More than Just Talk: Driving demand with wireless technology


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The wireless explosion means opportunities for retailers as well as brands in all sectors. As the path to purchase is being reshaped by the new behaviors and expectations created by mobile technology, retailers will need to deploy their brand experience along the right digital touchpoints. An Interbrand white paper.

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More than Just Talk: Driving demand with wireless technology

  1. 1. More than Cover heading Just Talk: goes here Driving demand with wireless technology Cover sub-heading goes here
  2. 2. Interbrand | Pg. 2 More than Just Talk Driving demand with wireless technology by Kevin Perlmutter and Justin Wartell Driving Demand with Wireless Technology percent. For AT&T, the exclusive U.S. carrier to 2013 when Cisco projects there will be of the iPhone, that figure was 5,000 percent. 1.5 million apps worldwide. Thanks to the 3G, 4G, LTE, HSPA… While the And that’s just the beginning. onslaught of smartphones and launch of meaning of each may not be clear, devices like the iPad, apps will not only “Consumers have gotten a taste of what there are two things you need to account for a significant boost in wireless the U.S. mobile broadband ecosystem traffic, but will drive significant behavioral know: They’re about broadband can deliver, and now their appetite seems changes—how we search for information, wireless, and you will increasingly unlimited,” said Ralph de la Vega, President shop, game and conduct our business will and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer feel their impact. all rely increasingly on wireless. Markets, in his keynote address as 2010 Wireless and now CTIA Chairman. Mr. de la Vega went on to 2. Emerging wireless devices highlight industry projected growth of global How has wireless impacted your life and your Basically anything that can be connected mobile data traffic from Cisco that takes us business to date? As a consumer, chances wirelessly will be. This includes navigation from 90,000 terabytes per month in 2009 to are that you use a smartphone, apps, and/ devices, networks, notebooks, media 3.6 million terabytes per month by 2014. or access Wi-Fi to be online almost anywhere players, gaming devices, eBooks, medical you go. If you are a business person, you Future growth monitoring equipment, electric/gas utility are most likely catering to the mobile needs meters and more. According to Cisco, While historically much of the traffic comes of your workforce and customers, and there are 35 billion connected devices in from voice and data, future growth will come beginning to investigate the possibilities of 2010, nearly five per person on Earth. Cisco from apps, emerging devices and video-based cloud computing. For business or pleasure, projects that by 2013 there will be one content. wireless is changing how we live, work and trillion—that is, 140 devices per person on play. 1. Apps earth (See figure 1). Ultimately, this will lead to massive changes in the way people live Regardless of how wireless has impacted By early 2010, app usage was significant. their day-to-day lives. your life and business so far, you have While the Apple iTunes store had a contributed to surges in usage. In the commanding share lead with over 160,000 3. Video-based content three years since mid-2007, the U.S. has apps available, there are many app store Included in this category are video seen mobile broadband traffic surge 3,000 providers emerging. Meanwhile, fast-forward conferencing, gaming and streaming
  3. 3. More than Just Talk: Driving demand with wireless technology Interbrand | Pg. 3 “Consumers have gotten a taste of what the U.S. mobile broadband ecosystem can deliver, and now their appetite seems unlimited.” – CTIA Wireless Association media. The impact of wireless on real-time being at the center of the wireless ecosystem. to be conceived. Some businesses will see conferencing and collaboration will be They are also partnering with many other changes so significant that they will need to transformative. Not only will businesses be companies that need them to make products ask themselves “what business am I in?” and able to conduct video conferencing more and services possible on their networks. adjust business practices accordingly, given easily, but many of these interactions will the rapid changes in consumer behavior. If that’s not enough, the telecom industry seamlessly occur on mobile devices as well. faces competitive incursion from all angles. In Healthcare For starters, check out FaceTime on the fact, many key competitors rely on telecom 4th generation iPhone, with “one tap video In healthcare we’re already beginning to carriers’ networks to make their offerings calling.” As people increasingly become see major changes. Wireless increasingly possible. Therefore the industry is riddled capable of making immediate, real-time fuels improvements in timelines and with frenemies, in that companies partner and cost-effective connections on their quality of care among doctors, patients with each other in one area of business, and mobile devices, expect to see a shift in the and pharmacists. One of many examples compete against each other in another. way companies and entire industries serve is remote patient monitoring, which will customers. Lastly, telecom companies must contend let doctors monitor patients’ vital signs with an intense regulatory agenda. They remotely. Not only can the doctor be at continually need to impress upon local home, but the patient can be as well. governments the need to evolve legislation Not-for-Profit to keep up with changing consumer behavior and business practices. This includes The charitable giving sector has also changing century-old regulations related to been dramatically impacted. Following outdated wire-line networks and lobbying the tragedy in New Orleans, the wireless for increases in the wireless spectrum so industry put a plan in place to enable text- that network capacity and speeds can be based charitable donations. Following the increased to meet demand surges. Without devastation of Haiti, the plan was activated. changes in regulation or increases in the Within a few weeks over US $30 million in wireless spectrum to open up airspace donations were received via texting alone. for additional capacity and faster wireless Personally, I recall sitting in a meeting and networks, many capabilities and consumer hearing that people were doing this and The new telecom industry demands will go unmet. And it’s the telecom making my donation within minutes as the Already the wireless explosion has carriers who will be seen as not delivering. discussion was still going on. This not only reshaped the major players in the telecom makes impulse donations exponentially Businesses and brands are being reshaped industry. Their businesses have evolved so more prevalent, but it also opens up in other industries dramatically over the last five years, that, charitable giving to a whole new generation as told by one industry executive, they are Wireless technology gives people new ways of people. What’s more, it has every charity basically new companies in a new industry. to socialize, gather information, conduct reevaluating their fund-raising strategies. Most of the players that were primarily business and shop. The impact of wireless is focused on wire-line voice service are now beginning to change what’s possible in many building the infrastructure and advanced industries. Those companies that recognize The most successful brands capabilities of wireless networks. They are this will have the greatest advantages will be the ones that envision going forward and the opportunity to innovating every day and spending billions wireless’ full potential and apply of dollars a year to improve their networks drive new demand. For many technology companies, the implications are very clear it to their business. by offering services that no one has yet experienced. In addition to recasting their and adaptation is a constant dynamic. But for entire business models, they’ve moved from non-technology companies, there are new operating in a relatively insular fashion to offerings rolling out, and many that have yet
