Webinar - Getting Started with mLearning


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Keynote Speaker - Robert Gadd

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Webinar - Getting Started with mLearning

  1. 1. Speaker Bio/C.V. Robert Gadd - President & Chief Mobile Officer • Cofounder & technical architect for OnPoint’s online, mLearning & game-based learning solutions (since Jan ‘02) • Was President & CTO of eDeploy, Inc., leader in web-based collaboration tools for systems integrators & carriers that was funded by Cisco Systems (1997-2001) • Was CTO at Datatec Systems (Nasdaq: DATC), global systems integrator with 25 offices/1,000 resources specializing in complex IT deployments (1992-1997) • Cofounder two other firms (1982-1991) • University of Texas-Austin, Biology (1979-1982) • Blog: mlearningtrends.blogspot.com • Twitter: @robgadd4 • Podcast: This Week in mLearning with RJ Jacquez
  2. 2. My Universe is…
  3. 3. I Live @ Corners of… …in Learningtown
  4. 4. Understanding the Trends Everybody is Mobile!
  5. 5. Company Snapshot – Customers/Partners © OnPoint Digital, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Company Snapshot – Awards & Recognition “Best Mobile Learning” DevLearn Nov 2007 Best mLearning Tool Best mLearning Innovation Gold Award – January 2012 Gold Award – Dec 2012 Best mLearning Authoring Tool Gold Award – May 2011 Best mLearning Tool Gold Award - April 2010 “Best Sales Training” DevLearn Nov 2010 with Verizon (VZW) 2003 1st Place “Mobile Learning Shootout” 4 of 4 Categories – Feb 2009 “Tests Go Mobile” September 2008 “FreePad Solution” September 2003 “Best in Show” DevLearn Nov 2010 with Verizon (VZW) CellCast Solution: 13 Wins 2007 through 2012 Winner: Best mLearning February 2012 Finalist: Best mLearning February 2011 Mobile Widget Contest April 2008 1ST Place Solution for Corporate Mobile Learning Excellence Awards
  7. 7. Where Can Learning Occur? Instructor-Led Training Online Training Mobile Learning, Performance Support
  8. 8. What are the mLearning Building Blocks? 1. Basic Communications 6. Gamification 5. Content Creation 2. Training Delivery 3. Info. Access 4. Social Networking
  9. 9. What’s the Optimal mLearning Experience? Our Learning Framework Enables/Supports… …Standard Features Time & Effort User Interface/Experience 10-25% Manage Content/Tests Full Tracking Capabilities Versioning/Auto Updates Security, Encryption, SSO Reporting & Analytics Localization of UI Integration with LMS/TM Game Mechs/Engagement Configuration Only Online/Offline Channels
  10. 10. High-level Considerations Moving from “E” to “M” Learning
  11. 11. The Rationale for Mobile Learning It is imperative to determine why you want to embark on a mobile learning initiative. There four most popular rationales for the effort are: 1. As Disintermediation Defense 2. As Distribution Channel 3. For Financial Reasons 4. The Effectiveness Play John Coné, T&D Magazine (June 2013)
  12. 12. What’s the Business Case for Going Mobile? • • • • • • • Is your learning community reliant on mobile devices? Do you know the mobile devices learners carry? Is bandwidth/connectivity predictable? Is there lot of media to be delivered? Do you need sophisticated visual effects? Is tracking desired/essential? Is it important to create content without relying on proprietary software or native apps? • Can you benefit from the “CODA” (create once/deploy anywhere) approach for learners?
