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Netflow analyzer- Datasheet

  1. 1. Product Brochure ManageEngine Manage NetFlow Analyzer The key to better Network Visibility & Security“ It has helped identify our biggest bandwidth abusers and malicious applications running on the network. It also has an easy interface to see the network stats on our different locations. ” Nick Rieber, Technology Specialist, Glenbard High School District 87. Traffic Analysis and Zero-Day Security AnalyticsManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a traffic analysis ? network incidents faster Troubleshootand network forensics tool that leverages on the wide Real-time visibility into the top applications and l talkersrange of management technologies that are part of Traffic pattern on interfaces and IP based lyour Routers/Switches/WAN Accelerators. As the only departmentsproduct that supports Cisco NetFlow, Cisco NBAR,Cisco CBQoS and IPSLA (VoIP) out-of-the-box, ? Ensure application performance Assure optimum bandwidth to your business lNetFlow Analyzer provides unparalleled visibility into critical applicationsyour network and how it impacts your business. Ensure that your applications are running with l ® ® appropriate priorityNetFlow Analyzer also supports sFlow , cflowd , ® ® ®jFlow , IPFIX , NetStream . ?performance in your network Monitor VoIP Monitor the key performance metrics of your l VoIP network and determine its health l parameters measured include Jitter, The Latency, Packet Loss and more. ? Advanced Security Analytics Module Real-time network security event monitoring l Context-sensitive Zero-Day anomaly detection l Seamless internal and external threat l monitoring ?QoS policy settings Validate your l Reports on per class pre-policy, post-policy, drops and queues
  2. 2. Salient Features Professional Plus Edition For Small and Medium Businessesl your own IP based departments andCreate divisions. l installation with integrated collector Single and reporting engine.Customizable dashboard.l Suitable for monitoring upto 600 interfaces. lAdd custom applications based on port / hosts.l Real-time l reports with up-to-the-secondAutomatic alerting when usage thresholds arel visibility. violated and option to generate & schedule periodic reports. Support for usage/volume based billing and l charge-back.Supports Cisco NBAR for intelligent applicationl categorization based on deep-packet inspection.Support for Flexible NetFlow NBAR, SNMP V3l and Cisco ASA. Enterprise Edition For Large EnterprisesReporting on Cisco CBQoS for class based trafficl usage patterns. lon a robust central server - collector Built architecture.Advanced data storage : Every flow from everyl device stored for upto 1 month. Aggregated data Scales l upto 20,000 interfaces from a stored forever for historic reports. centralized monitoring console.l on both Windows and Linux, 30 day freeRuns Secure HTTPS communication between l evaluation with technical support. central server and collector. Support for Fail-Over and reporting across l time-zones. l on both Windows and Linux (32 bit and Runs 64 bit) For more information: Website : www.netflowanalyzer.comNetFlow Analyzer’s traffic graphs show bandwidth Email : netflowanalyzer-support@manageengine.comconsumption details for different time periods, based on Toll Free : +1 888 720 9500volume, rate, percentage utilization of the link andpackets. ManageEngine provides affordable software for management and provisioning of complete networks, systems, and IT applications. With a broad product portfolio and an active customer base ranging from enterprises, equipment vendors, and service providers. ManageEngine has emerged as a very affordable and high quality alternative to expensive software that is common in this industry. ZOHO Corp., Inc. 4900 Hopyard Rd, Suite 310, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USAAdvanced Security Analytics Module can help detect Website : www.manageengine.comvarious security threats such as DDoS attacks, Emai : eval@manageengine.comunauthorized scans & probes, network anomalies etc. Phone : +1 925 924 9500