Gamification is Here: Build a Winning Plan!
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Gamification is Here: Build a Winning Plan!






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Gamification is Here: Build a Winning Plan! Gamification is Here: Build a Winning Plan! Document Transcript

  • MU LT I M ED I AGamification is Here:Build a Winning Plan!By Marta Rauch | Senior Member gamification is growing at an What Is Gamification?impressive rate. Market research predicts that by 2014, Gamification uses game techniques in non-game situationsover 70% of companies will have at least one gamified to motivate people and drive behavior. Game techniquesproduct, and by 2015, over 50% will gamify innovation are often grouped in these three categories:(Gartner Press Release, 12 April 12 2011, 44Game dynamics—used to motivate behavior. Examplesit/page.jsp?id=1629214). include scenarios and rules. This rapid change brings opportunities for technical 44Game mechanics—used to help users achieve goals.communicators who understand gamification and can Examples include teams, competitions, rewards, andcreate gamified user assistance. This article describes feedback.enterprise gamification, provides examples, includes 44Game components—used to track users’ progress.resources for further learning, and suggests strategies for Examples include quests, points, levels, badges, andeffective gamified user experience. 7
  • When implemented effectively, these techniques canmake enterprise tasks as fun and enjoyable as games.Effective for Social MediaGamification effectively motivates people in social media.For example, Foursquare encourages frequent check-insat fun locations, and Klout users check in daily to reviewscores and leaderboards (see Figure 1). Figure 3. U.S. Government Example: Office of Science and Technology Policy Benefits to Enterprise As a recent Forbes article points out, gamification has become “a CEO’s best friend” ( danwoods/2012/05/14/gamification-grows-up-to-become- a-ceos-best-friend/). When gamification is implemented effectively, enterprises can: 44Increase user engagement 44Motivate customer participation 44Influence behavior 44Drive adoption, learning, and loyaltyFigure 1. Social Network Example: Klout Leaderboard 44Improve quality of service 44Increase efficiency 44Reduce time and costsResults for Education 44Drive profitsGamification also shows excellent results for education. Forexample, Khan Academy, which has an effective gamifiedinterface, provides millions of students worldwide access It’s Big Money! The market for gamification has enjoyed dramaticto effective online instruction. Due to its success, Khan growth, surging from 155% in 2011 to 197% in 2012.Academy is being incorporated into U.S. public school Market research firms expect the market to jump fromcurriculum (see Figure 2). $100M in 2011 to over $2.8B in 2016. With 47% of implementations currently focused on user engagement, enterprise is the largest market segment, consisting off 25% of the gamification market (M2 Research). Engaging Millennial Workers Millennial workers, also called Gen Y, are currently 25% of the U.S. workforce. In 2014, this number will grow to 36%, and in 2020, to 46% ( mba-at-unc-blog/geny-in-the-workplace/). According to game designer and industry expert Jane McGonigal, a unique trait of millennial workersFigure 2. Education Example: Khan Academy is that they have 10,000 hours of gaming by age 21 ( This amount of experience qualifies Gen Y as expert gamers, basedAdopted by the U.S. Government on the “10,000-Hour Rule” described in MalcolmThe U.S. government also recognizes gamification’s benefits. Gladwell’s Outliers. Due to this expertise, Gen Y isAccording to the webpage of the Office of Science and most engaged when using game-like user interfaces.Technology Policy, 23 U.S. agencies are incorporating To motivate this workforce, employers must providegamification, including the National Institutes of Health, the attractive enterprise gamification solutions forDepartment of Energy, the U.S. Army, and NASA. corporate innovation and internal processes.8 November/December 2012
  • MU LT I M ED I AEnterprise Gamification Examples Market research predicts thatThe following examples highlight a variety of enterprisegamification products and solutions. by 2014, over 70% of companiesIBM will have at least one gamifiedIBM’s Level Up for IBM Connections incorporates gamified product, and by 2015, over 50%strategies such as onboarding tasks that bring users quicklyinto the product. Gamification components include will gamify innovation.missions, levels, points, badges, and a leaderboard (seeFigure 4). Microsoft To help customers learn about new features in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, Microsoft’s Office Labs used a gamified approach. Their Ribbon Hero and Ribbon Hero 2 games have helped millions of users get the most out of the new version of their product (see Figures 6 and 7).Figure 4. Enterprise Example: Level Up for IBM ConnectionsROI for Gamified TranslationAs reported by Business