Incorporating Intelliworks into Your Conversational Marketing Strategy
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  • 1. Incorporating Intelliworks into Your Conversational Marketing StrategyJuly 14, 2009Intelliworks User ConferencePhiladelphia, PA
    Terry L. Grant, AVP, Enrollment Management
    Corinne Glenn, Systems and Training Manager
    Jason Smith, Admissions Team Manager
    American Public University System
  • 2. APUS – Who we are.
    Service. Leadership. Relevance in a global society. These values define our mission at American Public University System. They guide how we educate and support more than 45,000 distance learners studying in 50 states and more than 100 countries. They shape the growth of our two institutions, American Public University and American Military University.
    100% online; offering more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including homeland security, intelligence, criminal justice, and emergency management.
  • 3. Growth at APUS
    Growth Rates By Segment
    20072008 1Q ‘09A
    Civilian 33% 55% 54%
    Military 50% 35% 35%
  • 4. Why talk about conversational marketing?
    The role of the prospective student in marketing and recruitment has changed.
    The old enrollment funnel is gone. Student recruitment is no longer a neat, linear, predictable process driven by the college or university.
    The student now drives recruitment and enrollment processes and receives messages about your institution from other sources. Even more true for adult and online learners.
  • 5. The New Enrollment Funnel
    Source: 2008, Noel-Levitz
  • 6. Characteristics of Conversational Marketing
    Markets are conversations.
    Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors or target groups.
    Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.
    Whether delivering information, opinions, or perspectives, asking questions or telling jokes, the human voice is typically open, natural, genuine.
    People recognize each other…as such from the sound of someone’s voice or style of writing…
  • 7. In a nutshell…
    The basic premise is that market initiatives should no longer be linear – yes, indeed, the old enrollment funnel is gone.
    The concept of creating and pushing marketing messages to prospective students must give way to a more iterative approach to marketing through conversation creation, participation and refinement -- and repeat as necessary. That is conversational marketing.
  • 8. How IHEs are participating
  • 9. Picking up where marketing left off – how admissions teams fit in
    Participating as a person and not a marketer
    Establishing conversations, not sending messages
    Cultivating relationships
    Speaking with people not audiences
    Humanizing the interaction
    Becoming a resource, not a sales person
    Speaking with a human voice
  • 10. How does Intelliworks fit in?
    • Facilitates relationship-building
    • 11. Enables university staff to follow-up with students that are genuinely interested in your school
    Enables greater personalization with students
    Provides cost-savings by not requiring one-to-one communication with every student
    Allows your team to “repeat as necessary”
  • 12. Humanizing the interaction
    Alisa Kerns has always had a desire to help others and a passion for education; these traits lead her to APUS and the Admissions office.  Just like all of the students she helps today, Alisa received her Bachelor's degree 100% online, while juggling work, school and family.  Her education, work experience, and customer service background allow her to truly understand and provide the support and guidance needed for her students.  She genuinely understands the concerns you may have about going back to school after years away from academics or your ability to manage time.  She is dedicated to listening to, educating and advocating for all new and prospective students.
  • 13. Corinne…
    The ultimate goal of the Admissions department and what life was like before Intelliworks
    How Intelliworks is configured and used to engage prospects and students in ongoing conversations – and used by multiple functional units at APUS
    The future with Intelliworks
  • 14. What is the Role of the Admissions Representative?
    Traditional idea of providing information, proposing options, and overall guidance to prospective students to assist them in making an informed decision about enrollment.
    APUS breaks from tradition in focusing on new applicants through the enrollment process by providing continuous assistance, serving as liaisons with other departments, and ensuring the new applicant has everything they need to be successful.
  • 15. Goals
    Increase the conversion rate of prospective students to new applicants
    Increase the conversion rate of new applicants to registered students
    Create a personalized experience for the new applicant
    Evaluate different methods and avenues to engage the new applicant on a more individualized level without sacrificing efficiency and time
  • 16. Life Before Intelliworks
    The desire to build relationships with each new applicant on an individual basis faced many constraints:
    • Reviewing individual records and contacting each new applicant was near impossible given minimal staff and increasing volume.
    • 17. Available queries were useful to some extent, but were representative of major populations and were not narrow enough to allow the desired relationship with the new applicant and the ability for ongoing conversation.
  • Implementation of Intelliworks
    Customized report built from student information database capturing all pertinent information about new applicant
    Creation of contact fields including information on who the new applicant is and where they are at in the enrollment process
    Record creation and update was based upon customized report allowing for most up to date information regarding new applicant activity
    Creation of individualized communication to engage the new applicant on a personal level
  • 18. Intelliworks Today
    Conversion Rates of new applicant to registered student has increased significantly
    Admissions Representative performance and productivity has increased across the board
    Email templates, list views, campaigns, communication plans, and reports have allowed the Admissions Representative to Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • 19. Intelliworks Today
    Implementation of Intelliworks CRM has been adopted by the Financial Aid Helpdesk, allowing each Specialist to provide the same individualized approach to every financial aid student
    The Law Enforcement Outreach team utilizes Intelliworks to enter new leads giving them the ability to track each lead more efficiently and take away the need for messy spreadsheets.
  • 20. The Future…
    Continue to analyze current communications and processes to increase conversion rates
    Incorporate the same one on one approach with prospective students through Intelliworks
    Implementation of the Intelliworks API allowing the Student Information Database to push information to Intelliworks daily
  • 21. Jason…
    Continuing the conversation when a relationship has not yet been established:
    The Challenge - Continuing the conversation itself or continuing to try to establish a conversation
    The Solution – Drip Marketing
    Testing, planning, and incorporating Intelliworks into a Drip Marketing strategy
    Looking toward the future
  • 22. Continuing the Conversation: The Challenge
    Ensuring that the conversation and the relationship continued after a prospect or applicant had taken the initial step faced many constraints:
    Prior to Intelliworks, the timeline for prospect and applicant follow-up had specific end dates
    The sheer volume of new prospects and applicants posed a challenge for follow-up with prospects and applicants who had not responded or taken the next step within a set time frame
    Lead Cultivation – Time is not always on your side
  • 23. The Solution – Drip Marketing
    What is Drip Marketing?
    Drip marketing is a direct marketing strategy that involves sending out several communications over a period of time to a subset of “leads”
    “Law of 29”
    A “prospect” will not become a “client” until they have viewed an Institutions marketing message at least 29 times.
    The need to remain “top of mind” and engaging
  • 24. Where to Start?
    Developing a Productive Drip Marketing Campaign:
    Step 1: Develop the plan
    Step 2: Strategize the Execution of the plan
    Step 3: Decide who the target is
    Step 4: Create consistency with each message
  • 25. Incorporating Intelliworks – Communication Plans
    Communication Plans
    Allows systematic scheduling of email campaigns to be delivered to a target group at a predetermined time period
    Continuing the conversation and becoming part of the recipient’s community
    Target very specific groups with relevant, personalized messages to engage in dialogue
    Entry and Exit rules to manage campaign inclusions and exclusion
  • 26. Testing and Planning
    AB Message Testing
    Informal, more conversational, message
    Direct message
    Creating and Testing Trial Plans
    Extensive testing phase
    Choosing the target groups
    Tracking the Success
    Opt Out
    Exit Rule
  • 27. The Results
    Continuing the conversation while maintaining an emphasis on personalized communications and, relationship building
    Ability to remain “top of mind” and engaging to those prospects and applicants whom we, in the past, may have lost contact
    Reaching and furthering our goals to create a personalized experience while maintaining quality, maximum efficiency, and time management
  • 28. Questions?