  13. 13. Should Your Approach Be Native App or Web App? Cross platform compatibility? Native App Web Performance & speed is critical? Native Internet Connectivity predictable? Both Resource intensive/high bandwidth utilization? Native vs. Web App
  14. 14. Native vs. Web App Comparison Developed as Web App Developed as Native App versus
  15. 15. Native vs. Web App Comparison Developed as Web App Average Dev. Time Average Dev. Expense Developer Expertise Developed as Native App 16-24 Weeks 24+ Months $25K to $50K US$250,000+ 1+ Years 3+ Years versus Content Experience System Security Access to Core Functions Overall Experience Decent Polished Web-centric High Security Partial (improving) Fully Integrated Favorable Exceptional
  16. 16. mLearning Solutions & Leading Providers Key Development Tools 3rd Party Development Tools Web Apps Flash, HTML4, HTML5 Adobe - CS6 Articulate - Storyline Harbinger - Raptivity IBM/Kenexa - Hot Lava Trivantis - Lectora X4 Content-toNative App Packagers Java, Objective C Adobe - PhoneGap Brainshark - Slideshark dominKnow – Claro Mobile Xyleme - Bravais Enterprise Frameworks with Native Apps Java, Objective C, C# Infor/CertPoint - K-Tango Intuition - Rubicon OnPoint - CellCast Solution Trivantis - Lectora Mobile Upside Learning - Upside2Go
  17. 17. Traditional Flash vs. Next-Gen HTML5 Content Faster/Better Performance? Cheaper? Flash HTML5 or Flash (Results vary) HTML5 (Its Free!) vs. HTML5 Better visual effects? Slight Advantage: Flash Full Compatibility for Mobile Compatibility ? Use HTML5 Full Compatibility for Online Use Flash
  18. 18. Mobile Devices Handle Security Differently BlackBerry BB10 Apple iPhone/iPad Microsoft Win Phone 8 Google Android Tops in Class for security with options galore. BES controls network, content apps & all configurations. MTN, ESN & PIN supported on next-gen devices. Full SSL support as well as HTML5 spec support. On device encryption is 256-bit and works well. ESN supported. SSL support is native for IE browsers. MTN is supported for Windows 8 devices. Many IT teams are “Microsoft Shops” Flexibility for ISVs to define & implement their own security extensions to meet their requirements; support for MTN/ESN Declining market share for OEM; IT restrictions present challenges for app deployments. Initially consumer focused but now big in enterprise with iOS 7.0. MTN is not supported. Available encryption methods in .NET are not as advanced as iOS, BB10 or Android. “Open” approach is generally less secure than proprietary solutions.
  19. 19. Mobile Devices Handle Security Differently SSL Handsets Addl. Device-Level Security • • • • • • • Encrypted Content SSL Encrypted Content/Data Validated Credentials Verify Device via MTN, ESN* Pin Code Confirm (3 Strike Rule) Remote Wipe from Server Rules-based Time Restrictions SSO Support (Token/Fed/Open ID) SSL Tablets
  20. 20. Help, Hints & Happiness Moving from “E” to “M” Learning
  21. 21. Going “M” from “E” – General Approaches #1 • Just-in-Time vs. Just-in-Case • Content Strategy Option: Consider passive with active elements versus fully active • Yin - Increase your usage of rich media assets (e.g., video, audio, interactive exercises) when practical • Yang – Increase your usage of text-based resources (e.g., PDFs, ePUBs) when possible
  22. 22. Going “M” from “E” – General Approaches #2 • Use of Nuggets vs. Courses (is shorter better?) • Think “Touch Events” vs. “Clicks” • Lack of “Standard Online Features” – Popup Windows – Mouse Overs – Performance of embedded media • The “Mobile Experience” vs. “The Online Course” – – – – More social? More distractions? Less linear? Less effective?
  23. 23. Going “M” from “E” – Use of Media • • • • Generally favor video over audio Simple animations over static images if possible Support across devices? Support for low speed networks?
  24. 24. Going “M” from “E” – Device Differences • • • • Handsets vs. tablets (today) Intelligent displays & wearables (tomorrow) Display size limitations Standard vs. responsive web approaches
  25. 25. Going “M” from “E” – Connectivity Concerns • • • • Connect to the Internet for content/resources? Connect results back to LMS/TM platform? Connect learners to the learning community? ??
  26. 26. Going “M” from “E” – Tracking Methods • Is training “FYI” or “FTR” (for the record)? • Does the learning experience need to transfer from the online realm into the mobile realm? • SCORM-level tracking? xAPI tracking?
  27. 27. Going “M” from “E” – Other Considerations • • • • Do Your Learners Like/Use Mobile Devices Now? What’s Your Timeframe? What’s Your Budget? What Tools Do You Use Now? What Constraints Might IT Place on Your Plans? – Is BYOD your mobile trend? Or is it not allowed?
  28. 28. Raptivity for Mobile Learning
  29. 29. What is Raptivity? SELECT Diverse set of 190+ customizable interaction models Wide range of eLearning interactions including games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more You can check and see a preview before choosing particular interaction model CUSTOMIZE Customization is a simple form-filling exercise NO programming | NO scripting | NO special design skills required Completely customizable interaction models with YOUR images, audio, video, lookand-feel, etc. It's FAST, EASY and COMPLETE!
