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Ram Gopal US Insurance multichannel & gamification
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Ram Gopal US Insurance multichannel & gamification


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Ram Gopal nous présente le marché US de l'assurance sous l'angle du multicanal, des avancées analytiques et nous présente le concept de la "gamification" en assurance.

Ram Gopal nous présente le marché US de l'assurance sous l'angle du multicanal, des avancées analytiques et nous présente le concept de la "gamification" en assurance.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Managing Customer Relationships in theInsurance Industry –Internet, Analytics, and Engagement –Stories from an American PerspectiveRam GopalDepartment of Operations and Information ManagementSchool of Business, University of Connecticut
  • 2. Location
  • 3. BUSINESS ANALYTICSPredictive ModelingBusiness Decision ModelingData Mining and Business IntelligenceBusiness Process Modeling and Data ManagementReal-Time Enterprise Data Integration and AuditPROJECT MANAGEMENTProject ManagementProject Risk and Cost ManagementAdvanced Project ManagementProject Leadership and CommunicationsBusiness, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society
  • 4. Peter Bothwell, Vice President, Business Intelligence & Analytics, TravelersNancy Davis, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, UTCLynn Merritt, HR Information Manager Workforce Analytics, AetnaKonstantinos Spetsaris, Senior Vice President of Analytics, NielsenCarlos Rossi, Assistant Controller, Business Transformation, IBMBoard of Advisors
  • 5. Points of Discussion• Understanding Web Clients• Gamification Initiatives• Competing on Analytics
  • 6. Business Imperative: Cost ofServicing Members Over 12 million members Significant Cost Implications Call Center cost 50 times Web Service costWeb PortalIVRCall CenterAgent
  • 7. Business Imperative: Cost ofServicing Members Over 12 million members Those who call – average count = 3.2 Those who use web – average count = 3.4Web PortalIVRCall CenterAgent30%70%
  • 8. Challenges Marketing Push Ineffective Frequency of Usage Varies Message Dissipates Quickly Demographic Variations Web Usage Drivers Who and How? Right Triggers at the Right Time
  • 9. Patterns or points of interestMost calls and web hits come from a few states
  • 10. DemographicsGeneration Average – Web Use Average – Call UsePre Boomer 0.36 3.09Boomer 0.96 2.92Gen X 1.28 2.27Gen Y 1.14 2.15Gender Average – Web Use Average – Call UseFemale 0.88 2.84Male 1.19 2.43Marriage Average – Web Use Average – Call UseMarried 1.08 2.61Single 0.89 2.76
  • 11. Prediction Modeling To identify who is a good candidate forconversion to web usage. Model Built on Classification Trees (factors thatinfluenced included age, marital status, income,call usage, and location) Excellent Predictive AbilityActual 0 Actual 1Predicted 0 126,522 23,948Predicted 1 10331,630
  • 12. Model Implementation Use IVR to play a message to select customers toencourage web use Call center agents will be notified when a customer ispredicted as a web user so they can promote &educate the web Develop a click to chat feature for customersidentified by the model Change reward structure of call center agents topromote switch to web useWeb PortalIVRCall CenterAgent
  • 13. Customer Engagement –Missing PiecesMotivationFun!
  • 14. Gartner’s hype cycle14
  • 15. Games Gamification• Goal• Rules• Feedback System• VoluntaryGamification is the use ofgame design techniques,game thinking and gamemechanics to enhance non-game contextsGames Vs. GamificationSource: Yaniv Corem, IBM15
  • 16. 16
  • 17. Who Plays Games?
  • 18. CIGNA - GamificationCigna is utilizing gaming in numerousengagements across our business. Gamingis a unique channel that provides Cigna theopportunity to make self-management ofhealth a fun and engaging experience
  • 19. CIGNA – Gamification Initiatives
  • 20. Gamifying Health
  • 21. Zamzee Activity MeterUpload ActivityTrack ProgressEarn Badges, Climb LevelsEarn Rewards
  • 22. Vertical Markets•Extended FanExperience•Social Engagement•Rewards ProgramsEntertainment Media & PublishingHealthcare/Wellness• Accelerates Training• Improves Productivity• Increases PositiveBehaviors• Develops team-buildingEnterpriseRetailEducationSource: M2 Research
  • 23. Growth of Gamification25