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Thomas Jestin at Inspired Digital 2010
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Thomas Jestin at Inspired Digital 2010


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Thomas Jestin from KRDS presentation at "Inspired Digital 2010". …

Thomas Jestin from KRDS presentation at "Inspired Digital 2010".
The rules have changed! More and more customers are using digital media that provides more oportunities for companies to reach their target audience even more precisely and effectively. Therefore we have organized a one day seminar "Inspired & Digital 2010" to talk about the rules of the digital environment, provide more understanding about customer needs and behaviour in order to help companies apply the most effective digital media channels for solutions that involve and engage customers!

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  • 1. “How brands should harness the viral power of Facebook?”
    Thomas Jestin, co-founder of KRDS
  • 2. A fact to startwith
    Pepsi spent more than $250 million in Super Bowl TV ads during the past 20 years
    This year, Pepsi has opted out of TV…
    …in favor of its online Facebook-connected Refresh Everything charity project
  • 3. A fact to startwith
    “Instead of getting 30 seconds to connect with their customers, they’re getting 30 days”
    Mike Murphy,
    vice-president of global sales at Facebook
  • 4. Brands can no longer ignore Facebook
    400 million monthly active users
    1 billion before 2011
  • 5. 200 million daily active users
  • 6. 55 minutes per day per average user
    « Must dash….need to spendsome time on Facebook »
  • 7. 60 million status updates posted each day
  • 8. 3 billion photos uploaded to the site each month
  • 9. 20 billion pieces of content shared each month
  • 10. Now, Facebook leads sharing on the web!
  • 11. The advent of Facebook
  • 12. So brands can no longer ignore Facebook…
  • 13. But are theywelcome on Facebook?
  • 14. Or are theyregarded as party crashers?
  • 15. Good news!
    Brands are ratherwelcome!
  • 16. The power of Facebook Pages:
    A once in a decade marketing revolution
  • 17. A Facebook page:“a tool that allows entities such as public figures and organizations to broadcast information to their fans’ Facebook homepages…
    …. for free…
    ….and without limits”
  • 18. =
    Easysubscription to a brand’s news
  • 19. A MultimediaPublishingtool
    News canbe:
  • The Story Tellingera
    To leverage the full potential of Facebook, brands need to tell Facebook-tailored stories to their fans, using all media available.
  • 25. The Story Tellingera
    « On Facebook, it’s far better to publishten 1-minute-long videos, one everyday….
    …than to publish a 10-minutes-long videoat once »
  • 26. An interactive tool
    Fans can:
    Watch videos straight fromtheir home pages
    Comment content
    Like content
    Share content withtheirfriends
  • 27. A verypopulartool!
    More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
    More than 20 million new fans of Pages each day
    More than 5.3 billion fans
    Average user becomes a fan of 4 Pages each month
  • 28. A boon for local businesses
    More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook
    «  Facebook fans visit more, they spend more during their visit, they have a higher attachment to the brand »
    a study from Rice University shows.
  • 29. Some brands are lucky…
    …they’realreadypopularoutside of Facebook and have gained fans effortlessly
  • 30. Lessfamous brands need to marketactivelytheir pages
  • 31. The targeting power of FacebookAds
    Brands cantargettheir audience as it has never been possible before
  • 32. FacebookAds Case Study
    Avenue 100 Media Solutions, a performance marketing company, ran a CPC campaign on Facebook in january that served more than 3 billion impressions
    For a specific product and ad group within its campaign, it achieved impressive results compared to similar campaigns it ran with search engines:
    120% difference in unique CTR
    100% difference in conversion rate
    455% difference in margin
  • 33. Ads-drivenusers have to beincentivized to become fans withoffers or special content
  • 34. BNP Paribas Case Study
    Wewant fans!
  • 35. BNP Paribas Case Study
    That’s a tough time being a bank right now
    BNP Paribas pridesitself for supporting the film industry
    Why not giveawaymovie tickets to fans?
  • 36. On BNP Paribas FB Page
    A dailysweeptake: 1000 movie tickets to be won everydayduring 1 month
    To take part, users have to become fans of the bank
    Sample of the winners of the daybefore
  • 37. Userswereprompted to share the offerwithfriends
  • 38. BNP Paribas Case Study
    TrafficfromFacebookAds to the Facebook Page
    120 000 fans
