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  • 1. RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING CASE STUDY FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE "We've been able to customize the Intelliworks solution without any IT resources...We've seen over 16,000 inquiries come in during the first 11 weeks, this number is unprecedented. Jeff Handler, Vice President of Enrollment and Admissions, Empire State College THE CHALLENGE The school now fields inquiries from its website through online Empire State College specializes in serving adult learners forms created with Intelliworks. Intelliworks allows Empire at its 35 locations throughout New York state and through State to see the sources of all incoming inquiries from its its distance learning programs. While many schools can website. The reporting capabilities were able to provide pre- rely on lists provided by SAT or ACT to find potential targets, cise metrics for the admissions department, detailing not only Empire State College must rely on email and search engine the search engines used to find the school, but the search marketing to reach out to non-traditional students. terms that delivered the leads as well. According to Empire State, the student information system (SIS) they were using lacked the functionality needed to "We've been able to implement in a robust develop effective outreach and communications campaigns. "Our enterprise resource planning solution was able to way." capture incoming inquiries, but didn't provide us with any analytics to show where students were coming from," said Jeff Handler, vice president of enrollment and admissions at Empire State. Sending targeted email campaigns and follow ups was time consuming as the SIS had limited marketing capabilities. THE RESULTS Furthermore, without analytics and reporting, it was difficult to determine the return on investment for the College's mark- Just a few months after implementation, Empire State College eting dollars. The system also required an internal IT team has already seen process improvements in their admissions for support, making it even more costly to initiate contact and and enrollment department. outreach with prospective students. "We've seen over 16,000 inquiries come in during the first 11 THE SOLUTION weeks," said Handler. "This number is unprecedented." The After looking at several solutions on the market, Empire State department can now see which contacts are being logged and chose Intelliworks' web-based relationship management and by whom, which ensures that no prospective student slips marketing service because of its functionality and ease of imp- through the cracks. Additionally, managers have gained the lementation. "We've been able to customize the Intelliworks ability to audit their recruiters - they can see what communi- system without any IT resources," said Handler. "60 percent cations were sent out and who has been contacted. of the fields are user-based and yet we've been able to imple- ment in a robust way. With the Intelliworks system in place, With their new -found ability to track fields, Empire State Empire State began tracking immediately information through College will be able to capture data from year to year and the analytics tool. determine where their marketing dollars will be best spent. © 2008 INTELLIWORKS, INC. TO CONTACT AN INTELLIWORKS EXPERT CALL 240.238.3210 OR EMAIL INFO@INTELLIWORKS.COM