Webinar - eLearning and its Correlation with Interactivity: Advantages and Disadvantages


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  • How do we do that?
  • Is e-learning always the answer?
  • Is e-learning always the answer?
  • How do we decide what should remain face to face, and what should be converted?
  • Is it just a matter of 'tweaking' our existing PowerPoint decks to be delivered via a web browser?
  • Everyone talks about making e-learning 'interactive' how do I do that?Is there a danger of having too little interaction? What about too much?How do we balance the two?The Sword of Damocles (from Wikipedia)A story of legendDamocles exclaimed that, as a great man of power and authority surrounded by magnificence, Dionysius was truly extremely fortunate. Dionysius then offered to switch places with Damocles, so that Damocles could taste that very fortune firsthand. Damocles quickly and eagerly accepted the king's proposal. Damocles sat down in the king's throne surrounded by every luxury, but Dionysius arranged that a huge sword should hang above the throne, held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse's tail. Damocles finally begged the tyrant that he be allowed to depart because he no longer wanted to be so fortunate, realizing that with great fortune and power come also great peril and anxiety.Needs to be there but don’t overkill it!
  • How much time (and most importantly, money) is really involved in getting quality e-learning up and running?
  • How much time (and most importantly, money) is really involved in getting quality e-learning up and running?
  • My stuff
  • My stuff
  • Webinar - eLearning and its Correlation with Interactivity: Advantages and Disadvantages

    1. 1. Speakers Business Development Manager Harbinger Knowledge Products Learning and Development Specialist
    2. 2. So you want to get into e-learning?* *If not, you might be in the wrong webinar. It’s ok if you want to go. We won’t all stare at you when you get up to leave, and we promise we won’t talk about you once you’re gone.
    3. 3. How?* *Good question. Can you let me know?
    4. 4. The answer to life the universe and everything?* *I thought the answer was 42…
    5. 5. * *Sorry. That was a bit loud.
    6. 6. Autobots! Transform! *Yes I was a child of the eighties. I wanted to be Optimus Prime when I grew up. I lucked out there, so became an E-Learning Specialist instead…
    7. 7. *Apologies to Al Gore. But I like the title. Powerpoint: An inconvenient balancing act*
    8. 8. *E-learning’s ‘Sword of Damocles’ Interactivity*
    9. 9. *Blood Sweat Tears. Money and Time What’s the cost?*
    10. 10. *Seriously! These guys are AWESOME Sources of Inspiration*
    11. 11. Cathy Moore http://blog.cathy-moore.com/ Julie Dirksen http://usablelearning.com/ Tom Kuhlmann http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/ Ryan Tracey http://ryan2point0.wordpress.com/
    12. 12. *I promise I will try an give an intelligent answer Questions?*
    13. 13. *Only if you want to though. Connect with me* LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattblackstock Twitter - @mattybee https://twitter.com/mattybee Blog http://blog.virtuallore.net.au/
    14. 14. A Rapid Interactivity Building Tool
    15. 15. What is Raptivity? SELECT • Diverse set of 180+ customizable interaction models • Wide range of eLearning interactions including games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more • You can check and see a preview before choosing particular interaction model CUSTOMIZE • Customization is a simple form-filling exercise • NO programming | NO scripting | NO special design skills required • Completely customizable interaction models with YOUR images, audio, video, look-and-feel, etc. • It's FAST, EASY and COMPLETE!
    16. 16. What is Raptivity? SAVE & USE • Output interactions in Flash and HTML5 format • It's Tin Can, SCORM / AICC trackable • Your learners don't need to have Raptivity to view your eLearning course You can add Raptivity interactions to: • PowerPoint slides • Existing eLearning courses (compatible with authoring tools, LMS, LCMS etc.) • Websites and Intranet
    17. 17. Key Features of Raptivity Multi-Language Support Customize content in any language such as Arabic, Portugese, Spanish etc. This feature is available in all Raptivity packs. Flexibility FlexiRaptivity Packs enables publishing interactions to mobile devices that have Adobe Flash® support making it more flexible and easy to use. Allows extending the interactions way beyond their normal look. Resize and arrange flash cards in different ways. Stretch the objects as required. Media Toolbox A new media toolbox now allows you to add additional Medias such as textbox, video, image and button in interactions.
    18. 18. Key Features of Raptivity Hyperlink Text within interactions can now be hyperlinked to external websites. Video Support Video format support - Now you can play FLV, F4V, OGV and MP4 video formats in Raptivity interactions Video support for all possible interactions. We have increased the number of interactions where videos can be inserted. Licensing and Support Raptivity provides Annual as well as Perpetual licensing options
    19. 19. Key Features of Raptivity Output and Compliance • Support for mobile publishing. Raptivity Packs publishes the output in SWF as well as HTML5 formats. • Interactions are Tin Can, SCORM/ AICC trackable. • Raptivity now supports AS3 (Action Script 3).
    20. 20. How Raptivity helps? • Aids in bridging the presenter learner gap • Creates an experiential learning process which brings in more effectiveness to the overall learning scenario • Keeps the learners engaged and motivated • Helps learners retain knowledge easily
    21. 21. 180+ Customizable Learning Interactions With Raptivity you get… Games Simulations Multi-device Support Assessments Presentation Aids HTML5 Flash Brainteasers
    22. 22. Ability to track on LMS (Tin Can, SCORM, AICC) Multi-device output in Flash and HTML5 (Works on iOS, Android and other platforms) Delivers all of this while staying within your budget!!! Multi-language output support
    23. 23. Announcements
    24. 24. Connect with Raptivity http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1903564 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Raptivity/24063017744 http://www.twitter.com/raptivity http://www.pinterest.com/raptivity
    25. 25. Back-to-School Offers http://www.raptivity.com/store/annual-licensing
    26. 26. For any queries: info@raptivity.com www.raptivity.com Thank You