TP2 Case A: Concept design in service production


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TP2 Case A: Concept design in service production

  1. 1. Satu Miettinen, Juha Miettinen, Antti Kares, Raisa Leinonen and Timo Sirviö Kuopio Academy of Design, Savonia University of Applied Sciences Finland P.O. BOX 98, FIN -70101 KUOPIO Email: "DE-SME - Intelligent Furniture - Training for Design, Environment and New Materials in SMEs" Agreement n. 2009 - 2196 / 001 - 001
  2. 2. Theme 5.3.1. Case a) Project ”Suupirssi” Mobile Oral Care Unit2
  3. 3. Project Background• The purpose of the Suupirssi project (ESF) were to develop oral health care service and division of the work in order to ensure rapid access to dental care and high- quality services for people in rural areas. The purpose is also to develop the oral health training for dental hygienist students and the services of the dental clinic in cooperation with those working in the field.• The access to services gets easier by bringing them to the customers with mobile oral care unit (Suupirssi) and by spreading the methods and models of operation throughout the entire province.• The target for the service is to offer customer-oriented oral health care and to improve the customers’ abilities for oral self care.• The service is intended for oral health care customers living in rural areas in Nort- Savo and for oral health care organisations throughout the province. Elderly people are the most important target group in the project.• Cooperation:Savonia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Savo Consortium for Education. Companies: Plandent Oy, J5L3
  4. 4. Case project phases• Understanding users: – identification of user groups – orientation to the working area and tasks, taking the user position /”making user´s journey”• Concept design: – making needs understable, physical space and dimensions, ergonomics, working tasks between dentists and oral hygienists.. - sketcing, scale models, scenarios, test environment 1:1 of interior, furnitures, lightning and intruments…• Designing - ergonomics, usability, interior, functionality...• Testing - iterative process and evaluating in cooperation with experts - testing process with patients is ongoing (2011-2012)
  5. 5. Concept Design “Suupirssi“ in Service Production5
  6. 6. At the Suupirssi-case the Service Journey of elderly disabledperson using a wheel chair consists if following service sessions: • Patient will accompany to the oral care unit Suupirssi • Contact to the staff • The patient will assisted inside the car • Take off the outerwear and hang them to the rack • Checking the patient information • Patient will helped to the dental unit chair • The experiences of different stages of treatment • End of the treatment session, feedback and possible guidelines for the home care….etc.
  7. 7. The user-centered-design in Case “Suupirssi” The Interactive Design Process
  8. 8. Understand users (professionals). Iterative user research like focusgroups/interviews,field studies. Visiting dental clinics and learning environments.
  9. 9. Understanding users. Iterative user research. Visiting the differentkind of dental clinics and oral care learning environments. University of Oulu/dentist clinic, learning environment
  10. 10. Understand users. Iterative user research. Visiting the different kind of dental clinics and oral care teaching environments.Define interaction.Demonstration of treatment activities
  11. 11. Define interaction.• Demonstration of treatment activities• Dimensions needed for nursing situation• User observationResult:• Caracter and dimensions nursing and learning environment• Basis for the choose of car type• Scetches and scale models of interiors
  12. 12. Scenarios, storytelling / storyboard in the process of understanding users
  13. 13. Understand Users (example of future patients)”…I woud not afraid if there were children stuff..” ”…It …”I don´t dare to go there…” would be nice, if there were children songs…””.. I´d like to visit the car beforehand…” ”…it´s pleasant if you get something with you; sticker or toy…” ”…I rather go to the usual dental clinic…” …”I was afraid to sit to the dental unit, but then mother came with me …” …” the most important for us is how to get in to the car and how to get out from car when you are unfit.…..stairs should be flat and the handrail is needed..”
  14. 14. User scenarios, user profilesImaginary stories of future users of Suupirssi-oral care vehicle.The dentist, oral hygienist student, children patient, elderly with wheel chair and handicappedcustomer. .
  15. 15. Imaginary story of oral hygienist workin day in Suupirssi- emphatic design, taking the user position
  16. 16. Taking the user positon .Imaginary story of dentist and oral hygienic workinday in Suupirssi Morning activities at Suupirssi garage: filling up water tanks, cheking the list of patients and bringing the instrumwents needed during the day. Navigation of the ”day trip”. Arriving and parking: connection to the mains current, preparation of nursing interior for the patients. 8:00 am first patient with wheel chair. He is elevated in with wheel chair lifter. Then he is helped to the dental unit. The usual dental care is made for the patient. Transfer to the next place.
  17. 17. The next dental care is made at home, in bed, because of huge weight of patient. Dentist Nurse The monitory alarm of failure TreatmentStudent equipments Two teeth were stopped Taking the equipment to the car – Ordering the service man
  18. 18. The dentist´s at the day - care center 15 children is having a treatmentA familiar environment for childrenmakes situation more pleasant Cleaning and packing Coffee and equipment lunch brake 1h
  19. 19. Taking / packing all the things and equipement to the car and driving to the ”headquarter”.Bye-bye, leaving brochuresand toothbrushes to the day-care center Driving the car to the garage
  20. 20. Car service Treatment of sewage, disinfection of instruments and cleaning toolsClean-up the interior End of the daySave the patient information to the computer
  21. 21. The result of the phase Understand users User groups Needs/purposesProfessionals:- Oral hygienists To offer dentists services and oral nursering to the- Dental assistants customers and teaching students- DentistsStudents: Practical training and learning service situations with real-Oral hygienists and dental assistants- Dentist students customers / patiens. Taking care of all the actions together with teachers.Customers: To get oral nursering and preventative dental care- children- handicapped persons- elderly-working population…People connected to the customers: To get information- Nurses- Parents-TeachersMaintenance: Taking care of sanitation, service/overhaul and car functioning- Cleaners, service men, care takers
  22. 22. Define interactionUser research synthesis. Organize andsummarize user research from phase Understand Users Benchmarking Designboard Moodboard Way of Life board Design Concepts
  23. 23. Mood board
  24. 24. Design board (to find the design genre)
  25. 25. Lifestyle Board
  26. 26. Define interaction, making concepts. Sketch and low-fidelity prototypes,scale models, hand-drawings, 3D modellingSketchs/drafs for vechile interior of nursing unit , user interface
  27. 27. Define interaction, making design concepts
  28. 28. Define interaction. Making design concepts bylow fidelity prototypesScale models
  29. 29. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.13.3.2012 31