  30. 30. What is Raptivity? SAVE & USE • Output interactions in Flash and HTML5 format • It's Tin Can, SCORM / AICC trackable • Your learners don't need to have Raptivity to view your eLearning course You can add Raptivity interactions to: • PowerPoint slides • Existing eLearning courses (compatible with authoring tools, LMS, LCMS etc.) • Websites and Intranet Raptivity now also supports AS3 (Action Script 3.0), which makes integration to authoring tools more smoother and easier
  31. 31. Key Features of Raptivity Variety of Interactions 190+ Raptivity interaction models are available throughout various categories, such as games, 3D objects, simulations, presentation aids, memory aids, brainteasers, videos, surveys etc... Multi language Support Customize content in any language such as Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish etc. This feature is available in all Raptivity packs. Media Toolbox A new media toolbox allows you to add additional Medias such as textbox, video, image and button in interactions. Video Support • Video format support - You can play FLV, F4V, OGV and MP4 video formats in Raptivity interactions. • Video support for all interactions, where videos can be inserted.
  32. 32. Key Features of Raptivity Compatibility with Other Tools • Raptivity can be easily integrated with world's leading tools. • Interactions support AS3 which makes the integration to authoring tools a lot smoother. • HTML5 output of Interactions supports IE9+ versions and tracking such as TinCan. Licensing and Support • Raptivity provides Annual as well as Perpetual licensing options. • Standard and Premium support is provided depending upon the user need.
  33. 33. Features/Benefits of Raptivity • What’s Great! • What’s New! • What’s Coming?
  34. 34. Demo of Raptivity • Show Authoring Experience • Show Output options • Generate Content
  35. 35. Enterprise Mobile Learning Examples
  36. 36. Demo of CellCast Solution App in Action • Show Experience on iPad • Demonstrate sample content types • Feature Raptivity Examples
  37. 37. Lessons Learned & Next Steps
  38. 38. Increase Effectiveness of mLearning • • • Through Engaging Content • Use of rich media, interactivity • New approaches & tools appropriate for mobile devices Using Innovative Tools • Appeal across design spectrum from “rapid-to-radical” • Ability to turn SMEs into quasi-professional IDs • Solutions that appeal to every skill level & budget Leverage Compelling Delivery Methods • Content should be interesting/engaging • Delivery/presentation can also be engaging (e.g., custom interfaces, gamification)
  39. 39. Going “M” from “E” – Lessons Learned #1 • Fit the Experience to the Actual Need/Use Case – Via flexible approaches – Bespoke/custom interfaces • Drive Social/Engagement Features – Leverage threaded discussions – Enable UGC (user generated content) for content contribution • Mix it Up! Change Up the Experience – Mix nuggets with readings with assessments • QA Test, QA Test, QA Test…Validate/Verify within your community…then QA Test Again!
  40. 40. Going “M” from “E” – Lessons Learned #2 • Enable UGC (user generated content) – Permit content contribution as well as consumption • Make Your Mobile Learning Highly Discoverable • Measure Knowledge Levels/Retention – Add quizzes & tests – Make them easier to consume in mobile (no long tests!) • Measure Your Results – Even if you’re not measuring theirs – Think SCORM over xAPI/Tin Can (at least today)
  41. 41. Your Next Steps 1. 2. 3. 4. Plan Your “M” Strategy Pick Some Tools & Try them Out Measure Your Results Rinse & Repeat #1 Above
  42. 42. Announcements
  43. 43. Up to 33% discounted Christmas gift from Raptivity: Powerpoint templates + interesting images FREE with the purchase of every Himalaya Pack
  44. 44. Connect with Raptivity Raptivity http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1903564 eLearning Interactivity Hub http://www.linkedin.com/groups/eLearning-Interactivity-Hub-5050923 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raptivity/24063017744 http://www.twitter.com/raptivity http://www.pinterest.com/raptivity
  45. 45. Thanks for Attending! Feel Free to Reach Out Jamaica Glenn Robert Gadd jamaica@harbingergroup.com rgadd@mlearning.com For more info about Raptivity: Visit: www.raptivity.com Write to: info@raptivity.com Blog: blog.raptivity.com Twitter: @Raptivity For more info about CellCast: Visit: www.mlearning.com Write to: info@mlearning.com Blog: mlearningtrends.blogspot.com Twitter: @robgadd4