Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint to Drive Performance by Scott Vaughan


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Technology is an essential ingredient for marketing leaders in today's digitally driven world. However, without an organized plan, tech investment is often a financial and resource drain. This presentation focuses on how to create a marketing tech "blueprint" that inventories your current technology and processes to identify gaps, silos, and choke points. This blueprint is an invaluable communications tool to get all stakeholders—including your tech vendors—on the same page. Learn how mapping your martech blueprint can increase communications, break down silos, increase lead velocity, deliver more accurate and actionable analytics, and drive marketing performance.

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Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint to Drive Performance by Scott Vaughan

  1. 1. Creating A Marketing Tech Blueprint to Drive Performance © 2014 Integrate | 1 Scott Vaughan Chief Marketing Officer @ScottAVaughan
  2. 2. Our Blueprint Discussion 2© 2014 Integrate | • The Promise of Marketing Technology • The Marketing Tech Blueprint Defined • Best Ways to Leverage the Blueprint • Blueprint Use Cases + Outcomes • Jump Starting Your Blueprint What’s on Tap
  3. 3. The Promise of Marketing Technology for Modern Marketing 3© 2014 Integrate |
  4. 4. Marketing’s Clear Mandate 4 Create Happy Customers, Sales Pipeline + ROI © 2014 Integrate | CUSTOMERS SALES PIPELINE MARKETING ROI
  5. 5. The Promise of Marketing Technology 5© 2014 Integrate | • Automate manual tasks + efforts • Power + personalize digital engagement • Enrich customer experience + conversations • Integrate siloed people + processes • Crunch + synthesize data for insights • Measure performance + ROI
  6. 6. Technology is an enabler − not a strategy!
  7. 7. 7© 2014 Integrate | Don’t Buy Into the Hype… CMOs WILL SPEND MORE ON TECH THAN CIOs BY 2017. *Source: Gartner Group
  8. 8. 8© 2014 Integrate | Or the Fear! *Source:
  9. 9. 9© 2014 Integrate |
  10. 10. The Marketing Tech Blueprint Approach: Fusing Business + Customer Goals with Technology + Processes 10© 2014 Integrate |
  11. 11. Define Business + Customer Goals 11© 2014 Integrate | Align + Prioritize Your Tech Investment + Initiatives DEMAND GEN: Increase lead velocity, data accuracy + measure ROI on media investment CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Create personalized experiences + increase customer lifetime value
  12. 12. The Marketing Tech Blueprint 12 Visually Document Current + Desired State © 2014 Integrate | Establish credibility with Stakeholders by: • Visually tell the story – map the why and vision to the how and delivery • Identify technologies, vendors and processes • Amplify and isolate needs, gaps and duplication • Align tech with marketing, data and lead processes
  13. 13. Team Discovery via Core Questions 13© 2014 Integrate | •What technologies do I need most? •How do they align, connect and overlap? •What processes are manual? What needs to be automated? •How much should I invest? •Which technologies are internal + which are vendor sources? •Which vendors should I work with? Based on Business + Customer Goals
  14. 14. 14© 2014 Integrate | Identify the most vital technologies to automate, integrate + optimize Take Inventory: Understanding Your Stack Social Media Websites Automation Analytics Search CMS CRM Call Tracking
  15. 15. Identify + Document the Processes 15© 2014 Integrate | Think about: • Mapping the customer experience + journey to your processes/systems • What steps are taken to initiate a marketing campaign/program? • How does data and lead flow through the system? • How is program performance reported, analyzed and optimized? …and then go down the list of marketing operations + workflow processes: Campaigns + Program Performance…Data/Analytics Measurement… Inquiries to Qualified Lead…Customer Lifecycle… Marketing-Sales Alignment…Accounting/Financial…ROI Attribution
  16. 16. Overlay Processes on Technology Develop Your Marketing Tech Blueprint © 2014 Integrate | Marketing Automation CRM/ Sales Systems Data Analytics Content Management Website Display Social Search Telemarketing RFP / Insertion Orders Data Governance Program Performance Reporting / Analysis Program Optimization Content Personalization 16 Lack of closed marketing loop for rapid program optimization and measurable ROI Lead validation/normalizat ion is a manual task – slows lead velocity and undermines quality Marketing Auto learnings not connected to CMS LEGEND Manual Data Flow Automatic Data Flow (Higher Velocity) Process Technology Roadblock
  17. 17. Identify + Prioritize Improvements Eliminate gaps, chokepoints + silos © 2014 Integrate | Marketing Automation RFP / Insertion Orders Data Governance Program Performance Reporting / Analysis CRM/ Sales Systems Data Analytics Content Management Website Display Social Search Telemarketing Program Optimization Content Personalization 17 LEGEND Manual Data Flow Automatic Data Flow (Higher Velocity) Process Technology Priority Improvement Use API integrations to close marketing loop and increase actionable insights Invest in data governance tech to improve lead velocity and quality Connect Marketing Automation to CMS 2 1 3
  18. 18. The Marketing Tech Blueprint Approach Use Case + Outcomes 18© 2014 Integrate |
  19. 19. 19© 2014 Integrate | Challenges: • Siloed marketing functions + communications – inefficient use of existing technology • Lead velocity was incredibly slow – took up to 30+ days to get from source to sales team • No attribution + fragmented reporting – hinders the ability to optimize or measure ROI • Didn’t understand the sources of problems – just the symptoms Use Case for Marketing Tech Blueprint Tech Company Focusing on Improving Inquiry to Customer
  20. 20. Use Case: Inquiry to Lead Performance Where to Apply Tech + Process Change + Investment CRM Data Governance SystemSearch Event Attendees Website Social 32 Partners Set-up in Cloud Marketing Automation Lead scoring Nurturing Telemarketing Lists MA Responses for Cleansing Cleansed/Enriched Response Data Data Governance or Direct to CRM (Already BANT Qualified) Insertion Order Creation Campaign Management Content Management Lead / Data Analysis Posting Specs Campaign Performance Reporting Media Invoicing 20© 2014 Integrate | Manual data delivery between systems slowed lead velocity Lack of attribution and delayed reporting prevented effective measurement and optimization
  21. 21. Outcomes + Results 21© 2014 Integrate | Actions & Results • Streamlined and automated front end processes for sourcing and launching campaigns to improve productivity • Averaged a 25% reduction in time and resources • Integrated systems and lead sources; all data went through 1 process • Drastically increased lead velocity by nearly 30% • Invested in data governance technologies to improve data accuracy and sales time efficiency (and customer experience) • 42% increase in marketing leads rejected by sales • With one process and integrated systems now able to close the loop to measure ROI on existing marketing/sales systems • Increased ROI by 18%
  22. 22. Putting Your Blueprint to Work Getting started + on the bus! 22© 2014 Integrate |
  23. 23. Put Your Blueprint to Work 23 Empowers You to Communicate + Articulate Tech Investments + Choices © 2013 Integrate | Executive + Board of Directors • Provides complete strategy + investment view Line of Business Owners • Gets everybody on the same page Marketing + IT Collaboration • Develops a playbook for joint communications Tech Vendors + Partners • Identifies + better evaluates vendor/partner value
  24. 24. Jump Starting Your Blueprint 24  Form a small cross-discipline working group  Take inventory of existing tech + processes  Build your Martech Blueprint  Identify choke points, silos + biggest needs  Look for quick wins  Review + share with execs, stakeholders + vendors  Evolve with business needs © 2014 Integrate |
  25. 25. 25© 2014 Integrate | Get on the Bus & Rollin!
  26. 26. © 2014 Integrate | THANK YOU Scott Vaughan CMO, Integrate @ScottAVaughan 26