Insider, IBM’s Social Laboratorysuccessfully gamified documentation translationby awarding points to employees who contributedto an internal translation project. Employeeswere motivated to participate through points thatcould be redeemed for charities. The return on Figure 6. Enterprise Example: Office Labs Ribbon Hero 2 Downloadinvestment included improved accuracy, reducedproject time, and millions saved in translationcosts (’s online community includes a gamified loyaltyprogram (see Figure 5). Players can unlock badges andlevels by completing quests to learn about Samsungproducts ( Figure 7. Enterprise Example: Microsoft Office Ribbon Hero 2 Cisco To give network customers an enjoyable way to learn to use binary numbers, Cisco created its popular Binary Game. According to Cisco’s Learning Network, the game has been played “about a million times around the world” to help with the task of converting 8-digit binary numbers toFigure 5. Enterprise Example: Samsung Nation decimals (see Figure 8) 9 View slide
  • Market research firms expect the market to jump from $100M in 2011 to over $2.8B in 2016. Oracle The following examples highlight several recent corporate gamification initiatives. (Note: The statements and opinions expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.) The Importance of GamificationFigure 8. Enterprise Example: Cisco Binary Game At Badgeville’s recent Engage 2012 industry event, Nick Giannasi, vice president of Life Sciences Cisco takes gamification to the next level by providing Product Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences, spokegames to help network administrators gain networking to attendees about the importance of gamificationskills to prepare for professional certification (see Figure 9). (see oracle-on-importance-of-gamification). Online Forum The Oracle Forum ( is an effectively gamified community. Community members are encouraged to answer questions posed on the forum, and are given points for providing helpful answers. Top contributors are recognized on a leaderboard, with achievements shown by points and badges. The result is that all types of participants are motivated to contribute to the community. Gamification Focus Group To understand what motivates users to participate in Oracle’s online communities, the Oracle Applications User Experience group conducted a focus group toFigure 9. Enterprise Example: Cisco Networking Game gather input. Through guided discussions, they collected ideas and opinions on motivation, and The Cisco Learning Network provides a Games Arcade received feedback on how game mechanics couldwhere users can download learning games for Cisco encourage participants.products (see Figure 10).Figure 10. Enterprise Example: Cisco Games Arcade Figure 11: #GamifyOracle Twitter Hashtag as a Badge10 November/December 2012 View slide
  • MU LT I M ED I AOracle Apps UX Gamification All-Hands Day 44Maintaining motivation throughout the player’sThe Oracle Applications User Experience team also lifecycle, from novice through masteryheld a recent worldwide design jam, in which groupsheld a friendly, gamified competition to create effective  User assistance patterns. new types of gamified user interfaces. Participants Gamification borrows many user assistance patterns fromagreed that the event was a resounding success. games. A good way to understand these patterns is to playAccording to Ultan Ó Broin, it was “a great way to games. Sample patterns include:learn about gamification, build team spirit, and 44User interface strings for components such as points,create an innovative, contemporary user experience levels, quests, badges, and leaderboardsin a very agile way.” 44Onboarding tutorials 44Embedded tips and helpSocial Networks 44FAQs, ForumsTo share information about gamification activities,employees use designated Twitter handles and a  Gamification terminology. hashtag: @GamifyOracle, @GamifyOracleApps, and Gamification terminology includes components originating#GamifyOracle. Employees also post a gamification from games, such as:blog at 44Badges 44QuestsConference Presentations 44LevelsOracle employees share their learning about gamification 44Leaderboardsat such conferences as the STC Summit, LavaCon, theGamification Summit, Enterprise Gamification 2012, and  Gamified messages. Human-Computer Interaction International 2013. In gamification, messages are a critical part of motivating Grassroots gamification initiatives, such as the ones users and are integrated within the game structure. Fordescribed here, provide valuable opportunities for example, messages:employees to learn and develop gamification techniques. 44Define goals and rules of the gamified system 44Introduce strategy and tacticsGame Changers for Technical Communicators 44Guide players toward masteryTo provide successful user experience for enterprise gamifi- 44Provide feedback, encouragement, motivation, andcation products, technical communicators need to adapt rewards for leveling up, meeting goalsprocesses and apply new methodologies. Some sample 44Link to a game FAQ when necessary.considerations are described in the following sections.  