Inspiring Teachers Jan 2011


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Inspiring Teachers Jan 2011

  1. 1. Jan 2011Volume 5, Issue 1 Inspiring Teachers Driving educational change through excellence in teaching Editor’s Comments It’s not just the beginning of Teacher’s Academy has professional colleges. This a new year, but also a new formed an advisory month Behera writes about an decade. The last two board with experienced initiative he has taken in his decades have been eventful and passionate people school. with the opening of our from academics and There’s also excerpt from a economy and the industry. The year 2011 book by Malcolm GladwellThis month: consumerism that has now is being named as ‘The that is related to teachers.Article review - become all pervasive. So year for the Predictions for the next what’s the difference what’s the next decade professional decade and a picture contest between a bad and a good going to be like? I invite you colleges’ with focus on and more…. teacher? … …..2 to write your opinions on faculty development and Read on and share…Uma this topic to publish in 2011. differentiation forClassroom Journal…………3Behera Connect with Teacher’s Academy on Facebook, LinkedIn and TwitterDouble Meanings?-email fwd………...3KVJ for next decade…………4 links …4 !! Contests !!Announcements…5 1. Please suggest a creative tagline for the academy along with a logo/symbol for ‘the year of the professional colleges’. Entries should reach by e-mail before 15th Jan 2011 to If your suggestion is used by Teacher’s Academy, you will get a SurPRIZE. If you don’t feel creative enough, just answer the poll on our site 2. The website is due for another revamp. Please send your ideas to make the site more useful and to drive traffic to the site on a daily basis. If your idea gets used, you get credit on the site. Send to before 10th Jan 2011
  2. 2. Inspiring Teachers Page 2 of 5 What’s the difference between a good and a bad teacher? For those who haven’t read in this article was some teacher covers 1 ½ years or heard of Malcolm Stanford survey about worth in one academic year Gladwell, he has been a staff teaching that he has whereas a bad teacher writer with The New Yorker referred to. covers ½ year’s worth. So a magazine since 1996. In He starts with the student is better off in bad 2005 he was named one of statement that student school with a good teacher Time Magazines 100 Most performance is a crude than an excellent school Influential People. He is the measure of a teacher’s with a bad teacher. author of four books, "The ability, since a teacher is Similarly, you have to cut Tipping Point: How Little not responsible for how down the class size to half to Things Make a Big much is learnt and also all get the same boost as you Difference," (2000) , "Blink: that a teacher has taught would get by switching from The Power of Thinking cannot be captured in a an average teacher to a good Without Thinking" (2005), standardized test. teacher. Given that salaries and "Outliers: The Story of But well, this is the metric of both teachers are same, Success" (2008) "What the chosen for this study. you can figure out the costs Dog Saw" (2009). Eric Hanushek of Stanford of doubling number of In this last book, he has an has conducted extensive classes to hiring good article titled ‘Most likely to studies and concluded teachers. He calculates that succeed’ with a tagline ‘how that teacher effects dwarf among reforms like classEditorial Review of one do we hire when we can’t class-size effects and size, curricula and funding,article - ‘Most likely tosucceed’, from Malcolm tell who’s right for the job’. school standards. He says nothing matters more thanGladwell’s ‘What the What I was quite impressed that on an average a good hiring and funding the rightdog saw and other kind of teachers.adventures’ Gladwell talks at length of the process and the costs the financial industry incurs in hiring, filtering and grooming investment advisors. Then he closes the paragraph with a thought provoking line – ‘what does it say about a society that devotes more care and patience to selection of those who handle its money than of those who handle its children? Now comes the even more important facet of the study. It is very difficult to know who a good teacher is before they start performing. Typically, we think higher quality of teachers is better grades in academics and cognition. However, this study suggests that teaching is much more complicated than just being ‘book smart’. The skills required are ability to engage the students, to be in control without being aggressive, to quickly take rounds of class and give individual attention to students.
