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How Things Work:  A Manager's Guide to Creating Intelligent Content
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How Things Work: A Manager's Guide to Creating Intelligent Content


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  • 1. “Adding meaning and mobility to content” 1How Things Work: A Manager’s Guide toCreating Intelligent Content MICHAEL BOSES
  • 2. Creating Intelligent Content 2 What Happens When We Go Home? Content strategy never implemented is like a tree falling in the forest that no one hears… This session is designed to help you find practical ways to implement your content strategy.
  • 3. What is Intelligent Content? 3—  Ann Rockley “Content that is structurally rich and semantically categorized, and is therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.”1 1Managing Enterprise Content Second Edition Page 16
  • 4. What is Intelligent Content? 4—  Technologist’s Definition “Additions to unstructured data that superimpose a specified encoding of structure, semantics, and processing expectations in support of software automation.”
  • 5. What is Intelligent Content? 5—  Minimalist Definition Your content plus information added to aid automation.
  • 6. The Difference Between: 6—  Intelligent Content—  Adaptive Content—  Clean Content—  Content Intelligence
  • 7. Understanding the Difference 7 Intelligent Content vs. Content IntelligenceWriter à Content à Automation à Goal
  • 8. Once Upon a Time 8 Got it. M ake this bold! Not adding intelligenceWarning:to content can cause undesirable results.
  • 9. Along Came the Computer 9I put those little bold Got it.thingies in there…^b Warning: Not adding intelligence to content can cause undesirable results. ^b
  • 10. The Computer Got Smarter 10Hey, I didn’ If it starts w t have to ithdo anything “Warning” ! I always make it bol d.. Warning: Not adding intelligence to content can cause undesirable results.
  • 11. But Not that Smart 11Wow, you’r How was I e not nearly supas smart as to know it w posed I thought. as aWhere’s the warning? bold? Not adding intelligence to content can cause undesirable results.
  • 12. So Along Came XML 12 Lay off, wo How come uld you? I have to do They are as all the work king for a ? Where’s lot of stuff… that^b thing wh en I needit?<warning>Not adding intelligence to content can cause undesirable results. </warning>
  • 13. How Much Enrichment? 13—  Today XML tools can hide all the technology—  Identifying structure and semantics still takes effort—  When should it be the author’s effort? Warnings go in bold… Should the writer do and get a star in the margin… the work to automate and go in the list of warnings… all of this? and go to legal before we publish…—  and must have a link to an explanation… and must be reviewed for updates monthly…—  Writers want relevant enrichment ¡  They prefer automation but are willing to help ¡  Everything not relevant should be fully automated ¡  Content Intelligence is the key to doing this
  • 14. Why Content Gets Enriched 14 Structure Semantics Process Relationship Platform Lifecycle Enriched Enriched Enriched Enriched Enriched Enriched Structure Needed for Want to keep up What is more Getting on Shorter allows search with important: multiple developmentpredictable relevance, Engineering & content or content platforms is times,processing, targeting Manufacturing? relationships? easy. more languages,reuse, and personas, and and now crowd- delivery. highly Automated Every page is The challenge is sourcing. personalized processes are the connected… the unique content only way! experience each Content can delivery. platform should change almost have. daily.
  • 15. Tools to Get it Done 15—  Standalone tools—  Word Plugins—  Browser Plugins—  Demonstration of available tools and DIY methods
  • 16. Should You Do it Yourself? 16—  What’s Realistic —  What’s Not—  Single simple document —  Generalized document—  Simple Enrichment goals —  Vast Enrichment goals ¡  Author relevant ¡  Extra work/no value ¡  Fit logical blocks ¡  Long narrative ¡  Minimal inline ¡  Large amount of inline
  • 17. Conclusion 17—  Strategies must be implemented—  Intelligent Content is essential—  Author interaction is just one way to get it—  Make it easy and relevant for authors—  Automate content enrichment where you can