Designing for GROWTH: 10 Insights from Tim Ogilvie of Peer Insight


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Tim Ogilvie is the CEO of Peer Insight, an innovation strategy consultancy, where he has made pioneering contributions to the emerging disciplines of service innovation, customer experience design, and business model exploration. His clients include AARP, Bank of America, Diebold, GE, Hallmark, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Starwood Hotels, and The Hartford. His projects seek to create organic growth by using design thinking methods to link new customer experiences to scalable business models.

He is the author of Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers (Columbia Business School Publishing).

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Designing for GROWTH: 10 Insights from Tim Ogilvie of Peer Insight

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  3. 3. TIM OGILVIECEO of Peer Insight,an innovationstrategy consultancy
  4. 4. entrepreneur is obsessed with getting a customerand creating amazing value for themNo.1
  5. 5. best place to get creative ideas isanywhere but your core business –think, ‘blue ocean’
  6. 6. most successful startups are relentlessabout understanding the problemand suspicious of their solutions
  7. 7. you have a deep curiosity about your solutionand commit to being honest with yourself,you’ll likely discover that yoursolution is only 50% correct
  8. 8. thinking is a deep emergenceinto your customer’s world –never stop observing how they live
  9. 9. you have principles as opposed torules guiding your decision making,you inspire greater ingenuity
  10. 10. entrepreneur’s best friend isa collaborator who’s not like her –find a fresh pair of eyes
  11. 11., diverse teams are the unit of creation –they create change33voicesTim Ogilvie - Small Teams (0.53)
  12. 12. discipline of an innovative business isbeing comfortable with ambiguityand constantly trying new thingswithout knowing the outcome
  13. 13. fastest route to success:Make small betsand make them often
  14. 14. Really reflect...Be honest – how well do youreally know your customer?Really reflect...
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