Open Doors With Open Source

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Walli Datoo, Open Source Software, Senior Product Manager for Interactive Ideas discusses the business opportunities for resellers of Open Source Software

Walli Datoo, Open Source Software, Senior Product Manager for Interactive Ideas discusses the business opportunities for resellers of Open Source Software

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  • 1. Open Doors with Open Source Walli Datoo Snr. Product Manager – Open Source Software Interactive Ideas
  • 2.  
  • 3. HARDWARE Expansion of x86 hardware – Intel & AMD Cheaper hardware - Scale up and Scale out – Clock Cycles v/s Cores Homogenous hardware – HP, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM Higher rate of innovation – Economies of scale Hardware becomes commodity – Leasing for shorter refresh - Vendor Lock-In is reduced
  • 4. VIRTUALISATION Ability to use unused CPU clock cycles Using cheaper hardware to further scale up - Intel VT & AMD Opteron - Cores become important Easier administration and maintenance Hypervisor is the Operating System IT Infrastructure management becomes important
  • 5. PLATFORM Open Source Operating System changes software model Subscription Model is more agile and has more value - Mirrors hardware leasing model Better software through collaboration and openness Operating System is the Hypervisor Performance, Stability and Scalability become important Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is paramount
  • 6. DATABASE As hardware and computing increases databases become important Stickiest part of the stack - Migrating data is not done overnight - Vendors can keep charging - $28 billion market Open Source database employs subscription model Oracle Compatibility – Easier migration IT budgets are decreasing, cost of database licence is increasing Cross Platform capability
  • 7. MIDDLEWARE Application development becomes prevalent Two schools of development - '.NET' - Microsoft - JAVA – Open Standards Language Cores become important as virtualisation is utilised to deploy applications Open Source Model allows agility to scale deployment of application as demand grows Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reaches this high up the stack Cross platform capability
  • 8. BACKUP Often the last thing in IT estate planning Two schools of backup - Block Level - File Level Virtual Machine backup is important IT Dependence growing...what is your DR strategy? Cross platform capability – Mixed Environments - Windows, Linux and Unix - Vmware, RHEV, Hyper-V & Citrix
  • 9. MONITORING You've got your IT up and running, how do you KEEP it running? As IT grows more pressure on Admins Capacity planning is vital through effective monitoring Virtualisation and Storage becomes important 'Whole' estate coverage: - Network Hardware - Windows & Linux - Vmware
  • 10. THE 'OPEN' STACK
  • 11. The 'OPEN' Stack OPEN because...of standards and choice - 'IT' constantly changes...but can you? OPEN source development model - Collaboration = better software + innovation OPEN 'Vendor Lock-In' - What is your cost of exit? OPEN because...of the subscription - 'IT' is commodity all the way up the stack - Bundle hardware and software into a 'annual subscription' model - Annuity model – repeat business
  • 13. THANK YOU... Welcome to a new way of selling software Walli Datoo Snr. Product Manager – Open Source Software [email_address] 0208 3444 235