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Healthcare and YouTube: Why and How
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Healthcare and YouTube: Why and How


YouTube is not just for cat lovers; YouTube is for healthcare companies, too. YouTube is a powerful way to engage with your customers and meet your marketing objectives. But while a 10-year-old can …

YouTube is not just for cat lovers; YouTube is for healthcare companies, too. YouTube is a powerful way to engage with your customers and meet your marketing objectives. But while a 10-year-old can post a video in 10 seconds, healthcare marketers need a content strategy if we are to be effective and compliant on YouTube. After several years as the content strategist for Medtronic Neuromodulation’s YouTube channels, I’d like to share what we’ve learned and what’s working for us. Topics will include: Why be on YouTube? What makes a video effective on YouTube? What are best practices for YouTube content? How do I optimize for YouTube search? How can I promote our videos? How can I meet regulatory and legal requirements? How can I build support for YouTube within my organization?

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Healthcare and YouTube Why and How Alison Brown Cerier Interactive Content Strategist Medtronic Neuromodulation Intelligent Content Life Science & Healthcare May 9, 2014
  • 2. Takeaways • YouTube can help me meet our objectives. • I can develop YouTube content that is effective and compliant. • I must start with a well-informed content strategy. | MDT Confidential2
  • 3. Medtronic Neuromodulation on YouTube • 6 patient channels to increase therapy awareness (ex. Medtronic Chronic Pain) • 2 channels to educate and support healthcare professionals • 200,000 video views with deep engagement | MDT Confidential3
  • 4. | MDT Confidential4
  • 5. | MDT Confidential5
  • 6. Why YouTube: 2# search engine • Supported objective: Generate therapy awareness • YouTube has 3 billion searches a month, 1 billion unique visitors. • Be in Google search results. • Be where people go for videos. • Be where related videos tell a different story. • Send to your website for more information. • Set your videos free of your corporate properties. | MDT Confidential6
  • 7. Why: Improve website user experience • Supported objective: Increase customer satisfaction and retention • You can embed your videos and use the YouTube player on your websites. • Great for responsive sites and mobile viewing. • High quality video files (HD option) and functionality. • Also facilitates your sharing of videos in email campaigns and presentations. | MDT Confidential7
  • 8. The content stands alone, the content stands alone, heigh-ho, the derry-o . . . • Prepare videos to live on their own anywhere. • Also, think solo view, not channel view. • Meet regulatory requirements within the video. • Provide context with title and description. | MDT Confidential8
  • 9. Start by partnering with regulatory and legal • Introduce this new third-party content environment. • Discuss how to meet FDA broadcast requirements for your business (different than website use). • Discuss how to comply with your social media policy. • Draft and discuss disclosures. • Develop a template for video descriptions. | MDT Confidential9
  • 10. Considerations for disclosures • Meet broadcast standards and regulatory requirements. • Place at end of every video including private and unlisted. • Plus balance benefits with risk information within the core video. • Consider for your disclosure: – Indications and major risks – Vanity URL to full safety information – Narrated – Not scrolling – Open video with: “See important safety information at the end of the video.” – “Intended for US viewing” – “This video is intended to be viewed in the context of YouTube or a Medtronic website. Medtronic is not responsible for the context in which it is shared.” | MDT Confidential10
  • 11. “No comment” – unless . . . • Allow comments if you can – this is social media. • But don’t allow comments if you aren’t set up to monitor them. • We allow: sharing (emails, social), embedding, likes. • YouTube accounts permanently connected to a Google+ page, so comments show up there. Options: monitor as a separate channel or go dark at privacy settings. | MDT Confidential11
  • 12. Developing effective YouTube videos • Start with repurposed videos and build your collection. • Our mix: patient stories, how-to, intro (What Is Parkinson’s?),medical animations, patient giving advice, clinician answering FAQ, procedures (login) • Keys: – Know your audience. – Help or entertain (or they won’t watch). – Don’t market (and never lead off with your brand). – Stay under 2 minutes. – Consider lower production values for some videos; can be more authentic. | MDT Confidential12
  • 13. Optimizing content for YouTube • Optimize for what seems to matter in search. • Optimize for how YouTube displays content. Put important words first, as that’s often all that shows on the page. • Meet YouTube’s length limits. • Use your top keywords. | MDT Confidential13
  • 14. Tips on optimizing content elements • Video file name: Matters for search; hyphens between words, no capital letters • Video title: What it’s about with no context; 3-5 words display. • Video description: One sentence before “more”; standard language for context and regulatory; link to your website, safety info, and channel (clickable if include http://) • Tags: Multiword OK; critical for search | MDT Confidential14
  • 15. Why: Intelligent video content • Topics • Self-contained (including regulatory/legal) • Structured • Tagged • One approved, current version ready to use anywhere by anyone! | MDT Confidential15
  • 16. Promote your videos • Plan from the start • 100 hours of new videos downloaded an hour! • Pay-per-view ads: in-search and in-display • Overlays with live links to your website • Get buy-in with a pilot (ours drove 57,000 views at .70 per view, cheaper than PPC) | MDT Confidential16
  • 17. Going global • Early stages at Medtronic. • 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US, and YouTube is localized in 61 countries. • Challenges: Different medical device approvals and regulations; whose budget?; expensive to dub; cultural preferences require localization. • Opportunities: Consistent design and approach across geographies; leverage US videos until can localize | MDT Confidential17
  • 18. Starting or growing 1. Set objectives. 2. Designate core team for content and development. 3. Partner with regulatory and legal. 4. Engage a reliable vendor for video editing. 5. Develop the content strategy. 6. Pilot one channel and demonstrate success. 7. Grow your internal support, video assets, expertise, and results. 8. Stay on top of the changes at YouTube. | MDT Confidential18
  • 19. Resources • YouTube Creator Playbook: tips, best practices, strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube • The YouTube Blog: keep up with all the changes happening on YouTube • YouTube Advertising: promotional opportunities Medtronic Neuro Channels • Medtronic Chronic Pain • Medtronic DBS Therapy • Medtronic Bladder Control • Medtronic Bowel Control • Medtronic Severe Spasticity • Medtronic Gastroparesis | MDT Confidential19
  • 20. Questions? Question later? Ideas for us? Want the slides? | MDT Confidential20