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Webinar - Create Learning Arcs using Raptivity Linker


Published on

A presentation for Raptivity Linker - Raptivity’s much awaited new tool. An innovative and novel idea in its own, it is bound to redefine interactivity as we know it today. …

A presentation for Raptivity Linker - Raptivity’s much awaited new tool. An innovative and novel idea in its own, it is bound to redefine interactivity as we know it today.

Raptivity Linker is a solution that provides you the ability to create a logical and meaningful sequence of interactions. You can transcend the boundaries of single modular interactions and create unified learning experiences by linking Raptivity interactions. It enables learning-arcs to be created using Raptivity, providing a way to piece together realistic and flexible learning experiences.

Published in: Technology

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  • Give some scenarios of usage. For example, performance support training, business training, ...We can create 2 sample scenarios where this would be perfect. For example, in one article by Criag had shared one such scenario – “Not all training is focused on teaching a new hire how to perform a task from scratch. Some of it is incremental or remedial in nature. That means a growing demand for short learning programs, packed with just one or two nuggets of knowledge that help workers get a specific task done. Weiss envisions lessons that are five minutes in length at maximum”This is what Ann shared: I think this would ideal for short training sessions on a particular skill or function. I also think this would be ideal for a short demonstration of a process or procedure. It would be great for business training, teacher training, or for students. This is what Dr. Kumuda has shared:I shall use them in following situations:- When I summarise the functions of various features  of  software / machine / organ.- When I recaptulate the small modules as I need not go back and forth to various frames/slides to access the relevant content.
  • Smile
  • Lets start with a …
  • Positive observation….Smile
  • About life!Quite simply – there’s never been so much of it!Smile
  • Over 7.2 billion of us are alive at this very moment!
  • And of those, about 3 billion are connected to the Internet.
  • Actually, its more like 2.8 billion – but who’s counting?Smile
  • The point here I’m really making is about just how many of us are all connected – it simply hasn’t happened before in our history.Smile
  • And of course for eLearning Specialists that means you have never had such reach, to so many!Smile
  • Now you know just how much power and reach you have. My goal here is to provide a preview of how you could use a little of that to do more with Raptivity linker.Smile
  • SMILE There are four parts to this presentation workshop …
  • That by the end, will come together to provide a comprehensive picture about what you can do with Raptivity Linker!Smile
  • Part 1 Develops an understanding of Arcs through a series of visualsPart 2 Demonstrates why and how to build a learning arcPart 3 Gets into a more involved approach to arcing which I call ‘advanced arcing’Part 4 Speaks to some of the efficiencies that can be gained with a strategic approach to arc content developmentSmile
  • Understanding Arcs
  • At a very basic level then, arcs represent some sort of path between two points – A beginning and an end.A start and a finish.Smile The degrees of deviation end up tracing different curved paths.
  • In architecture, this is used to great effect, visually…
  • And structurally…Smile
  • As well as to give strength to objects and constructs.
  • We also find curves or arcs if you will in our streets…
  • And on our walk-ways…
  • And of course in our playSmile
  • However, you know, there's more to it than that.Arcs are actually fundamental…Smile
  • To our movement, as well as our play…
  • Indeed, arcs are actually inherent to the very way we move !Smile
