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Content: Mobile and Video
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Content: Mobile and Video


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  • 1. Global – Consumer Mobile TrafficThe Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) is the companysongoing effort to forecast and analyze the growth and use of IPnetworks worldwide.VNI Mobile Forecast Highlights, 2011 - 2016• Globally, consumer mobile traffic will grow 21-fold from 2011 to 2016, a compound annual growth rate of 83%.• Globally, consumer mobile traffic will reach 8,313,052 terabytes per month in 2016, up from 402,289 terabytes per month in 2011.• Consumers will account for 77% of global mobile data traffic in 2016, compared to 67% at the end of 2011.Video Clip
  • 2. Strategy – Mobile ContentArchitecting the mobile presence for Cisco Tech DocsCompelling Facts• Average age of our content consumers is in the mid-twenties• Global organizations, partner-dependent business models, distributed teams• Fluid workplace, fluid content• Ease of use• Appeal of streaming video
  • 3. Advantagesm.<company>.com www.<company>.com • Customer experience – User friendly • Complex processes to drive satisfactory user experience • Easy access via an iTunes/Android app • Cumbersome SEO implementation • Geared towards the next generation of users • Mostly static HTML format of web design • Bite-sized, chunked content • Lack of agility • Gives your user documentation an edge over your competition
  • 4. • The Mobile User• Content Design• Accessibility• Success Metrics
  • 5. The Mobile UserWhat do mobile users need that desktop users don’t?• UI and UX are critical• Brief, to-the-point information in their pockets• Pressed for time• Quick, easy videos• Self-contained pages
  • 6. Authoring – Mobile ContentDefine various content types that lend to a mobile portal• Push – Make frequently accessed content mobile ready• Pull – Seek customer/user feedback regarding content that they would access from your mobile portalCreate writing guidelines for mobile content• Implement metadata usage• Implement guidelines for SEO• Style GuideUsage of DITA• XML-based content lends itself to easier reuse and accessibility via apps
  • 7. Internationalization of Mobile ContentInternationalization is the process of modifying English-language content tomeet the unique needs of individual markets around the globe.Key guidelines for writing mobile content for a global audience:• Consider that ideograms (graphic symbols that represent an idea or concept) for some languages, such as Chinese and Japanese, take up to 30% more space than the letters used in other languages.• Use a simple and direct writing style.• Write in short sentences and small paragraphs to facilitate understanding.• Use the active voice whenever possible.• Use consistent terminology.• To avoid ambiguity, do not use words with multiple meanings.• Use gender-neutral language.• Do not use jargon, slang, or colloquialisms.• Restrict the use of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms.
  • 8. Supported Content Types• Command references in CLI • Known limitations (can be included navigator format in the release note summaries)• Configuration examples (typically a • Mini concepts – Brief description of customer pain point) a feature or technology (without tasks)• Configuration procedures (for a particularly troublesome • Quick start guides configuration) • Recommended software releases• Troubleshooting tips (include the top 3 to 5 customer pain points with • Release note summaries (without accordion headings to expand and bugs) collapse the details) • Upgrade utilities that include• FAQs that answer questions about caveats for upgrading from one important product features release to another• Hardware installation procedures • Videos, screencasts, and animation• Interoperability matrices
  • 9.
  • 10. Mobile Content Wins – InteroperabilityUtility The Cisco TD mobile site supports:• Release note summaries• Interoperability matrix utility• CLI navigators• API navigator• Videos• Upgrade utility• Configuration limits
  • 11. Interop Utility – Before and AfterPDF - Page 9 of 55 for a single typical JavaScript - Single page, 13release releases
  • 12. Making the Interop Matrix QA creates HW & SW interoperability spreadsheet for each release Scripts convert data into JavaScript (JSON) database arrays B-Series B-Series C-Series 1.4(3) 2.0(1) 1.4(1) Web-based interactive form (JavaScript/AJAX) allows a user to query the database to get specific results
  • 13. CLI Navigator
  • 14. CLI Navigator – Before and After PDF – 1798 pages HTML/JavaScript - one- page form
  • 15. Making the CLI Navigator1. Each CLI command is made available as a single HTML file of one or two pages2. A JavaScript expandable tree directory allows the user to locate and select a command in its actual context in the CLI structure3. Only the selected command file is sent to the user’s device rather than the 10MB+ PDF book or large HTML chapters
  • 16. Mobile-Optimized Content on CDC MOBI book file EPUB book file
  • 17. Maintenance Mobile Content – BestPracticesMobile content should provide timely information• Publish only the latest content (for the latest software release) so content does not get stale and out of date• Do not publish legacy contentRefreshing Content• When new software is released, post a mobile doc for it and remove the mobile doc for the previous software releaseCreate guidelines for keeping content current, error free, and in syncwith related content on your corporate website• Develop and implement a reuse strategy• Update and republish mobile docs when corresponding content on your corporate website is updated• Have the same writer work on content for both your corporate website and your mobile site• Have your mobile content reviewed by SMEs and your editor
