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Anthurium flowers – not flowers at all
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Anthurium flowers – not flowers at all


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Many people choose to grow it as a houseplant. It is a very easy plant to maintain for the most part.

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  • 1. Anthurium Flowers – NotFlowers at
  • 2. Anthurium flowers The actual Anthurium flowers are so small that they are rarely seen without a magnifying glass. The part of the plant that is referred to as a flower is really the spathe. The spathe is the part of the plant that is more of a cross between a flower petal and a leaf, at least in appearance.
  • 3. Colors The spathe of the Anthurium flowers is usually bright red; but it can be other colors such as orange, white, pink, green, or peach. Their bright colors are what make the viewer consider it a flower. This varied colored spathe surrounds an inflorescence, which is called a spadix or stalk.
  • 4. Actual Anthurium flowers On this spadix is where the actual Anthurium flowers are found. If you look at them through a magnifying glass you’ll they will look like little bumps. When they begin to bloom they will appear as fuzzy bumps on the spadix.
  • 5. Size There are several different types of these flowers. One variety is very large and grows very bright and showy. They are so large that the spathe is almost a foot wide and the flower stalks more than a foot long. Other plants can be only about 5 or 6 inches tall. These have a spathe that is only about an inch wide.
  • 6. Looks Many of these plants grow upright and they have single leaves that grow on the end of very long stalks. Other species look more like a small bush. There are some varieties that are trailing plants.
  • 7. Blooming period One of the things that make these flowers so popular is their long blooming period. Even when the flowers are cut and placed in a vase with water they will stay healthy and fresh looking for almost 6 weeks.
  • 8. Climates Since it is a tropical plant it cannot be planted outdoors in most of the North American states. It does well in climates such as the Caribbean, Hawaii and South America.
  • 9. Houseplant Many people choose to grow it as a houseplant. It is a very easy plant to maintain for the most part. The main thing is that Anthurium flowers will require proper watering to stay healthy and vibrant.
  • 10. To find out more