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Content Architecture "At Work"


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  • 1. Content Architecture “At Work” Cleve Gibbon (@cleveg) CTO, Cognifide
  • 2. …to create digital properties at the speed of Wordpress the scale of Salesforce, with the simplicity of Google. Just over five years ago, a customer asked me, to give them the ability to…
  • 3. Change Content TeamsValue Digital
  • 4. Content Managed Web Site Digital Content Platform Content Management System Web Managed Solution 10+ Digital properties Content Management Ecosystem Web Channel
  • 5. Content Managed Web Site Digital Content Platform Content Management System Web Managed Solution 10+ Digital properties Content Management Ecosystem Digital Platform 1000+ Digital Properties Multi Channel Web Channel
  • 6. Audience A C Content T Technology
  • 7. Content Architecture Why What How
  • 8. Why content architecture? To enable digital and content agility.
  • 9. Digital Content Customer Experiences Aggregation API Archiving Audit Authoring Distribution Inventory Lifecycle Localisation Management Measurement Modelling Personalisation Search Syndication Taxonomy Translation Workflow … Analytics Automation Campaigns CMS CRM eCommerce Email Mobility Multi-Channel
  • 10. Digital Agility • Train and tracks are tightly coupled systems that are highly efficient. • Cars and the road are loosely coupled systems the provide more flexibility. • Digital agility requires organisations to place more value on flexibility. • Companies must experiment, to learn, to optimise customer experience. Source:
  • 11. typical starting point for digital transformations first step towards intelligent processes Intelligent processes requires intelligent content. 1 Intelligent content has to be designed for. 2
  • 12. Content Agility ManageMeasure Make Strategy Architecture Production Execute ‘that’ way Plan ‘this’ way Learn
  • 13. Liquid Content Don't get set into one form. Adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. ! Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. ! Now water can flow or it can crash. ! Be water, my friend. ! Bruce Lee:A Warrior’s Journey (2000)
  • 14. Content Management Challenges • More content through increased interactions • Increased complexity through experimentation • Fewer resources to manage more content • Multiple channels along which content must flow • Vast amounts of content trapped within systems • Rate of production is exponential
  • 15. But we know… • There’s a lack of awareness around what’s happening • Serious organisational change hurdles • Misplaced focused on technology to solve problems • Both processes and people need to change • Structured and meaningful content is on the rise • Content is a strategic business asset
  • 16. What is content architecture? The time and place for continuous and collaborative content design.
  • 17. Strategy Architecture Management It’s where ‘design thinking’ for content takes place.
  • 18. Content Architecture • The design phase for content management • Create models for structured and meaningful content • Define author experience for content creators • Map value workflows from production to delivery • Develop APIs to take content everywhere it needs to be • Design a technical architecture to sustain content
  • 19. Connecting Information to Content Content Context Users Content Wireframes, Blueprints Metadata, Taxonomy, Thesauri Labelling, Navigation, Search Content Inventories & Mapping Information architecture Content Models, Author Experience, Workflow Structured, Reusable & Personalised Content Content Administration, Asset Organisation Role-Based Content, Permissions Content Scale, Storage, Analytics Content architecture Mind The Gap
  • 20. Content Architecture A Communication Tool
  • 21. Applying content architecture Think big, start small.
  • 22. Change is your friend: Move like Neo! You don’t need content to progress, you need structure.
  • 23. Responsive Design A B C A B C A C B minor breakpoint (ipad mini) minor breakpoint (all devices) Mobile Layout Tablet Layout Desktop Layout minor breakpoint (decent desktop) image alignment adjust textlength different promotion
  • 24. APIsPortfolio Title Amount Owner Fund Entity Manager Portfolio GetPortfolio(name) Text GetPortfolioOwner(portfolio) Fund GetFund(portfolio, fundName) Text GetFundManager(portfolio, fundName) content is accessible to the entire content technology ecosystem, but most importantly internally!
  • 25. Modularity • From blobs to chunks. • Break into parts • Assemble into wholes
  • 26. Search • Establish taxonomy • Indexing • Retrieval • Navigational
  • 27. Content Repository • Not all content lives in the CMS • Architecture shows where content & data lives
  • 28. In Summary
  • 29. In Summary Make space for content architecture within your projects. ! Content architecture is where content design takes place. ! There is no clear cut set of roles and responsibilities, across strategy, architecture and management. Who cares? ! This is a maturing field, so let’s grow with it!
  • 30. Resources For more details: 1. 2. 3. 4. ! !
  • 31. Questions ! ! ! Cleve Gibbon (@cleveg)