  • 18. Publishing – Mobile ContentAt Cisco, you can publish the following types of mobile documents: Mobile-Optimized EPUB MOBI HTMLWhere viewable Web browsers, Devices with a compatible Amazon Kindle & such as Safari, EPUB app or EPUB Kindle Fire Opera, Firefox, & extension, such as iPad, e-readers Google Chrome Nook, & Sony e-reader; also from Firefox using an EPUB viewer extensionWhere to publish Mobile site & Corporate website, Corporate website, mobile app mobile site, & mobile app mobile site, & mobile appWhat to publish Small docs & docs Large multi-chapter docs Large multi- that require user (such as configuration chapter docs (such interaction ( CLI guides) as configuration navigator & guides) interop utility)
  • 19. Success MetricsSample of documents for August 2012: Page Visits Mobile tech docs index (/web/mobile/td/) 1855 7600 router mobile tech docs index 234 Nexus 7000 release notes summary, 6.1(1) 103 UCS HW & SW Interoperability Matrix 2351 UCS B-Series CLI Navigator, mobile 143 UCS B-Series GUI configuration guide, PDF* 2996 UCS B-Series GUI configuration guide, HTML* 1895 UCS B-Series GUI configuration guide, EPUB* 250 *Combined mobile and desktop access
  • 20. Mobile Challenges• Developing iOS and Android apps for technical documentation• Limitations of current publishing systems• Dependencies on other cross-functional groups• Competition for resources• Customer education – Gaining visibility for mobile docs and getting the word out to customers• Getting more writers to produce and publish mobile content• Keeping internal mobile doc instructions and information current for writers in a continuously evolving environment
  • 21. Testimonials for EPUBs•“Finally!”• “EPUBs are a beautiful thing, thank you.”• “Great.”• “PDFs are nice but ePubs are amazing!!!”• “Thanks for adding epub to N5K docs.”• “Would be great to have .epub for 12.4T docs as well. I`m sure most CCIE students would love it ;-)”• “The N7K documentation is mostly already available as epub. Please do this for the other product documentation (IOS 12.4T, Cat3560, ...) as well.”
  • 22. Cisco Tech Docs – iOS App Prompts to open with an eReader app Available now in the iTunes app store
  • 23. Making the Cisco Tech Docs App1. The Cisco Tech Docs app downloads an XML index file from This file contains an up-to-date directory of Cisco technical documentation that’s available as an e-book or other mobile-friendly format.2. The user selects the product and the desired document.3. The app opens an appropriate viewer for the document type. For EPUB documents, an eReader app is launched. For HTML or JavaScript documents, a Web View is launched within the app.As new documentation becomes available, authors can add links to theXML index file, making the new documentation available in the app.
  • 24. Strategy – Video ContentNeed for a Video Content Strategy• Enable ease of use• Faster rate of adoption• Video and Search Engine Optimization – Use of keywords and metadata• Video availability on mobile devicesDesign and define creation, maintenance, andaccessibility of Video for Technical CommunicationsFocus Areas• Implement creation and maintenance standards and guidelines for video content• Drive quality customer experience via live video, screencasts, and animation
  • 25. • Content Design• Accessibility• Success Metrics
  • 26. Design – Video ContentAuthoring• Define various content types for video• Apply metadata and consistency across all video content• Standardize on the usage of tools and techniques for video creation• Develop a reuse strategyMaintenance• Create guidelines for keeping video content current , error free , and in sync with related content on your corporate websiteArchiving – Develop CM strategy for templates, reusable clips, andproject files
  • 27. Accessibility – Video ContentDrive ease of use and quality customer experience via video andanimation• Design content for multiple platforms (smartphones, tablets, and PCs)• Scalable infrastructure – Partner with relevant teams to create an infrastructure that supports responsive design for streaming, downloadable, and shareable videos• Mobile and video – Mobile app for tech doc videos for smartphones and tablets• Drive availability of Technical Documentation screencasts and relevant videos from your mobile siteMetricsTrack video attention metrics – Initial attention, average attention, andcaptivation metrics
  • 28. Publishing – Video ContentMigrate to using the universal playerEmbed video in an HTML pagePublish three files:• Video file• First frame image file (screen shot or title frame)• HTML host file (title, summary, file path, and video type)Publish to corporate website, mobile site, mobile app, and YouTubePublishing to mobile devices• Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) – Support H.264-based video files such as MP4, MOV, and M4V formats, at data rates up to 2.5 Mbps.• Android devices – Support H.264-based video files such as MP4 and 3GP formats.
  • 29. Testimonials• With the Installation screencast - “I was able to complete this complex installation within 7 minutes.”• “Accessing screencasts on my smartphone helps me while I am in the lab.”
  • 30. Q and AJohn Chambers says – Mobility is the killer app…
  • 31.