A Mighty Content Strategy for a Tiny Nonprofit

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  • 1. A MIGHTY CONTENT STRATEGY FOR A TINY NONPROFIT Michele Zwiebel and Derek OlsonMonday, February 4, 13
  • 2. BREASTCANCER.ORG Most heavily-trafficked breast cancer website in the world (sources: ComScore, Alexa) Not about breast cancer awareness Target audience is women who have been diagnosedMonday, February 4, 13
  • 3. IN THE BEGINNING The first “eBook”? Walls of text Search engine UN-friendly Guerrilla copy editingMonday, February 4, 13
  • 4. YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW WHAT? (August 2005)Monday, February 4, 13
  • 5. STAKEHOLDER BUY-IN Clear explanation of risks Concrete examples of necessary fixes Realistic (but daunting) project plan 2 years of work!Monday, February 4, 13
  • 6. APPROPRIATE STAFFING New writers New workflow New information about who we’re writing forMonday, February 4, 13
  • 7. MARKETING Lead with high-quality content Search engine optimization: it’s a thing Keyword research: it’s a thing Make it actionable for content creatorsMonday, February 4, 13
  • 8. CONTENT CREATION & REVISION Content management must be easy and enjoyable More efficient workflows Technology folks could focus on strategy instead of commasMonday, February 4, 13
  • 9. DESIGNMonday, February 4, 13
  • 10. USABILITY User testing is NOT a focus group! Individual sessions Budget for it User-Centered Design (UCD) is an ongoing approach, not a one- time exerciseMonday, February 4, 13
  • 11. TECHNOLOGY Technology is but a single weapon in the arsenal of the Content Strategist Technology is NOT a goal in and of itselfMonday, February 4, 13
  • 12. ECONOMIC DOWNTURN Corporate partners become necessary, but our foundation is solidMonday, February 4, 13
  • 13. NEW OPPORTUNITIES PersonalizationMonday, February 4, 13
  • 14. NEW OPPORTUNITIES Mobile Why? (traffic) How? (testing) What? (separate site vs. responsive)Monday, February 4, 13
  • 15. NEW OPPORTUNITIES EspañolMonday, February 4, 13
  • 16. THANKS! Come to our workshop on “Preparing your Content for Mobile”Monday, February 4, 13