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Generating Revenue Across Multiple Screens
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Generating Revenue Across Multiple Screens


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  • 1. Click to enter presentation Title Generating Revenue across multiple Screens: How to Build Profitability in Your Process
  • 2. Customer communications becomes the most pivotal department for a company’s continued success.© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 3. Why listen Christopher Ward to this Director of Sales, WebWorks a division of Quadralay Corp. 4 years of military service in Army Intelligence guy?  Taught to separate procedure from strategy to look at both differently 3 Years with Dell Computers  Applied analysis experience to business world© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 4. What this presentation is about - It’s a Mindset – This presentation is designed to introduce a Revenue mindset. ROI’s in documentation today show how well we can cut cost. Efficacy is important, but a Revenue ROI focuses on increases in revenue through growth. That takes a different work flow. It’s Strategic – Procedures have to match strategy to produce revenue. We will look at incorporating a business strategy in to a work flow and how do you execute to it? It’s an Evolution – Technical Writers move in to Knowledge Brokers redefining the role of content, content creators and looking for new opportunities.© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 5. Trends in Mobile Devices and Mobile Users Apple released the iPhone on June of 2007 [1] The iPad was released on April 2010 [2] 78% of adult online users look for information about buying a product or service [3]© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 6. Mobile Devices in the Work Place “The introduction of Quadcore to tablets, 4G, Cloud Computing and the continuous adoption of HTML5 will make the tablet even more integrated into the work environment” - Mark Fidelman, Forbes [4]  89% have mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets connecting to corporate networks [5] Mobile Devices connected to the corporate network 11% None Only Company Owned 24% 65% Both Personal and Company Owned© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 7. WHY TALK ABOUT BUSINESS STRATEGY?  “The Evolution of Online Help” – white paper on help systems and how they are evolving to meet the need of the end user.[6]  Short follow up survey asking Documentation Professionals their views of technical communication [7] • 95% believed that technical communication is in need of evolution • 89% have seen change in technical communication throughout their career • Top objective as a technical communicator was:  49% weighed more heavily on being user friendly  35% said to provide accurate information  13% put importance on strategic business goals - of the 13% almost all were tenured professionals of more than 10 years, with only two falling in the 6 to 10 years of experience range© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 8. In the field© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 9. In the field with the new procedure© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 10. Porter’s General Strategies – apply to any company in any Industry Strategy Examples Cost Leadership  Can you maintain number one?  Continuously find ways of reducing Cost  Too focused on cutting cost and cant react to customers changing needs© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 11. Porter’s General Strategies – apply to any company in any Industry Strategy Examples Differentiation Strategy  Have to always be different from the competition (ecosystem)  Have to be able to clearly deliver your value message  Focusing efforts on a feature that does not provide value to the market© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 12. Porter’s General Strategies – apply to any company in any Industry Strategy Examples Focus Strategy  Company focuses on a niche market and develops products for that market only  Can be either Differentiation, or Cost Leadership with focus on that niche market  Same pitfalls of other strategy as well as missing the changes in the market© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 13. © 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 14. Consider this... The integrity of the content you provide as well as the accessibility and searchability of that content sits at the core value of your business model. These three factors positively impact a company’s profitability. “According to The Gartner Group, poor data quality negatively impacts a company’s bottom line by an average of $8.2 million annually in operational inefficiencies, lost sales and unrealized new opportunities. In addition, a Forrester research study reveals that only 12 percent of companies actually use customer intelligence to drive key business functions and corporate strategy. That means that 88 percent are putting up with the waste, inefficiencies and lost opportunities that dirty data creates. Companies that commit to data quality use their knowledge of customers and prospects to maximize top-line and bottom-line results.” [8]© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 15. TOTAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Marketing – Addresses a specific audience, but not a specific problem. Just flashy enough to get someone’s attention and get out in front of someone. Sales – drill down to needs specific to the customer’s environment and provide a solution to those needs. Usage – 90% of the customer’s experience and responsible for promoting product value and customer loyalty to increase repeat business. During this phase of the process Help Documentation is the first opportunity a business will have to influence the customer and try to increase loyalty, product value and cut down on Customer Defection.© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 16. WHAT KIND OF PROBLEM IS CUSTOMER DEFECTION  The Harvard Business Review stated that the average business loses 50% of their customers every five years. [9]  62% percent of customer defections can be modified if discovered in advance. [10]  68% of customer defections occur because customers perceive “an attitude of indifference”. [11]© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 17. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF RETAINING CUSTOMERS  Acquiring new customers can cost as much as 5 times more than satisfying and retaining current customers.[12]  A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%[13]  Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers. [14]© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 18. TECHNICAL WRITERS NEED TO EVOLVE INTO KNOWLEDGE BROKERS …knowledge is now, and will be, the basic economic resource; value is created via productivity and innovation. The leading social groups will be knowledge workers, "who know how to allocate knowledge to productive use," and "practically all of these knowledge people will be employed in organizations" (p.8). So "the economic challenge of the post-capitalist society will therefore be the productivity of knowledge work and the knowledge worker” -Clay Spinuzzis blogpost about post capitalistic society© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 19. © 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 20. Measure your Success!  A successful system will always have a way to measure success. SMART Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound  Historical data wins it for the long haul, so keep records! Quantify and Qualify.  Brag, Brag, Brag and when you are done brag some more.© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 21. Likes • Comments HOW TO MEASURE ROI • Shares • Clicks THROUGH SOCIAL CHANNELS Follows • Retweets “The Death of SEO: The Rise of • Mentions Social, PR, and Real Content” • Favorites - Forbes Views • Comments • Shares/Likes gue/2012/07/20/the-death-of-seo- • Connections the-rise-of-social-pr-and-real- content/ Views • Subscribe • Comments • Favorites • Promoted Blog Views • Comments • Link Love • Shares© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation • RSS Feed Subscriptions
  • 22. Follow Me Email address – m Twitter - @WebWorksChris Facebook - /WebWorksChris Company Facebook - WorksePublisher. My Blog - /christopher/© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation
  • 23. Reference Page: [1] Stores.html [2] [3] [4] for-2012/2/ [5] [6] [7] [8] -White paper "Gaining the Data Edge: How ongoing data maintenance spurs growth" August 2012 [9] MyCorporation, MyCorporation Focuses on Encouraging Small Businesses to Grow Businesses With Great Customer Service in 2013 [10] Michael Lowenstein, “Model modelers in predictive churn” [11] Data source: American Society for Quality [12], [13] Daniel Alcorn, “Improving Customer Retention during a Slowdown” [14] Harvard Business Review, Frederick F. Reichheld and W. Earl Sasser, Jr. “Zero Defections: Quality Comes to Services”© 2012 – Quadralay Corporation