Content Worth Sharing: What Marketers Can Learn from Cartoons
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Content Worth Sharing: What Marketers Can Learn from Cartoons






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  • All brands are becoming publishers.
  • All brands are becoming publishers.

Content Worth Sharing: What Marketers Can Learn from Cartoons Content Worth Sharing: What Marketers Can Learn from Cartoons Presentation Transcript

  • Content Worth Sharing What Marketers Can Learn From Cartoons Cover w/ Bateman Twitter: @tomfishburne
  • Technology can’t saveboring content. But it canamplify remarkablecontent.
  • 1. Publishing Is A Privilege View slide
  • Don Draper is no longer in charge View slide
  • Content marketingcan be a Trojan horsefor your brand butonly if it has realvalue.
  • 2. It’s Not About You
  • Cartoons work because theyre not monologues.Even though the medium is one-directional, adialogue takes place. In between the panels, inbetween the talk bubbles, the cartoonist demandsyou fill in the blanks.Marketers are taught from the beginning to grabthe microphone and never let it go. We can learnfrom cartoonists that sometimes you gain morepower when you let the other person feelengaged. Seth Godin
  • 3. Preach to the Choir
  • Robert StephensFounderGeek Squad
  • “I’m in love with Sailor Jerry. All Idrink is Sailor Jerry. You knowwhat, a lot of people don’treally understand, and I don’texpect them to because SailorJerry is mine.” A Fan named Sebastian
  • 4. Continuity Trumps Virality
  • “Everyone is on a rampage tofigure out how to make theirviral video. To gain a loyalfollowing, create a steadystream of content; it’s notenough to be a one-hitwonder” Orabrush
  • 5. Make Your Audience Awesome
  • “It does not matter howawesome your product is or yourpresentation or your post. Yourawesome thing matters ONLY tothe extent that it serves theuser’s ability to be a little moreawesome.” Kathy Sierra
  • Content Worth Sharing1) Publishing is A Privilege2) It’s Not About You3) Preach To The Choir4) Continuity Trumps Virality5) Make Your Audience Awesome
  • Thank you, you are awesomeA cheeky weekly marketing cartoon in your inbox