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Best Practices for Developing Content Rich Applications for the iPad
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Best Practices for Developing Content Rich Applications for the iPad


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  • 1. Armedia Delivery. Integration. Enterprise Content Management.Best Practices for Developing Content Rich Applications for the iPad
  • 2. I
  • 3. Why  (specifically)  iPad? User behavior Richness of possibilities Relevancy of market Relevancy of content
  • 4. Mobile  Landscape
  • 5. Mobile  Development  Approaches   Native Web App (HTML 5) Hybrid
  • 6. Mobile  Development  Platforms
  • 7. Cross-­‐Platform  Mobile  Tools  
  • 8. What  Approach  is  Best?*iPad (only) apps = native Two Questions First!Performance apps = native 1. What is the purpose of the App?Cross-platform apps = hybrid 2. What are the realisticTransactional apps = native/hybrid deployment platforms?Offline features = hybrid/native (consider users, constraints)Simple, content apps = web appsMobile ready web content =responsive design, mobile themes,adaptive* Not gospel, but based on solid evidence...
  • 9. II
  • 10. Use  Cases  
  • 11. Where  Does  Content  Management  Fit? Content Authors Website(s) Web Content Server(s) Repository Document/Asset Managers Hybrid Android API Store(s) Mobile Packaged Developers Native Apps SDK iOS Store(s) Outside Firewall HTML5 Code base
  • 12. DOs Put user first Simplify, focus functionality Design for touch Use the screen real estate Exploit rich media Develop in Agile sprints Experiment with monetization Think iPad (not phone or web)
  • 13. DON’Ts Design apps as websites Build universal apps Design fixed layout apps Design apps that require instruction Make it hard find navigation Introduce confusing/ conflicting gestures
  • 14. Considerations  for  Responsive  Design Image management and optimization (dimension, quality, clickability, network conditions) Resource management and optimization (JavaScript, Stylesheets) Content reflowing (limitations of the display property markup) User interface elements (forms, menus, sliders interaction) Multi-column tables (assigning semantic classes to column headings, identifying essential content) High-level: performance, ubiquity, flexibility, enhanced in- device experience, future-proofing
  • 15. Considerations  for  Web  Content   Larger text font sizes (minimum 14) to improve readability Provide in-app text resizing controls Increased padding for page elements, forms to improve touch accuracy Removal of mouse-overs, hover tips, flash content, modal windows Fluid content flow to adapt to different screen sizes (avoid fixed width or fixed positions for page elements)
  • 16. Improving  Content  Performance Reduce HTTP requests Optimize images for the iPad (especially iPad Mini) Optimize use of Javascript and CSS files. Concatenate and precompile where possible. Use CSS transitions (as opposed to JavaScript) to improve processing speed Use 3D transforms to trigger hardware acceleration
  • 17. Testing  Your  App Development tool emulators have lots of limitations; just the starting point Unit test on the actual device (not just the emulator) Test for different devices (particularly iPad vs iPad Mini), operating systems and screen resolutions Do thorough pre-store submission checklist review Test the installation process, upgrades workflow, application load Test for response to external events (app notifications, Skype calls, etc)
  • 18. Lessons  Learned Complete UI design before you begin coding: images, colors, font sizes, active/ passive state, etc. Don’t forget mobile app metadata! Test compilation thoroughly; understand limitations early Allow extra time for Apple approval!
  • 19. Learned...the  hard  way! Prototype/wireframe quickly, cheaply using simple mobile presentation templates (Powerpoint or Keynote) Always design for full rotation (unless there is a really good business reason not to) Learn xcode (you will need to build, and develop native containers) Use animation to show immediate app responsiveness Swipe instead of tap The finger is not accurate...size tap targets appropriately!
  • 20. Learned...the  hard  way  (too)! Design for social sharing, user accomplishments Test, usability test, retest - don’t leave it to the developer!! Really plan for how you would demo the app remotely. It’s not easy Manage the content with discipline. Use workflow, automate renditions Off-shore development at your own peril! (Requires great discipline and a strong on-shore design team) There are lots of tricks and patience in play to get your app actually approved on the (Apple) store - Buffer in extra time!
  • 21. III
  • 22. About  Armedia Formed in 2002, Headquartered in Atlanta 95 Employees based in Atlanta, Washington DC and Huntsville Core focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Mobile Technologies, Open Source Vendor agnostic. Rich experience implementing most leading, large scale content technologies Depth of experience in delivery for US Federal and Commercial Sector
  • 23. Armedia’s  Customers “We are extremely pleased with the solution that Armedia provided us. They successfully completed the task of migrating over three million pages of hard copy files into a secure, hosted document management environment. The simple, yet functional user interface allows our employees to quickly and efficiently search and find the information that they need to do their job.” -Richard Dunne, Project Lead, US Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) “We are very pleased with the quality of services Armedia delivered. Their expertise has helped us continue to expand and provide premier event planning services for the Army and their families.”  -Steve Davis, President, Federal Conference
  • 24. Armedia Jim Nasr, CEO e: t: @jnarm o: (678) 337-1010 x110
  • 25. Questions?