InterSystems Presentatie: Breakthrough BI: analyzing all the data


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In deze presentatie leest u over de volgende onderwerpen:
• Introduction: “All the Data”
• What is iKnow?
• iKnow and DeepSee
• Added value
• Feature overview
• Demo

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InterSystems Presentatie: Breakthrough BI: analyzing all the data

  1. 1. Breakthrough BI: Analyzing All the Data Benjamin De Boe Product Specialist InterSystems Symposium 2012
  2. 2. Overview • Introduction: “All the Data” • What is iKnow? • iKnow and DeepSee • Added value • Feature overview • Demo
  3. 3. Introduction “All the Data”
  4. 4. What is “All the Data”? Why were you hired? • Job interview • Years experience • Relevant references • Test scores • All of the above 4
  5. 5. What is “All the Data”? What makes your insurance claim successful? • The amount of money claimed • The premium you pay each month • The rating of your insurer • What you paid your lawyer for filing it • The claim itself • All of the above 5
  6. 6. What is “All the Data”? • Decisions based on structured data: • “Buy any book categorized “fiction” in this month’s best-selling top 10, costing less than 20$” • Decisions based on all the data: • “Buy the book categorized “fiction” in this month’s best-selling top 10, costing less than 20$, that is most different from the books I already own.”
  7. 7. What is “All the Data”? • Business decisions are based on “All the Data” • Ignoring or neglecting parts of what you know is not an option • Most of today’s software stores “All the Data” • A breakthrough application uses “All the Data”
  8. 8. Competing on Unstructured Data What today’s Business Intelligence is based on lack of useful insight What today’s Business Decisions are based on Structured Data Unstructured Data
  9. 9. What Analysts are saying... • Gartner BI Summit, April 2 – 4 • New in 2012: “Why big data and unstructured content require special handling” • Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI: Trends • “Data Discovery momentum continues to accelerate” • “An avalanche of new use cases and content types” • Forrester: “Faceted search” is on the rise 9
  10. 10. About search-based BI • Search helps you find what you know: • All service requests by customer X for period Y containing the word “outlook” • Content Insight will tell you what you don’t know yet: • Which were the common problems for all service requests by customer X in period Y? 10
  11. 11. What is iKnow?
  12. 12. What is iKnow? • Generic text analysis technology • Domain-independent • Multi-purpose and multi-lingual • Built into the core of Caché • Enables applications to do something with text
  13. 13. What is iKnow? • Core functionality: • Identifies meaningful word groups (“entities”) in sentences based on semantics iKnow and DeepSee deliver Active Analytics iKnow and DeepSee deliver Active Analytics to your breakthrough applications to your breakthrough applications • Entities and their context are the basis of all further analysis, such as: • Queries within or across bodies of text • Relevance calculations & summarization • Matching against existing knowledge 13
  14. 14. What iKnow isn’t • iKnow is not search • iKnow is not an application • iKnow is not content management • iKnow is not a medical coding tool • iKnow is not a solution on its own
  15. 15. iKnow Use Cases Content Creation Content Linking Content Consumption Content Insight Note: these are use cases, not features or functions
  16. 16. Content Insight • Combines text with its structured context to generate a broader understanding of 100% of your data • Provides both structured and unstructured outputs • ... based on both structured an unstructured inputs • Implemented through integration with DeepSee
  17. 17. The InterSystems Platform Real-time quantitative and qualitative analysis Insight Connectivity Information Capture, store and share all of your data Connect to applications, users and communities
  18. 18. iKnow in the InterSystems Platform Advanced Analysis of 100% of your Data Automating labour-intensive Business Processes Smarter end-user Applications
  19. 19. iKnow & DeepSee
  20. 20. What is DeepSee? • DeepSee delivers Active Analytics, enhancing transactional applications with embedded, real-time Business Intelligence capabilities • Key Components: • Architect: Define data model • Analyzer: Explore and display data • User Portal: Create dashboards, extend apps 20
  21. 21. iKnow in DeepSee • What people like about DeepSee: • • • • Performance Ability to handle complex data Ease of use Thin client Transparently embeds BI in your application
  22. 22. iKnow in DeepSee • Focus of iKnow integration: • • • • Performance Ability to handle complex data Ease of use Thin client Transparently embeds text analysis in your BI
  23. 23. What’s Changed? Query Engine Portal Data Model
  24. 24. Added Value
  25. 25. Added Value Content insight Analytics Reporting
  26. 26. Added Value • Support structured data findings with proof from the unstructured context • Explain structured data findings with summaries of unstructured context • Extend structured data findings with unstructured data findings 29
  27. 27. Supporting Structured Data Findings • Structured data does not necessarily mean it’s exact science • Manual input is vulnerable to human error • Textual context can be mined for confirmation • Examples • Customer service: text-based category detection • Healthcare: code / diagnosis verification 30
  28. 28. Explaining Structured Data Findings • Richness of natural language adds much detail and context to measured facts • Complement figures with their most relevant context using summaries and semantics • Examples • Customer service: show dominant terms and trends for a particular customer and time period • Healthcare: read only the most typical and breaking patient episodes for a given time period 31
  29. 29. Extending Structured Data Findings • Add new information not captured previously in structured properties and dimensions • True text analysis generates new insights • Examples • Customer service: prioritize and act based on mood detection and information scoring • Healthcare: populate empty or inexistent EHR fields 32
  30. 30. Demo
  31. 31. Conclusion
  32. 32. Conclusion • The combination of iKnow and DeepSee enables complete, seamless and transparent content insight • Complete: unlocks 100% of your data • Seamless: no separate tools or training required • Transparent: adheres to strict APIs and default MDX
  33. 33. Conclusion • The main BI question: “Which figures and diagrams do I need to get an insight into my business performance?” • ... now gets an appendix: “And what textual content can I use to support, explain or extend this insight?”
  34. 34. Questions
  35. 35. Developer Connection Your Global Summit Every Day 51
  36. 36. Thank you!