    Number 1 bank on Facebook in terms of fans
    1 monthlater
    0 fan
    Daily sweepstake on the Facebook Page
  • 39. Follow the golden rule!
    Most of the content published by a brand has to remain consistent with the reasonwhyusersbecame fans in the first place
    If youdon’t, fans willsimplyhideyourposts
    In BNP Paribas case:
    the bankshouldkeepposting about films 4 out of 5 times
    and post bankoffers 1 out of 5 times
  • 40. The power of FacebookApps
  • 41. Whatis a Facebookapp?
     a websitefullyembedded in Facebook
  • 42. Whatis a Facebookapp?
      whereuserscan use Facebook viral features to seamlesslysharewhatthey’redoing withtheirfriends
  • 43. Whatis a Facebookapp?
      whereuserscan use Facebook viral features to seamlesslysharewhatthey’redoing withtheirfriends
  • 44. A new appislaunched
  • 45. The appisadvertisedamong a first set of users
  • 46. Someusersinteractwith the app
  • 47. Theysharetheiractivitywithfriends
  • 48. Somefriends use the app, and shareitwiththeirfriends…
  • 49. A successfulplatform
    More than 1 million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries
    Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with applications
    More than 500,000 active applications
    More than 250 applications > 1 million monthly active users
  • 50. Case Study: « The greatest quiz of France »
    I want:
    • To createbuzz about my new TV show
    • 51. Traffic to mywebsite
    Number 1 French TV Channel
  • 52. KRDS’ answer
    The Facebookapp
    « The greatest quiz of France »
  • 53. FB app « The greatest quiz of France »
  • 54. Step 1
    Crosspromotion of the app on KRDS network of FB apps
    20 000 usersdriven to the app in 4 days
  • 55. Step 2: let the app go viral!
    Users are prompted to invite theirfriends…
  • 56. Step 2: let the app go viral!
    …and to publishtheirresults on theirFacebookwall and friends’ home pages
  • 57. 30 dayslater…
    The art of displaying viral featuresat the right time and place
    20 000
    A good
    1 500 000
    Viral bonus = 1,5M/20k = 75
  • 58. Ads-drivenusers
    Viral Bonus
    Total number of users
  • 59. Branding
    In october 2009
    10 million Facebookuserssaw the brand, even if theydidn’tplay
    40 million impressions of the quiz results story on users’ home pages
  • 60. Drivingtraffic to
  • 61. Drivingtraffic to
    • was the top source of traffic to the page dedicated to the TV show on
    • 62. drove up to 40 000 users/week to
    « The greatest quiz of France »…
  • 63. Facebook Live Stream
    Whenwatching a show online becomes social
  • 64. Brands canbroadcast live theirevents and let Facebookusers comment on itthanks to the Facebook Live Stream
  • 65. Whenusers comment, it updates theirstatus, sofriendscanseeit and click to join the conversation
  • 66. Louis Vuitton’sFacebook page gained 60k fans during the weektheirfashion show wasbroadcastToday: more than 900k fans
  • 67. Simultaneous use of TV and PC
    14% of Super Bowl viewers also spent time online during the game, at an average of 29 minutes per user
    Simultaneous use of TV and PC is a growing trend
    The FB Live Stream: the perfect tool to leverage that trend
  • 68. FacebookConnect
    “Most of Facebook’s interaction will take place off of the website in the future”
    Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook
  • 69. WhatisFacebookConnect ?
    Facebook Connect is a powerful set of APIs for developers that lets users bring their identity and connections everywhere.
  • 70. JibJab is a ten year-old company that offers customizable digital greeting cards and videos
    Case Study: JibJab
  • 71. Case Study: JibJab
    Seamlesssubscription to the site withyourFacebookidentity: itonlytakes few seconds!
  • 72. Access to users’ data: FB ConnectenablesJibJab to provideuserswith a tailoredexperience
    Case Study: JibJab
  • 73. Access to users’ data: FB ConnectenablesJibJab to provideuserswith a tailoredexperience
    Case Study: JibJab
  • 74. Case Study: JibJab
    Ability to share content back to Facebookwithfriends in few clicks
  • 75. Case Study: JibJab
    Ability to share content back to Facebookwithfriends in few clicks
  • 76. Case Study: JibJab
    Before Facebook Connect
    8 years to reach 1.5 million registered users in the era of email
    When sharing content, users would give 2 or 3 emails
    With Facebook Connect
    only 5 months to acquire 1.5 million registered users
    up to 20 clicks back to for each item posted on Facebook
  • 77. Last words
    Facebook is not a fashion trend, be sure it’s here to last
    Brands should go on Facebook as soon as they can to test and learn about all the tools available: page, app, connect, live stream
    Soon for brands: Facebook Mobile, Facebook Credits, Facebook Location
  • 78. Thank You!