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Biz wri goodwill - online

  1. 1. Business Writing Goodwill emails
  2. 2. Objectives This tutorial helps learners write miscellaneous goodwill messages of… • gratitude • congratulation • condolence and sympathy
  3. 3. Common Layout Three-part plan • Head Who(m), What, When • Body previous contact/ introduction/ background purpose Core wh-questions Conclusion • Introduction expected action/response End Complimentary closing Signature block
  4. 4. An email of Thanks Ref/Rea Background Core Express gratitude Res Closing Thank again
  5. 5. Examples: Dear Mr Kahn, I arrived home safely yesterday, and would like to thank you for all your help during my stay in Karachi, and the delicious dinner on my final evening. The chicken tikka was wonderful. My trip to Pakistan was very successful, and I look forward to meeting you again at the annual sales meeting in Paris next year. I will be able to show you around the city and return your hospitality. I have attached a few photographs of the dinner. Thank you again. Yours faithfully Amanda Jacobs
  6. 6. Examples: Dear Mr Deksen Thank you very much for assisting Michael Hobbs while he was in Oslo. I know that he has already written to you expressing his gratitude, but I would like to add a word of appreciation myself. The introductions you made for him and information he gained will be extremely useful in our Scandinavian export programme. If I can return the favour on some future occasion, please let me know. Yours sincerely
  7. 7. Examples: Dear Mrs Usher I understand that you placed an unusually large order with us yesterday, and I would like to say how very much your continued confidence in us is appreciated. The happy working relationship between us for many years has always been valued and we shall do our best to maintain it. Yours sincerely
  8. 8. Examples: Dear Mr Watts I am writing to say how much we appreciate the promptness with which you have settled your accounts with us during the past year, especially as a number of them have been for very large amounts. This has been of great help to us at a time when we have been faced with heavy commitments connected with the expansion of our business. I hope our business relationship will continue in the future. Yours sincerely
  9. 9. Examples: Dear Miss Armstrong Thank you for your letter of 30 March returning the draft of the catalogue we propose to send to our customers. I am very grateful for the trouble you have taken to examine the draft and comment on it in such detail. Your suggestions will be very helpful. I realize the value of time to a busy person like you and this makes me all the more appreciative of the time you have so generously given. Yours sincerely
  10. 10. An email of Congratulation Ref/Rea The good news Core • • Congratulate Give a compliment Res Closing Send wishes
  11. 11. Examples: Dear Dr Roberts I would like to convey my warm congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Electrical Industries Ltd. My fellow directors and I are delighted that the many years of service you have given to your company should at last have been rewarded in this way. We all join in sending you our very best wishes for the future. Your sincerely
  12. 12. Examples: Dear Mr Corney I would like to offer my congratulations on your election as Chairman of our Trade Association. No one has done more to deserve the honour, or has worked harder to promote our interests. You can count on my full support, and that of my colleagues, during your term of office. I wish you every success for the future. Yours sincerely
  13. 13. An email of Condolence Ref/Rea The bad news Core • Show sympathy Res Closing Express sympathy again
  14. 14. Examples: Dear Mrs Anderson We were distressed to read in The Times this morning that your Chairman has passed away and I am writing at once to express our deep sympathy. I had the privilege of knowing Sir James for many years and always regarded him as a personal friend. By his untimely passing our industry has lost one of its best leaders. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Please convey our sympathy to Lady Langley and her family. Yours sincerely
  15. 15. Examples: Dear Mr Kerr I have learned with deep regret of the death of your wife. There is not much one can say at a time like this, but all of us at Simpsons who have dealt with you would like to extend our sincere sympathy at your loss. Please include us among those who share your sorrow at this sad time. Yours sincerely
  16. 16. Examples: Dear Bill When I called at your office yesterday I was very sorry to learn that you had been in a car accident on your way home from work recently. However I was equally relieved to learn that you making good progress and are likely to be back at work again in a few weeks. I had a long talk with Susan Carson and was glad to learn of your rising export orders. I expect to be in Leicester again at the end of next month and shall take the opportunity to call on you. Meanwhile I wish you a speedy recovery. Yours sincerely
  17. 17. Business Writing Goodwill emails