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Introduction to Inbound Marketing
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Introduction to Inbound Marketing



A brief introduction to some of the fundamental aspects of Inbound Marketing. ...

A brief introduction to some of the fundamental aspects of Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is a content driven methodology that leverages the Internet to enable people and organizations to
- Be readily found on the Web
- Earn the attention and engagement of prospects
- Establish a value proposition that enhances the volume and quality of leads

Doing Inbound Marketing well is very challenging but the rewards can be very substantial. This presentation provides a glimpse into the nature of this suite of techniques and how to optimize activity and outcomes.

For more introductory information on Inbound Marketing, check out this blog post: http://instantops.blogspot.com/2013/07/introduction-to-inbound-marketing.html



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    Introduction to Inbound Marketing Introduction to Inbound Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Instant Ops IT Solutions Introduction to Inbound Marketing www.instantops.ca
    • Inbound Marketing Definition  A Content Driven methodology that leverages the Internet to enable people and organizations to  Be readily found on the Web  Earn the attention and engagement of prospects  Establish a value proposition that enhances the volume and quality of leads
    • Enabling a New Lead Generation Paradigm Content leads to Interest … Interest leads to Engagement … Engagement leads to Belonging … Belonging leads to Trust … Trust leads to Preference … Preference leads to Opportunity
    • The Relationship Among Relationships One-to-Many (Broadcast) Many-to-Many (Community) One-to-One (Hot Lead to Customer) Must Have Can Have Goal
    • IM Entails Deep and Ongoing Commitments  IM require regular and substantial activity  A critical mass of frequent and quality content and engagement is required  The organization must have the will to make this level and duration of investment to reap the rewards Quality / Frequency IM Success Quality Frequency
    • Many To Do’s to Be Successful Leads  Graceful transition to personal sales engagement  Consistency between personal engagement and IM content  Timely and quality provisioning of commitment(s) with build-up to proposal Nurturing  Automated and regular prospect follow-up after conversion  Follow up content strong on information and/or entertainment and light on self promotion  Offers for no and/or low cost trial engagement Conversions  Relevant and compelling content  Well written content that informs and/or entertains  Frequently and regularly updated content  Well presented website and landing pages Visibility  High ranking and frequently used key words  Key word optimized content  Social Media engagement  Inbound links  Volume of content  Quality of content Anonymous Known Impersonal Prospect Personal Prospect Prospect Nurturing Lead Nurturing
    • A New Funnel  Legacy approaches generally just manage a sales funnel  IM adds its own funnel for generating leads  The IM funnel is on a much larger scale than the sales funnel Visitor Impersonal Prospect Personal Prospect Lead 1 – 50 % 51 – 75 % 76 – 99 % Closed Inbound Marketing Funnel Sales Funnel
    • IM Funnel Tools and Goals Funnel Stage Goals  Get Found by Thousands  Be Followed by Hundreds  Create Dozens of Leads Funnel Stage Tools  SEO  Content – Blogs, Docs …  Salesmanship
    • IM Funnel Math Lead Generation Levels by Phase Success Rates Per Month Searches containing your content Find You Convert Lead Ttl. Leads Per year 1000 5% 5% 10% 0.25 3 2000 5% 5% 10% 0.5 6 5000 5% 5% 10% 1.25 15 10000 5% 5% 10% 2.5 30 Notes: Numbers are for illustration only – results will vary Better SEO and dynamic content improves "Find You" Better content and environments improves "Convert" Better overall experience, especially personal interaction, improves “Leads”
    • Becoming More Visible  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires extensive development and analysis of Key Words  What key words do people looking for offerings like yours most commonly use  Which key words most closely relate to your specific offering(s), value proposition(s), differentiation, etc  Key Words need to be woven as extensively as practical into all content  Engagement in Social Media helps to create communities around your organization and conversation about you improves your SEO  Maximizing inbound links improves your SEO  Blogging, at least once per week, is critical to SEO and connecting with prospects
    • Content Alignment to Buying Phases Perform Research Prospect knows there is a problem that needs to be solved Establish Buying Criteria Prospect recognizes a need for a solution like yours Evaluate Vendors Prospect seeks solutions to their need, ready to buy Whitepaper Guides & tips eBook Checklist Video Webinar Case study Sample Product spec sheet Catalog Trial Demo Consultation Estimate / Quote Coupon Two Levels of Offer Content Level 1: Impersonal – no human interaction Level 2: Personal - conversation
    • Inbound Marketing Content  The organization must supply a steady stream of content that is valuable to target market(s)  Content must be informative, engaging and/or entertaining  Results of a successful program will include  Improved positioning of the organization as the expert in target area(s)  Prospect, customer and partner buy-in to the org’s ethos and positioning  Broad preference for the org. due to perspective alignment and trust eBooks White Papers Blogs eMail Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
    • Why Make a Commitment to IM?  Legacy outbound approaches are becoming less and less successful  The Internet is where people go to facilitate their buying process  It is a uniquely powerful method to initiate, develop and maintain business relationships  Over the long term it is less expensive and more productive to prospect via IM vs. legacy means
    • Instant Ops – Just Add You Just Add You www.instantops.ca