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Online market competition is tighter nowadays. Most businesses use SEO packages to attain first page ranking on search engine results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a technique that search engines use to find and rank a website.

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Seo packages

  1. 1. Packages You CanChoose FromOnline market competition is tighter nowadays. Most businesses use SEOpackages to attain first page ranking on search engine results. Search EngineOptimization (SEO), is a technique that search engines use to find and rank awebsite. When someone types in a keyword, the engine will then look for thebest matches for this topic, and will display the result according to the websitesSEO ranking.Getting first page ranking on an engines results page is not an easy task.Keywords play a big role when it comes to getting a website optimized forsearch engine output. Thus, there are different SEO plans that one can choosefrom. Choosing the best package depends on the businesss size and targetmarket. Most SEO companies offer free SEO analysis to determine which planwould be suitable for the client.If its a small to medium-sized business thats located in a small town with just afew competitors, its best to get a small to medium white hat business package.The basics of this plan usually include competitor research, keyword research,access to live analytics, and full on-site optimization. The price of this plan typeusually range from $495 to $600. Some companies offer additional options forthis package type for an extra amount.Competition is tougher for large businesses and corporations. Plans for this typeof business include the basics of a small to medium-sized business plan. Mostplans offer KPI analysis, directory submission, on-site and content optimization,on-site and content optimization, blog commenting, 24/7 support, and monthlyor weekly reports.For those with bigger budgets, add-ons such as social bookmarking, stafftraining, article marketing, link wheels, and brand protection can be included inthe plan. Most corporate plans also provide their clients with a dedicated team.Large business and corporate packages are priced at around $1000 to $10,000.
  2. 2. Project-based or one-time SEO plans are also available to those who need themfor a short span of time. Most of these plans are dedicated to driving traffic ontoa particular article or promotional offer. Articles are usually submitted to toparticle directories and networks, global directories, as well as social bookmarks.Manual spinning of the article may also be included in the package. Plans ofthis type usually range from $50 to $400.SEO company research is very important prior to signing up for SEO packages.There are SEO techniques that are not accepted by search engines, which, ifused can lead to getting penalized. Most search engines block URLs that areknown to use black hat SEO techniques, which are strictly prohibited.