Writing style.  Understanding user motivation. The goal of gamified products is to make tasks fun andThe strength of gamification lies in how it motivates users. rewarding. To achieve this, the writing style is informal,To achieve the benefits of gamification, communicators friendly, motivational, and minimal. For example, idealmust understand what motivates their users to perform strings are the length of a tweet.tasks. One way to develop understanding is throughcustomer meetings, similar to the Oracle Application User  Scheduling for play testing and iterations. Experience’s gamification focus group. Gamified projects undergo several iterations of play testing and feedback. When scheduling gamification projects, Gamified user assistance architecture. allow time for multiple iterations of the product and itsGamification brings users through a range of activities, user assistance. An example of play testing is shown onstarting with onboarding and continuing through mastery. the Microsoft Playtest site, architectural considerations include: playtest/default.aspx.44Planning the player’s journey44Providing onboarding  Administration and upgrade considerations. 44Organizing content by quests and levels Gamified products include administrative tasks for configuring components such as levels, rewards, andGrassroots gamification initiatives badges. When planning user assistance projects, consider the requirements of gamification administrators.provide valuable opportunities Because players are so motivated to achieve goals,for employees to learn and upgrades can be disruptive. When scheduling upgrades, alert players in advance to complete current quests beforedevelop gamification techniques. the 11
  • Gamification brings exciting Conclusion Gamification brings exciting changes to enterprisechanges to enterprise products products that engage and motivate users. To stay inthat engage and motivate the game, technical communicators must prepare for 2014, when over 70% of companies will have at leastusers.… The leaders in this one gamified product, and for 2015, when over 50% of companies will gamify innovation. The leaders in thisfield will understand, develop, field will understand, develop, and deliver effectiveand deliver effective gamified gamified user assistance. giuser assistance. Marta Rauch is a principal information developer and team lead at Oracle. She participates in gamification initiatives, has Accessibility. worked at two game companies, and completed an online gamifica-If your product is required to be accessible, ensure that tion course through Coursera and Professor Kevin Werbach of thegamified user assistance conforms to your company’s acces- Wharton School. In 2012, Marta presented on gamificationsibility guidelines. Sample game accessibility considerations at an STC webinar, LavaCon, and the STC Summit.are shown at The AbleGamers Foundation’s websites (see With 20 years of experience in technical communication, and Marta is a Senior Member in the STC Silicon Valley Chapter and has received 15 STC awards for individual and team projects at the Localization. local, national, and international level. Her articles have appearedLocalizing games involves more than translation. Allow in STC’s Intercom, IEEE’s electronic library, and the Center fortime for effective localization that considers the target Information Development Management Best Practices. In 2012,country and culture. Sample localization considerations: she was listed as one of the 400 Most Influential in #Techcomm44Rewards: The same reward does not appeal to all cultures and #ContentStrategy. Marta holds a BA from Stanford University,44Quests: Customize to the country and corporate culture a teaching credential, and a certificate from UC Extension in44Leaderboards: Being #1 is not desirable in all cultures managing the development of technical communication. 7  Examples: Put Gamification to Work, Suggested Reading view/232901489/7-examples-put-gamification-to-work.C isco Information Through Play, ame Accessibility, ame Localization, amification course taught online by Kevin Werbach through Coursera, amification Gets Down to Business, artner Press Release, Egham, UK, 12 April 2011,, Amy Jo. Gamification 101: Design the Player Journey, 2 Research, Making Work Engaging at Oracle, McGonigal, Jane. TED talk, Gaming Can Make a Better World, M  icrosoft Ribbon Hero, N  itro for SalesForce, and Ó Broin, Ultan. Games at Work, Part 1, Ó Broin, Ultan. Games at Work, Part 2, Ó Broin, Ultan. Oracle Apps Gamification Worldwide UX Design Jam, Rauch, Marta. Gamification is Here: Build a Winning Plan!, Webb, Erika Noll. Gamification, Werbach, Kevin and Dan Hunter. For The Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business W  hy IBM Represents the Future of Social Business, ibm-executive-ibm-employees-sametime. Wu, Michael. What is Gamification, Really?, Wu, Michael. Gamification 101: The Psychology of Motivation, Gamification-101-The-Psychology-of-Motivation/ba-p/21864.12 November/December 2012