductive tasks"
  • 8. Workers spend more than a third of their time trying tocontact customers, partners orcolleagues; find information, or schedule a meeting
  • 9. SharePoint +Outlook
  • 10. SharePoint + Outlook what did we see… ■ Basic project management workspace ■ Simple GANT view of deliverables ■ Easy lists detailing up to date Risks and Issues ■ Project calendar integrated with Outlook ■ Project task list integrated with Outlook ■ Project contacts viewable in Outlook - easy emailSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 11. SharePoint + Word +Excel + PowerPoint
  • 12. SharePoint + Word + Excel + PowerPoint what did we see… ■ Project documents library and document sets ■ Use of document templates ■ Co-authoring using Word – line locking of content ■ Excel Office Web Apps and auto save ■ PowerPoint slide library - rapid presentation creation ■ SharePoint Library connection to windows explorerSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 13. File share extender +advanced search
  • 14. File share extender + advanced search what did we see… ■ Hook up file share to SharePoint – single entry point to information ■ Real time or scheduled sync of content ■ Digital asset capability over file share data ■ View external data in SharePoint ■ Search over external data ■ Combine search, external data and file share contentSharePoint Collaboration and Search
  • 15. Discussion andWrap
  • 16. Thank you