  • We find them in our interactions with one another …
  • Arcs are a part of things we wear…
  • But they are also very much a part of our very selves – from the inside – out.Smile
  • We even think and connect in arcs.
  • You can even find arcs in how our thoughts flow.Smile
  • So why would learning then be any different ?I see arcs as innate things that are a part of the many processes and activities we choose to engage in each day. Smile
  • And so we return to the original graphic we began with in this ‘Part 1’ To say that learning arcs can take u from ‘something desired’ to ‘something acquired’.Smile
  • Time for a quick exercise everyone can take part in to bring home the idea.With your dominant hand – simply touch the tip of your nose for an instant.Smile If you did that – you just traced an arc-path to your nose with your arm!You just arced without even probably knowing it.That’s the power of arcs – that’s’ the power you can tap into with Raptivity Linker.
  • This concludes part 1.
  • Smile
  • Part 2 discusses the difference between a course and a learning arc using Raptivity Linker.This part also demonstrations how to build a learning experience using Raptivity Linker.
  • I’m going to use one of our actual courses to demonstrate how quickly and conveniently you can take what you already have and produce a learning experience from that.
  • Show time !You’ve probably been waiting for me to get to this – so here we are.Review an existing course – MPUShow the final Linker outputBuild it from scratchquick review the interfaceAdd the INTsRe-orderRe-nameTitle the ArcMake space for logoAdd logoPreviewPublishReview output files
  • Understanding Arcs
  • Smile
  • Understanding Advanced arcingIn this part we delve into a more involved approach to arcing which I call ‘advanced arcing’
  • You’ve just seen the link process.Quite straightforward, Add interactionsArrange them into a preferred sequenceCustomize with logos and or colored skinsPublish and then use.
  • Advanced arcing looks within interactions and builds internal links from one interaction about another.In short, ‘visual cognitive association’ is used.Another variant would be ‘visual cognitive dissonance’
  • Show time again!Remember now, this approach is not about linking between interactions – so Raptivity Linker is not needed here.It’s about linking interactions from within.So now you’ll see an example of some interactions that do just that.
  • So this completes Part 3
  • Smile
  • This part demonstrates efficiencies in resources andShows at the same timeHow to meet the flexibility needs in training a diverse audience.
  • Everyone's time is valuableWhen you can work with an SME:Build out multiple interactionsDeliver learning on multiple topics of the SME subject by creating multiple learning arcs.
  • Maximize the learning benefit you get from each interactionBy repurposing them when and where they are needed By forming new learning arcs.
  • How about an example ?We have several interactions shown here that were built as part of a comprehensive course on Crisis Management.All are based on the ‘study card shuffle’ interaction.Let’s learn how we can get some efficiencies out of our investment in them.
  • The grid in the middle represents various combinations of the interactionsThe blue box below that associates the combinations as possible different learning arcs.Here is where some advanced configuring comes into play.If u now build your interactions with this building block approach in mind,You can help create a learning arc when they are brought together.
  • Lets demo this by building arc #4Arc 4: 1-4-6-7 Comprehensive youth crisis management
  • Over time, a small dedicated learning crew can build a formidable wall of learningINT assets that can be quickly grouped together in infinite combinations to createtailored, robust, functional learning collections/steams.
  • Understanding Arcs
  • Enough about me and mine…
  • Now you can go link the world with Raptivity Linker!
  • Remove blue background
  • Transcript

