Introduction to Raptivity


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  • Ketaki: Put the screenshots of all the latest awards won by Raptivity. Get the awards from
  • Ketaki: I have inserted the screenshot for your reference. Make 6 similar tabs indicating those
  • Ketaki: Put the screenshots of all the latest awards won by Raptivity. Get the awards from
  • Introduction to Raptivity

    1. 1. Introduction to Raptivity
    2. 2. What is Raptivity?Raptivity is an amazingly powerful, yetsimple interactivity building tool which helpsyou create outstanding learning contentwithout any programming. It has a diverseset of 180+ customizable interactions such asgames, simulations, interactive diagrams,virtual worlds and more.
    3. 3. Highlights of Raptivity• Quickly and easily create engaging learning interactions by simply adding content• Output in Flash and HTML5 formats• Tin Can, SCORM/AICC compliant• Multi language support• Access your interactions on any device• Integrates seamlessly with other authoring tools and platforms• Video and multi-media support• Unmatched support response time
    4. 4. Use Raptivity with Other Tools
    5. 5. Raptivity Interactivity Library WalkthroughGO TO: elearning-product
    6. 6. Raptivity Packages & PricingBASIC SOFTWARE PACKS ADD-ON PACKS Packs Interactions Cost HTML5 Turbo Pack 6 $295 $ 750.00 Active Learning TurboPack 6 $295 MindPlay TurboPack 6 $295 WordPlay TurboPack 6 $295 3D TurboPack 6 $295 $ 395.00 Games TurboPack 10 $295 Videos Turbo Pack 10 $295 Standard Pack 1 22 $295 Standard Pack 2 21 $295 $ 395.00 Standard Pack 3 11 $295 Standard Pack 4 10 $295 Booster Pack 1 22 $295 Raptivity Himalaya Pack Complete Raptivity software with over 180 Interactivity Models. $ 3650.00
    7. 7. Raptivity Hall of Fame: Our Awards
    8. 8. Raptivity Customers Speak“I am impressed to see how easy it is to add a big value of interactivity andengagement in eLearning courses using Raptivity. It is indeed wonderful thatRaptivity users do not need any programming skills and the Raptivity output still istotally compliant with the eLearning de-facto standard” Piero Carrà Talento“Raptivity is amazingly powerful, but most importantly simple! It is a wonder to beable to produce such an amount of resources fast and with no technical skills. I lovehaving a single final file to upload elsewhere, no complex output to deal with!” Dr. Angélica Rísquez Teaching Innovation and Enhancement Advisor Centre for Teaching & Learning, University of Limerick, UK“…With Raptivity, I have created interactive presentations and my ownprofessional electronic portfolio. As professor and provider of consulting services, Ifeel the “sky is the limit”, thanks to my recent acquisition of the Raptivity…” Prof. Pura A. Rivera, University of Puerto Rico
    9. 9. Download Free Trial Purchase Raptivity For more details: Visit Email