  4. 4. More than Just Talk: Driving demand with wireless technology Interbrand | Pg. 4 Insurance Insurance companies also have new offerings completely new shopping experience is not on engagement, growth and ultimately and risk models to think about. The influx of too far out, but it is taking time to become purchase. new wirelessly connected devices means that reality due to the rippling impact that it Whether it’s behavior around wireless, our handhelds contain content that’s paid will have on multiple industries and the digital, or social media, the four key benefits for, as well as data that is sometimes private. complexity of implementation. But, as we’ve of mapping are the same: ability to drive As a result, there are many new and different seen with other convenient technologies, loyalty, build reputation, grow knowledge, things that people may want to insure— once the technology is in place and if and increase revenue for your organization. whether it’s sensitive business data or a the usage is simple, mass adoption and personal library of downloaded content. On a significant behavior change follow. Now is the time to drive demand with more macro scale, there’s also an entire field wireless technology Map the customer journey to uncover of insurance that’s evolving to deal with cyber opportunities The emergence of wireless technology security threats. The ability for theft or loss of presents a particularly good time to look content that can be accessed from wireless Customer experiences are becoming for new opportunities. The most successful networks or stored in the cloud is increasing increasingly complex as people research, brands will be the ones that envision exponentially. The need for consumers and evaluate and select from myriad options, wireless’ full potential and apply it to their businesses to seek protection against risk is a especially in retail. Indicators point to a businesses. big opportunity in this industry. strong consumer desire to engage with their favorite brands via wireless technology, and By looking for opportunities through the Print media to use it to individualize and personalize lens of wireless, you are likely to unlock And then there’s the print media. Tablet PCs their interactions. In retail, wireless is about insights that will lead to improvements in and e-book readers are increasingly used in being there when and how the customer the following areas: favor of traditional books, newspapers and needs you. And the competitive pressure to 1. The deployment of more effective magazines. As a result, these industries are jump into wireless is very real. However, the communications and touchpoints. taking a hit. The same is extending into the answer is not as simple as pouring money education sector with textbooks and test into wireless applications. 2. Improvements behind the scenes to make preparation. Consumer behaviors around a brand’s workforce more efficient, informed To leverage the full power of the customer reading, fiction or nonfiction, will continue to and capable—all leading to an improved experience, a company must understand impact business practices for publishers and customer experience. the particulars of that desire—how your distributors, as well as invite outsiders into customers engage with your brand, what 3. Opportunities to introduce entirely new the competitive set. you represent to them, and how they services or product lines that address new Retail navigate the purchase-decision process. customer behaviors and could potentially Of course, all your segments are deciding drive the future of your industry. In retail industries, the impact of mobile whether to buy - but each group has its own commerce is yet to be fully felt, at least in the The scale and pace of change ahead of us set of needs for information and interaction. United States. Some smart companies have is unprecedented, and the most successful And they won’t all have the same wireless developed products or services to support brands will remain so by understanding how tools nor will they want them. Today, it consumers’ new desires to comparison to address and drive emerging consumer is largely impossible to create one ideal shop or conduct product research on a behaviors. The changes wireless brings are shopping experience that fits every shopper mobile phone, while in a store, in real-time. exponential and so are the opportunities type. This is why mapping the “customer Soon, however, wireless will alter the entire for brands that understand where wireless journey” is vital to making strategic shopping experience forever. is going. Brands that innovate around how investments that help your brand drive to help their customers easily benefit from Imagine a time when you walk into a choice. the new technologies through easy-to-use grocery store and your standard shopping Each segment needs to be studied to and intuitive platforms will be able to get a list populates on your mobile device with discover the points of convergence among leg up on their competitors. They will drive locations of the products listed, promotions their needs and expectations. These will improvements to customer experience, and suggested product adjacencies. The cost be the points where delivery of the brand attract more loyal users, and ultimately of your items are totaled as they enter the experience matters most. Armed with this increase their brand value. cart, and the payment is processed by your information you can prioritize and invest mobile device as you leave the store. This where it will have the greatest impact
  5. 5. Kevin Perlmutter Justin Wartell Kevin Perlmutter is a Senior Director of As Director of Brand Strategy at Strategy at Interbrand New York. He leads Interbrand Design Forum, Justin is the office’s Customer Experience team responsible for the development of and specializes in improving the quality key business questions that lead to of the relationship between brands and opportunities for innovation. He applies their key stakeholders. Kevin believes that his expertise in brand, strategy and customer experience is one of the most analytics to the discovery of actionable influential drivers of brand loyalty and shopper insights that help the creative business performance. team design engaging customer experiences—the kind that drive demand and build value. Creating and managing brand value TM