    • 1. If you cannot hear the audio: 1. Click the arrow icon at the upper right, in the webinar panel 2. Expand the Audio section 3. Click the Audio setup 4. If necessary, choose the Use Telephone option to see a phone number you can use
    • 2. Speakers • Shay Patel | Analyst, Training Section, Organizational Development Bureau, Professional Standards Division, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department • Janhavi Padture |Vice President - Strategy & Business Development, Harbinger Group • Jamaica Glenn | Raptivity Valued Professional
    • 3. One of the finest interactivity building tools that allows you to create engaging learning interactions. Highlights: • 190+ interaction templates across multiple categories • Do-It-Yourself Interface • Multiple Publishing Options • Seamless and Easy Integration • Tracking Support • Multi Language Support
    • 4. Raptivity Linker – What is it? A tool to string together multiple stand-alone Raptivity interactions to create short, meaningful and interactive learning experiences.
    • 5. With Raptivity Linker, you can...  Create Mini eLearning Modules  Build Interactive Experiences Learning Arc is a learning object that results from linking multiple interactions - linked together in a cohesive learning experience, either complete in itself or forming part of a larger course.  Create Learning Arcs
    • 6. What’s the significance? The Ultimate Goal Creating ah-ha moments for the learner What’s in it for the designer? Do more with Raptivity
    • 7. Using Raptivity Linker experiences… • As a short learning experience, complete in itself. OR • An interactive learning snippet, forming part of a larger course or an overarching learning arc.
    • 8. Check out the Gamification Sample and Learning Arcs created using Raptivity Linker • Complete Gamification Course: samples/Raptivity_Linker/gamification/player.html • Learning Arc on Game Mechanics: samples/Raptivity_Linker/game-mechanics/player.html • Learning Arc on Human Motivations: samples/Raptivity_Linker/human-motivations/player.html
    • 9. Gamification Sample Explained
    • 10. Shay’s experience with Raptivity Linker
    • 11. Before We Begin
    • 12. A Positive observation
    • 13. Never …in the history of ‘known’ humankind - - have so many lived. Before…
    • 14. Source: worldometers
    • 15. In 1995 – it was less than 1% 2005 1st billion. 2010 2nd billion. 2014 3rd billion. Today around 40% of the world population has an internet connection.
    • 16. The number of global internet users per year since 1993 Source: Internet Live Stats
    • 17. Never …in the history of ‘known’ humankind - - have so many lived. Before…
    • 18. Never have so few been connected to so many. It’sthe best of times to be an eLearning specialist! 2.8 Billion global internet users
    • 19. Four parts
    • 20. Four parts
    • 21. Part 1 • Fact or fiction? Part 2 • Course vs learning arc Part 3 • Advanced arcing Part 4 • Arc efficiencies • Resources • Strategies Four parts
    • 22. Part 1 Fact or fiction?
    • 23. Arcs explained
    • 24. In architecture
    • 25. In architecture
    • 26. In architecture
    • 27. In our streets
    • 28. Our walkways
    • 29. Playgrounds
    • 30. More
    • 31. How we move
    • 32. How we move
    • 33. How we interact
    • 34. What we wear
    • 35. Even how we are made!
    • 36. And how we think And connect
    • 37. In how our thoughts flow!
    • 38. Is learning then, any different?
    • 39. Part 1 - Arcs connect two points New skill desired New skill acquired Learning arcs Do the same thing.
    • 40. Interactive exercise Please Practice Safe Webinar - ing !
    • 41. Part 1 - complete Fact or fiction?
    • 42. Part 2 Course vs learning arc
    • 43. Part 2 • Got a course • Lets create a new learning arc experience from that • Along the way, see how to work Raptivity Linker
    • 44. Part 2 - complete Course vs learning arc
    • 45. Part 3 Advanced arcing
    • 46. Interactions linked In sequence
    • 47. Advanced arcing Visual cognitive association Visual cognitive dissonance
    • 48. Part 3 - complete Advanced arcing
    • 49. Part 4 Arc efficiencies • Resources • Strategies
    • 50. What resources? Subject matter experts - SMEs Existing interactions
    • 51. Return on SMEs Everyone's time is valuable When you can work with an SME: • Build multiple interactions • Deliver learning on multiple
    • 52. Resource efficiencies Maximize use of your interactions
    • 53. 7 interactions
    • 54. Crisis Communication Public & Media Relations Emergency Supplies Crisis Intervention & Response Emergency Preparedness Youth Crisis Runaway Interventions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1   2    3    4     5   6     Arc 1: 1-2 Crisis management basics Arc 2: 1-4-6 Crisis management in youth Arc 3: 1-4-7 Crisis management youth intervention Arc 4: 1-4-6-7 Comprehensive youth crisis management Arc 5: 1-5 Communication in emergencies Arc 6: 1-2-3-5: Preparation and communication in emergencies
    • 55. Arc 4: 1-4-6-7 Comprehensive youth crisis management
    • 56. Build a wall of learning interactions Create tailored, robust, Functional learning arcs.
    • 57. Part 4 - complete Arc efficiencies • Resources • Strategies
    • 58. Accessible Relevant Effective THE Link. mobile & desktop just-in-time interactive involvement
    • 59. Getting Started with Raptivity Linker
    • 60. Have Queries about Raptivity Linker? Read our FAQs here: Write to us: Connect with us:
    • 61. Thank you!