  3. 3. Inspiring Teachers Page 3 of 5The classroom journal, an experiment – Bhagirathi BeheraIn my journey as a teacher, which is for the students 3. Features- Special Issue,I recently had an and by the students. The Student’s page, Teacher’sexperience of bringing out teachers will only help. page, Campus page etc.the school magazine. When This provides a platform The frequency of thethe committee asked for for the students to show journal can be quarterlyarticles, poems, jokes etc, their creative skills. or bimonthly. We haveno one was interested to With the help of the named it “The Campus”submit. Even those who students we came up with and I am happy to say thedid, many had copied from 1. Creative team-Teacher first issue has come thisthe internet and had to be Editor. Student Editor, The classroom journal month as a special Newrejected. Student Designer, Campus Year issue.This made me think. Are Reporter, Publisher etc. Students were extremely Bhagirathi Behera works inthe children really 2. Sections- story, poem, happy and excited by Shantinikethan Vidyalaya inincapable of thinking and jokes, birthdays, seeing their work and Shamirpet, near Hyderabad.writing on their own? Is achievements, You can get a copy of The craft on printed format. Ilanguage their problem? Or celebrations, results, Campus by e-mailing: feel that students willthinking? To address this upcoming events, special overcome their fear ofproblem, I crafted the idea messages, announcements writing by contributing tocalled classroom journal etc. this journal regularly.Double meanings? – fwded by KV JayakumarThey will also get• The bandage was wound around the wound. • They were too close to the door to close it.• The farm was used to produce produce. • The buck does funny things when the does are present.• The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse • A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line.• We must polish the Polish furniture. • To help with planting, the farmer taught his• He could lead if he would get the lead out. sow to sow.• The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the • The wind was too strong to wind the sail. desert. • After a number of injections my jaw got• Since there is no time like the present, he thought number. it was time to present the present. • Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a• A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. tear.• When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. • I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.• I did not object to the object. • How can I intimate this to my most intimate• The insurance was invalid for the invalid. friend?• There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row.
  4. 4. Inspiring Teachers Page 4 of 5 Higher Education predictions for the next decade com • The value associated with post-graduate degrees in Computer Science/related fields continues to decline, because you can always pick up “hot” skills in the industry if you are motivated and thus increase your market value. Formal education will matter less and less. The phenomena of bright programmer kids dropping out of school to do jobs/startups will happen in India on a wider scale. Picture Contest • However, for those interested in R&D, post-graduate education will continue to serve as a great formal introduction to the method of research and the span of their research area. Knowing how to do R&D may not be enough — how to commercialize it will matter equally.Write 50 words of whatthe above picture • Early and rapid skills acquisition’ will become important for students and freshconveys to you. Send graduates if they want to survive in this industry. Downturns will be moreyour entry before 5th pronounced and more people will lose jobs when that happens. So graduatesJan 2011 to will need to plan careers carefully and figure out the entire bouquet of skills ( . The just tech skills) for them to grow in a company. At the same time, due to moremost interesting answer R&D, product development, and entrepreneurship happening in India,will get a surPRIZE. opportunities for graduates will increase. As always, entire new sectors will also emerge and they will need IT From Interesting Links • Corporates allowed to start technical institutions • MyDrona: An affordable portable personalized educational platform • EazyNotes – a site put by a computer science teacher two-letter word in • The future of presenting has moremeanings than any • A first hand account of ICT in educationother two-letter word • Discover the creative engineer in you • Singapore teacher network •
  5. 5. Inspiring Teachers Page 5 of 5 For your students…Teacher’s Academy Hyderabad PHONE: 97011 41118 2011 can apply. For more We are looking for young, e-mail your resume with a 200 details contact talented and enthusiastic word write up of why you want E-MAIL: interns for training, to do this internship. Stipend for the period will marketing, content writing, range from 4,000/- to 7,000/- website management and based on the performance of other activities. Those who the candidate. are studying or graduating in About Teacher’s Academy… Started three years ago, Please do leave your If anyone is passionate already 1600 teacher feedback on workshops on about changing the members on-line, 25 the site About Us education scenario and to See us at: colleges and 10 schools Clients say work with Teacher’s touched by the training. Academy can send Share articles, useful resume and talk to me. Long term projects are links, teaching resources being taken up for and tips for effective --Thanks professional colleges. teaching with a growing Uma Garimella Continuous support and community of our teacher multiple initiatives will be mailing list. included for holistic and sustainable change.