Brush the Basics: 2013 Brand Glossary


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Brush the Basics is a 2013 Brand Glossary that has a mix of conventional and new-age brand approaches. Hope you enjoy the read! Your feedback is welcome on

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Brush the Basics: 2013 Brand Glossary

  1. 1. 2013 Brand
  2. 2. BRAND CHARACTER Actionable values & principles thatenable a brand to stand tall, & to stayclassy is called Brand Character. Brand character draws a line that moral weakness cannot cross.
  3. 3. Dose Your Brand Live the Life of a Consumer? Do you have insights on what yourcustomer/ consumer values? Have you constantly innovated to deliver superior brand experience? Brand Depth is the measure of customer presence inside the brand & is a key indicator of a company’s ability toinnovate on brand, and to create new streams of customer value.
  4. 4. ARE YOU SELLINGA PRODUCT OR A BRAND? 50 years ago, marketers spoke about product differentiation. Today, many colas taste the same, many cellularservice providers offer similar plans &the list goes on…. Marketers need to establish unique associations with their brands & create a uniqueposition relative to competition. Brand differentiation helps a product stand out in the “Me Too” world
  5. 5. Are you a perceived Market Leader? Undisputed No. 1 Brand Position is called Brand Dominance!
  6. 6. Allow your Customers to Hack your Brand!Customers can pump in more meaning, add content and context that perhaps you (as the brand originator)overlooked. This can prove to be themost effective way of migrating yourbrand in to a new value domain. Newbrand strategies encourage (and thrive upon) brand hacks.
  7. 7. Harmony in Diversity! Brand Harmonization is Ensuring that all products in a particular brand range have a consistent name, visualidentity and, ideally, positioning across a number of geographic or product/service markets.
  8. 8. European? Australian? Asian?When humanized, what avatar your brand will take? What unique traits will your brand possess. What individualcharacteristics will your brand reflect? While Brand Image is all about the tangible (physical & functional) benefits and attributes of a brand, brand personality is brand personification & associated intangible benefits.
  9. 9. BRAND RESONANCEBrand resonance can be defined as how well you connect with your customer both formally & casually. Creating resonance with your brand means your message has to permeate consumers’ minds and lives. More than ever, marketing needs to be impactful and emotive to create resonance.
  10. 10. Brand Positioning should be Supported by a Brand Story! Brand Story is the drama of past, present and future valuethat flows through you, and your products, to the customer. Brand stories should be written by customers, in their terms.
  11. 11. Brand Tribalism is Community Creation! A brand tribe is not just customers or consumers; it is a group of strong believers and brand advocates. Abrand tribe is a network of varied persons who are linked by a shared belief around a brand; they spread a positive word of mouth and play an important role in building brand reputation by providing endorsements.
  12. 12. Wishes you a Fantastic