The Digital Oobeya at the European Lean IT Summit


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Mr. Tanaka is an expert of the “Oobeya” method used to visually manage complex, transversal projects. At the European Lean IT Summit 2012, he presented his latest innovation: the “digital oobeya”, or how to combine technology and this state-of-the-art project management method in a distributed team context.

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The Digital Oobeya at the European Lean IT Summit

  1. 1. Copyright © Institut Lean France 2012 22 & 23 November, 2012 Paris, FranceDigital OobeyaBy Takashi Tanaka, 3DS
  2. 2. 3DS.COM © Dassault Systèmes | Confidential Information | 03/12/2012 ref.: Document_Reference | Takashi Tanaka Digital Oobeya
  3. 3. Projects used Physical Oobeya Vice ProjectTime Location Detail Member President Leader1985 • Toyota: RAV4, Estima, E-com Y Y Japan • Shimazu: MRI, CT, System Y Y • Mitsubishi Chemical: Central Lab Y Y1990 • Ford Europe: Sales, After sales Y Y Germany • Volvo: Car and Truck Y Y France • GM: Global platform, Factory Y Y Italy • Design Studio Y USA2000 • Harley Davidson: 5-Platform Y Y Y • Boeing: Project A Y Project B Y Y Y USA Project C Y2010 Engineering VPs Y Y
  4. 4. Physical Oobeya: Basic Layout Objective: • Front loading • Collaboration • Bottle-neck solution
  5. 5. 3- Layers for Oobeya
  6. 6. Chief Engieer of Toyota Oobeya: Engineering VP CEO VP Engineering Chief Project A Engineer Project B CE --- CE Cost Quality Delivery Matrix & Metrics Target Body Under DOK 1st proto break down -10% 90% May 1 Chassis Platform Standardized committee ---- New navigation system committee VP Production Cost Reduction VP Marketing, Sales Executives lead cross- functinal committee ... -20% DOK On time 80% Dec 15
  7. 7. Oobeya: Engineering VP Why using IT? • Secret and too many dataCompany • Cauterized & common information Target Program central (PRG) Metrics Schedule Engineering Month Week Issues Matrix & Metrics Engineering Quality Target Achievable Actual Jan Feb Mar--- Dec Production Cost Actual Achievable Target Jan Feb Mar--- Dec Sales Production Live Collaboration(CPF) Program central (PRG) Quality Target IT ENOVIA VPM central 担当者 タスク定義 WBS Achievable Actual プロジェクトX Jan Feb Mar--- Dec タスク1 タスク1.1 Actual Cost タスク1.2 Achievable ---- タスク2 Target Jan Feb Mar--- Dec タスク2.1 タスク2.2 IGES タスク3 タスク3.1 STEP
  8. 8. Oobeya: Projects Designer Central (DEC) Live Collaboration (CPF)Requirements Central(RMT) Program central (PRG) 担当者 タスク定義 WBS プロジェクトX タスク1 タスク1.1 タスク1.2 タスク2 タスク2.1 タスク2.2 タスク3 タスク3.1 ENOVIA VPM Central Live Collaboration(CPF) ENOVIA V6 PROD.CONFIG1.1 PART1.1 PROD.CONFIG1 既 存 構 PART1 PART2 成 コ ピ ー PART2 ASSY1 PART3 PART3 MODEL3 C PART4 A D / MODEL3 E PART4 B PCB.Part6 O M 同 期 PCB.Part6 Elec.PART1 ECAD.PCB6 Elec.PART1 Elec.PART2 ECAD.SCM6 Elec.PART2 CADの構成 アダプ レット or 外部ファ イ ル読込み WEBサービ ス 既存の構成 L Num. R Name Attr. 0 12000 6 PRODXX - - - - -- 1 12300 4 ASSYX ---- 2 12341 3 PARTX - -- - - 2 12369 1 PARTY - -- 1 12400 2 ASSYY CSVファ イ ル 外部のPDM/PLMシステム
  9. 9. Oobeya: Demo
  10. 10. Product Complexity Software: Lines of code Prius Hybrid Lexus LS 100M 787 6.5M F-35 5.7MSources: IEEE Automotive designline
  11. 11. Concept of “Quality into Process” Occurrence prevention 1 2 3 4 Inspection Delivery No No No No defect defect defect defect Outflow prevention
  12. 12. “Quality into Process” Tools Right on time First time Planning Design Test Production Delivery Customer 2. Requirement Occurrence prevention 3. Standardization • Product Design 4. Standardization8. Feedback • Working Process 1. Oobeya System 5. Design Review Outflow prevention at each gate 6. Personnel Training • Multi-skilled engineer 7. Check sheet
  13. 13. Copyright © Institut Lean France 2012 22 & 23 November, 2012 Paris, FranceMore Lean IT presentations and videos on