IT Peer Network Starter’s Guide


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See how you can get started with the IT Peer Network in four easy steps.

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  • Not ready to sign up for the IT Peer Network Community? No worries. Feel free to look around, read some of the blogs, see who’s commenting on the discussion questions. Check out the profiles of the community members. If you want to engage and comment or view member bio’s, you have to sign in and set up a profile, and that’s easy to.
  • Yes, we’ve made it easy, but we have run into a few challenges. If you have problems logging in, please contact Jen Aust, the moderator, for help.Once you log in, please set up your profile
  • PANEL Q: Hey Chris, what are one or two key tips that make up a great bio?I would love to know more about who these people are. I know they are IT professionals, but WHO are they? What do they like to do in their free time? Do they love to cook, go shopping, do they love shoes or do they game in their free time. The idea here is to spice up these bios and add some personality. Reuse your LinkedIn or Twitter profile, how you want to be viewed externally
  • This is your community. Engage with your peers, communicate, share, listen. Want followers? Follow. Want commenters? Comment. This is social media!
  • This is your community. Engage with your peers, communicate, share, listen. Tag Your BlogYou want others to be able to find your blog based on keywordsUse a descriptive title: Identify the key theme(s) of your blog
  • PANEL Q: – Chris, Is there a right or wrong way to write a blog? You need to find your style and make it personable. Find your voice. What do you want someone to learn?Your style should match what you likeIf you’ve got the meat, write the meat If you can break it down, write several blogs - create a seriesShorter blogs are easier to read and have more engagementInclude links and images in your blogs to break up the textGraphics are easy to look at and help the reader understand your postLink to supporting articles and previous blog posts in your postWas your blog written in response to an article you recently read?Are you writing another blog in a series and you want to link back to your previous posts?
  • IT Peer Network Starter’s Guide

    1. 1. Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward IT Peer Network Starter’s Guide Prepared by Bonfire Marketing, Jennifer Aust Updated March 24, 2014
    2. 2. Welcome to the IT Peer Network What is the IT Peer Network?  The IT Peer Network (ITPN) is a community of IT professionals looking to discover the business value of IT and share best practices and insights. Who are the ITPN bloggers?  ITPN bloggers are approachable IT experts, who share their opinions and experiences with industry trends; new technology; and the intersection of business and IT. How do I get involved?  Check out the 4 easy steps in the following slides!
    3. 3. Step 1: Watch and Share 3 Share on your social networks Read blog posts View the discussions
    4. 4. Step 2: Set Up A Profile Login with your Intel account and register for Intel Communities. 4 Step 1: Click here and login automatically Step 2: We’ve made it easy
    5. 5. Let’s Get To Know You Think of your profile as a short introduction:  Upload a photo of yourself  Include a short bio – just a few sentences on your career, your education, and your interests.  Include links to where readers can connect with you on the web – Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog 5 Add social networks Share something personal Add a photo Short bio
    6. 6. Step 3: Engage 6 Add Matt as a friend See Matt’s profile and connect with him Comment on a post or discuss a question Rate posts & discussions
    7. 7. Step 4: Create A Blog 7 Step 3: Write A Title Step 4: Start Writing Step 1: Click Create Step 2: Choose IT Peer Network Step 5: Choose 1 or 2 Categories Step 6: Add Relevant Tags Step 7: Click Publish Step 8: Moderation
    8. 8. Tips & Tricks For A Successful Blog 8 Add Links Make It Readable Add Headlines Keep It Short 300-600 Words Make It Readable Add Bullets Add Images
    9. 9. Need Some Help? Congratulations on taking the first step in creating a blog. If you still have questions on how to get started, contact the IT Peer Network moderator:  Jennifer Aust, 9
    10. 10. Intel Confidential — Do Not Forward